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Home All Things Web 2.0 has been created in response to the heavy blog traffic generated by my original post " All Things Web 2.0 - The List " on my blog Sacred Cow Dung . All Things Web 2.0 - The Directory "portalizes" the original post content -- so now the Web 2.0 Community itself can keep the directory content current -- as well as enhance its usefulness for everyone -- through incremental community knowledge aggregation. Why an Open Directory for Web 2.0? Not only was the traffic " The List " generated surprizing, I was also surprized at how people were using The List. Apparently, people would bookmark my post and then frequently return, to use it as a Launching Off Point to check out various Web 2.0 apps when they had a spare moment or two. Both the amount of traffic and the fact that people were actually evaluating the listed applications, made portalizing "The List" into an Open Directory, a no-brainer.


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