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Johanna’s blog Lately my two favourite materials are leopard print and lurex. I love the bold and over the top glamour they represent. I also love their association with “bad taste” since I’m deeply uninterested in the concepts of “tasteful” and “effortless” style. You won’t find Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn on my list of style inspirations, and more is definitely more in my book. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect leopard coat (50s/60s swing coat with big collar or possible 40s with wide puff shoulders) but haven’t found it yet, mostly because all leopard coats on Ebay and Etsy seem to be size large for some reason. Johanna’s blog
Beauty is a thing of the past
1940s.org | 1940-1949 History Fashion Movies Music Welcome to the 1940′s Neon signs flash through the darkness on a rainy night in the city. Halos form above dimly lit street lamps. From the rooftop ballroom of the Club Dahlia in 1940′s downtown Miami, you’re listening to the sweet sounds of the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Jilted WWII Soldiers And The First Brush-Off Club 1940s.org | 1940-1949 History Fashion Movies Music
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Fin 19eme, début 20eme

Found in Mom's Basement
Start a blog or open a Facebook account and, after choosing passwords and a sceen name, you'll be faced with having to upload a photo to represent you online. This is what happened to me in the first weekend of March, 2007 when I simultaneously started this blog, as well as my @badbanana Twitter account. I had no real intention of keeping my Twitter account, so I just reached for a photo that I already had on my desktop. bad banana blog bad banana blog
We've redesigned our packaging now that we have a hot foil letterpress, a rubber stamp maker, and a die cutting machine. The new (and sturdier) boxes are pressed with the new Wary Meyers logotype, then rubber stamped with all the type, then stuck with two stickers we made- one a cloud (or water), the other a sun (or moon). The cloud/moons are made of foil stickers (except in the case of Mainely Manly, where it's grey; and the moons are non-foil (except MM, where it's copper foil). Wary Meyers

Wary Meyers

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Here's lookin at me kid For a few months now, I've been dreaming of making my blog more than what it is, and basically starting over from scratch. I had made a long list of fun projects to make and share, had lots of dreams for creative maternity outfits, and other fantastic features I thought you guys would enjoy seeing on my blog. During that time, I suffered some pretty major hits to my momentum, what with my miscarriage, my month-long illness this Spring, and morning sickness with this pregnancy. Well, I finally had enough with excuses and started busting my butt designing and preparing a home for all of these projects I've been working on behind the scenes. And guess what? Here's lookin at me kid
Behind the Curtain This year I've been trying to nip any colds or illnesses in the bud before winter started. I figure early prevention is what may save me this season. I did a lot of prep work in winterizing the garden and preserving what was left over. Oh man, the amount of chili peppers I have is insane, but perfect for winter stews and clearing the nose! Behind the Curtain
There are some vintage sellers/bloggers whose enthusiasm is always catching and inspires me to no end. Sammy of Sammy Davis Vintage is one of those gals. I’ve collaborated with her in the past, and when she asked me to take a look at a new eBook she published–100 Best Vintage Shops Online–I knew I couldn’t say no!

Casey’s Elegant Musings

Casey’s Elegant Musings
BLOG: http://elegantmusings.com FB: http://www.facebook.com/elegantmusings EMAIL: elegantmusings[at]gmail.com Hello! Chaîne de elegantlyamused Chaîne de elegantlyamused
Thankfully everyone seems to be making a switch from plastic to lasting when it comes to shopping bags, so here’s another fun little tutorial on customizing one to make it oh so cute. You might notice a lot of doilies in my recent diy projects. Since I was getting so many ready for A Christmas Gathering I used a lot of the same materials…monograms seems to be pretty popular now too. My friend Cindy called while I was working on this and suggested I just go ahead a put a “W” on it for her, I happily obligied.

doily canvas bag} ? ashleyannphotography.com

doily canvas bag} ? ashleyannphotography.com
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