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Our tools help laboratories to focus on their core activity while your data, workflow processes, compliance and data integrity are managed by our solutions

LIMS for specialty Diagnostic labs - Agaram Tech. Fig 2: Typical Workflows for processing samples and performing assays Request and creation of batch for processing or analysis are critical in terms of business rules like identifying the appropriate material, status of material, container etc.

LIMS for specialty Diagnostic labs - Agaram Tech

Requests received by biobank needs advance material handling that requires pulling of correct material from storage systems and preparing samples on plates based on the nature of the activity for which the request was made. In case of insufficient material, the requester should know or the biobank should be able to place the next priority material for processing. The system should be able to identify and prioritize samples issued for processing and have the capability to eliminate samples or material which failed during the processing steps. The most complicated aspect of the workflow in any molecular laboratory is related to material processing & test setup. QuaLIS Inventory Management System - Agaram Tech. QuaLIS INVENTORY QuaLIS Inventory is a web-based Inventory Management System designed based on guidelines for GLP and FDA.

QuaLIS Inventory Management System - Agaram Tech

Designed to meet the needs of a regulated laboratory, it handles a wide range of Inventory Materials used there. Items including but not limited to standards like reference material, primary standards, working standards, reagents (solid/ liquid), consumables, etc. QuaLIS Inventory can be deployed & scaled up from a single user to multi-user systems using windows environment. It is a simple, user-friendly yet sophisticated software. QuaLIS Inventory handles the complete workflow of a typical inventory management system for the laboratory including material category, material type, expiry date, re-order level, storage conditions, quarantine and validation of material, issue and receipt transactions.

Data Integrity - Agaram Tech. ALCOA-CCE to achieve FDA & Eudralex Compliance Adherence to ALCOA-CCE will lead to 21 CFR Part 11 and Eudralex Annex 11 compliance for regulated laboratories.

Data Integrity - Agaram Tech

Consider implementing an ElectronicLab Notebook (ELN) and/or a Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) to achieve compliance. The following sections give you an idea into how the solution helps in meeting guidelines. Attributable: Defining Source data and who performed an action on it. ELN and SDMS systems are user-centric instruments that will help in identifying the data source i.e., which instrument generated the data. Issue Resolution. LIMS Software and Application Training. Custom development - Agaram Tech. We have a standard implementation methodology for all these products.

Custom development - Agaram Tech

Right from customer User Requirement Specification (URS), validation (Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification) and traceability matrix to URS are part of our standard implementation. These products are rarely customised. LIMS implementations are projects that need to be managed well. Successful LIMS Implementation involves configuring or developing and delivering application based on the process study and understanding to fulfil the process needs.

With years of close interaction with customers and delivering successful implementations, we have defined an Implementation Methodology to achieve successful implementation with customer satisfaction. Successful implementation involves study and analysis of user requirements, configuring, testing and delivering application based on the process study and understanding to fulfil the process needs. Products Implement - Agaram Tech. Best LIMS, SDMS, ELN And Interfaces Blogs. News And Events - Chennai Grocers. POPUP. Product Notes. Oil and Gas Quality Control laboratory LIMS. LIMS healthcare - Agaram Tech. LIMS Implementation Services. Data Interpretation - Agaram Tech. Qualis LIMS for Chemical industry. Oil and Gas Quality Control laboratory LIMS. Food and Beverage LIMS - Agaram Tech. Lab Inventory Software - Agaram Tech. Contract Laboratory Management And Analytical Research Lab Software.

LIMS Software For Life Science And Bio-Tech. Qualis® Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), originally designed for the pharmaceutical industry, was enhanced with advanced process workflow (sample processing, Assay/ Test) capabilities.

LIMS Software For Life Science And Bio-Tech

This was done in order to ensure that specifically for bio-pharma, clinical research etc. it would give a complete functionality. Qualis LIMS from Agaram Technologies being an enterprise scale LIMS, has been built on a strong framework along with a fully configurable workflow engine for regulated life sciences QA/ QC, R&D. It can hence go a long way in this industry vertical in terms of handling any requirement. Qualis LIMS covers all the workflow processes within a typical life sciences laboratory. It addresses several pain points of the industry and saves >50% of the time and human effort with respect to data capture, review and approvals, which is still happening in disparate systems such as Microsoft Excel. Pharmaceutical LIMS. Electronic Lab Notebook Software. LIMS Software Solutions Providers. Sdms Certifications - Agaram Tech. SDMS Resources - Agaram Tech. Scientific Data Management System.

Scientific Data Management System. Laboratory Information Management System. Data Integrity Solutions.