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Cool pics. Top Stories of All Time. TED n' stuff. Funnyjunk. Mesmerizing Art From A Master Of The Animated GIF. Surveying the selections for Moving the Still, the recent curated show of animated GIFs at this year’s Art Basel Miami, it’s evident how much the GIF has matured, both as a file format and as an artistic medium.

Mesmerizing Art From A Master Of The Animated GIF

The pieces at the show covered a good deal of ground: There were ultra-short-form time lapses and other tiny portions of trick photography, non-sequitur follies and scraps of meme fodder, enigmatic still lifes that happened to incorporate motion, and a smattering of things that could accurately be described as glitchy, trippy, or druggy. But at some point in the animated GIF’s lifetime, after the banner-ad era but before the glitz and glamor of Miami Beach, the whole GIF-as-art thing was dominated by a narrow aesthetic--crazy computer-generated shapes and cortex-tickling optical illusions.

Floaters: Detached Retina Display.