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Barbell Club. Strength Equipment - Again Faster New Zealand. We've got a question for you...

Strength Equipment - Again Faster New Zealand

Do you feel like you are strong enough? We all understand that NO is the correct answer to that question, no matter if you want to be able to do your first pull up or set a new Deadlift PR. It's relative to the individual but the next strength goal is always worth working for. There are usually a couple of reasons why that next PR is just out of reach. One is strength, ofcourse, and technique is usually the other. Get stronger through weight training, using strength equipment You can call it strength equipment, Olympic Lifting Equipment or CrossFit equipment Australia. The products on this page will help you get to that next milestone. Again Faster Crumb Rubber Bumper KG v2. Again Faster version 2 Crumb Rubber Bumpers are the next evolution of the bumper plate.

Again Faster Crumb Rubber Bumper KG v2

They are extremely durable, colour coded and engineered to solve all of the problems generally associated with recycled rubber plates. These plates are distinctive in every way, and the result of an inside-out approach to improving one of the most commonly used products in the functional fitness world. Again Faster New Zealand 20' Free Standing Team 2x3 Rig. Upright and Cross Tube Size: 2x3” black powder coat steel Upright and Cross Bar Specs: 1.97”x 3.13” (50x80mm) , 11-gauge black powder coat steel Pull Up and Cross Bar Specs: 1.26” (32mm) diameter x .2” (5mm thick) zinc coated steel pipe End plate thickness on all components: .39" (10mm) Hardware: 5/8” diameter, Grade 5 Front/Back hole spacing: Every 2" through effective bench and squat zones.

Again Faster New Zealand 20' Free Standing Team 2x3 Rig

Every 6" above the squat zone. Bottom hosts holes for bottom level attachments Available Section lengths- 2’, 4’ and 6’ widths Available Upright Heights- 8’, 9.5’ and 12’ Accessories: Click here to explore your options, each sold separately Hardware, assembly instructions, and floor anchoring included The Team Rig Series can be customized to fit any space. Available in freestanding or wall-mounted configurations, with multiple height options and accessories, there are countless design options to explore.

Again Faster New Zealand Revolution Rope. Designed by 5-time World Champion jumper Molly Metz, the Revolution Rope features dual-core bearings and an articulating eye, helping the rope keep its shape during high speed work.

Again Faster New Zealand Revolution Rope

The unique handle design was awarded a U.S. Patent, and for good reason: this rope is a serious competitive advantage in any workout requiring speed and precision. First introduced on Again Faster in 2010, this is our most popular rope, adopted by tens of thousands of CrossFit athletes worldwide. It makes double unders faster, and its light weight makes it less fatiguing than heavy alternatives. The featherweight handle allows fast wrist turnover, and the low-friction bearings keep the rope moving smoothly.

Often copied but never duplicated, the Revolution Rope is a solid choice if you have consistent double unders and are ready for new PRs. Again Faster New Zealand Grip. The Again Faster Grips replace expensive athletic tape as the primary way to protect your hands during high-repetition workouts.

Again Faster New Zealand Grip

Solid and durable, they’re ready to go in seconds. Slip your middle and ring fingers through the holes, tighten the velcro wrist strap, and go! The Again Faster Grips replace expensive athletic tape as the primary way to protect your hands during high-repetition workouts. Solid and durable, they're ready to go in seconds. Competition Barbells by Again Faster Equipment New Zealand. The Again Faster Competition Barbell comes with these features: a tensile strength of 264,000 PSI, a ten needle bearing and bushing design, and a dual knurl marks that meet both IWF and IPF specifications.

Competition Barbells by Again Faster Equipment New Zealand

This bar is designed with the highest level of precision engineering specifically for smooth, high speed, heavy Olympic Weightlifting lifts. Likewise, it beats bars that cost twice to such an extent. Again Faster New Zealand Competition Collar (Pair) The Again Faster® Competition Collars will complete any set of competition quality weightlifting gear.

Again Faster New Zealand Competition Collar (Pair)

With a full chrome finish and a body made of solid steel, these hefty barbell collars weigh in at 2.5kg each and feature a two-piece, easy-to-adjust star design with two high-grip tightening screws to ensure your plates don’t shift in the middle of your next PR attempt. These competition barbell collars have been designed and manufactured to meet all IWF specifications. Sold in pairs and featuring high-grip rubber-coated handles on the Grade 5 tightening screws, these collars adjust easily so you can focus your energy on your lift and not on your set-up.

Designed with a high friction, two-piece, star design these collars have an increased number of contact points on the barbell, ensuring they never loosen mid-lift. Manufactured with strict weight tolerances to be within 10 grams of their stated 2.5kg weight, you’ll know exactly what’s on the barbell. Features include: GHD v4 by Again Faster Equipment New Zealand. The GHD facilitates a range of movements designed to strengthen and stabilize the core and posterior chain, and accomplishes this better than any other tool on the market.

GHD v4 by Again Faster Equipment New Zealand

The Again Faster GHD was engineered to be stable, durable and extremely easy to use. An efficient, no-frills design allows this GHD to perform at the highest level while still being affordable, easy to ship, and able to withstand the high-volume training demands of any large scale facility or home gym. A pairing of pop-pin and metal tension lever make adjusting the foot plate incredibly easy and secure. The foot plate can be adjusted to accommodate athletes ranging from 4’10” to 6’6”. A durable, zinc plated weight peg allows plates to be added to the base of the GHD, creating extra stability for larger athletes if needed. Again Faster New Zealand Flat Bench. The Again Faster Flat Bench was engineered to be stable, durable, and easy to assemble.

Again Faster New Zealand Flat Bench

The Flat Bench ships deconstructed to minimize shipping costs, and after a simple, single person assembly, the heavy duty frame and pad can handle anything that you can throw at it. The pad is wrapped in a 3mm thick synthetic leather cover and double stitched at every seam. This cover won’t tear and is easy to clean, making it perfect for any gym. The bench ships deconstructed with easy-to-follow instructions for the 10-bolt single person assembly. Rubber non-slip foot caps create stable contact points with the floor while ensuring that the weight being lifted is the only thing that moves. Again Faster New Zealand Training Sandbag (set) Made in the USA of 1000-denier cordura, Again Faster Sandbags are built to be beat up.

Again Faster New Zealand Training Sandbag (set)

Our proprietary insert closure system works much like a "dry bag", keeping the sand where it belongs: in the bag. Each shell can hold up to 80-pounds, and you can buy the system with 3, 4, or 5 inserts. Each additional insert adds 15 pounds. Again Faster Bumper Plates. Rolling Bumper Storage Rack by Again Faster New Zealand. The Rolling Bumper Plate Storage Rack is a great storage solution for your home gym or fitness facility. It features the following attributes: Easily move and store bumper plates Speeds gym cleanup after working out Wheels allow the unit to roll on most surfaces, including rubber and concrete Base design allows multiple bumper plate storage units to nest, minimising wasted floor space Each unit holds up to: (9) 25s, (12) 20s, (14) 15s, (16) 10s, or (29) 5s on the 75cm upright.

Exact capacity dependent on plate manufacturer. Rolling Bumper Storage Rack by Again Faster New Zealand. Gun Rack - Large. Resistance Band by Again Faster New Zealand. Again Faster Resistance Bands can be used to aid bodyweight exercise, mobility training, or powerlifting. We offer four different resistance levels, accommodating a wide range of athletes and needs: Red: Resistance Value: 10 - 50 pounds Blue: Resistance Value: 25 - 80 pounds Green: Resistance Value: 50 - 120 pounds Black: Resistance Value: 60 - 150 pounds Progressing through the entire set, you'll find yourself performing assistance-free bodyweight movements in no time. For advanced bodyweight practitioners, the uses for these bands are only limited to your imagination. Again Faster New Zealand Wall Mounted Fold Up Squat Rack. Whether a home gym, garage, CrossFit® affiliate, or strength and conditioning gym, there’s almost nothing more valuable than useable floor space.

We’ve designed the Again Faster® Wall-Mounted Folding Power Rack to not only be a sturdy, versatile rack from which to do your barbell work, but one that can be easily folded away when not in use. Pair this squat stand with a wall or ceiling mounted pull-up bar and you’ll have everything needed to push yourself through virtually any workout, while avoiding the inconvenience of reassembly. • Designed with a hinge support system that minimizes horizontal sway better than similar products on the market, our solid design bears the brunt of a weighted barbell and meets it with unmatched stability. • With a simple 3-step set-up, this retractable squat stand allows you to spend less time moving equipment and more time using it, whether at home or in the midst of a busy class. • When extended to the floor, this rack has a footprint of 32” x 48” x 70”.

Pull-up Bar Add-on for Squat Stand 3.0 - Again Faster Equipment. Again Faster New Zealand Team 2.0 Barbell and 140kg Training Bumper Package. Speed Sled by Again Faster Equipment New Zealand. Medicine Ball by Again Faster New Equipment Zealand. The medicine ball is a versatile and effective training tool, excellent for cultivating speed and explosiveness through a wide variety of movements.

We designed the Again Faster® Medicine Ball with enough padding to be received at high velocity, while maintaining an even weight distribution within a durable, double stitched cover. Color-coded weights allow you to quickly and easily differentiate between different medicine balls. Covers are made from a soft but durable synthetic leather, which won't scratch you up during those times you decide to catch a wall ball with your chin.

Double-stitched seams help strengthen the cover. Tested for balanced weight distribution. Weight Tolerance +/- 0.5lbs of stated weight. Again Faster New Zealand Wall Mounted Fold Up Squat Rack. Again Faster New Zealand Hexhead Dumbbells. Dumbbells are a great economical tool wither you're training alone in your garage or training a group of people in a CrossFit® affiliate environment. The dumbbell can do just about anything that a barbell or kettlebell can do. You can front squat with them, press them overhead, deadlift them, snatch them, etc. Our rubber-coated dumbbells, sold in 5kg through 30kg in singles, or put two in your cart for a pair, have knurled steel handles and virgin rubber heads, and are guaranteed top-quality.

If you only have a little bit of money and had to pick one tool, choose the rubber coated hexhead dumbbell. The classic hexhead dumbells, perfect for you and your gym Knurled steel handles and virgin rubber heads Pairs range from 5kg to 30kg, including packages with different weight sets Be The First To Review This Product! Again Faster New Zealand 10' Free Standing Team 2x3 Rig.

Team Kettlebell by Again Faster Equipment New Zealand. Kettlebells are one of the simplest and yet most broadly functional pieces of equipment out there. Again Faster Australia Squat and Bench Package. Competition Bumper Plates by Again Faster New Zealand. Built for precision and durability, Again Faster Competition Bumper Plates are the choice for the serious weightlifter.

The attention to detail is obvious: Marked weight tolerance is +/- 10 grams, giving you a highly accurate total on your lifts. The competition plates have a Shore Durometer of 85A, giving them a low, controllable bounce upon dropping. Again Faster New Zealand - Barbells. The Knurling It's agressive but smooth enough that it won't tear the you know what out of your thumbs in a high rep snatch work out. Ever since the first Evolution Barbell in 2006, we have put special attention into making sure every barbell has a knurling that is agressive enough to allow you to hang on for extra reps but not make your thumbs so sore you can't back it up the next day. Our knurlings are perfect for CrossFit Style, High Intensity Weightlifting. The Spin.