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Sigma Elektronik-Fiyat listesi-Plak Okuyucular-Pikaplar. Carmen SE 47. Carmen SE 47 Amplifier Here's a shot of my latest project.

Carmen SE 47

It's a Single-ended 47 Pentode amp. I chose the copper chassis and mahogany side panels to make something a little different from my regular amps. I think it looks pretty good. It sounds great :-) The amp is convertible between pentode and triode mode by flipping the toggle switches beside each 47 output tube. The power transformer provides 295-0-295 VAC at 100mA, about 320VAC with no load from each half Rectification is with a pair of 816 mercury vapor diodes. The switches on the front panel are, left to right, power switches (manual delay for the MV tubes), feedback selector, meter selector switch (the meter is out of the circuit in the center position and it measures current through the 47s in the left or right position), volume control and input selector. This amp had so many controls that I felt I needed to label them somehow. The copper was a bit difficult to work with because it's so soft. Vintage Audio Components at Low Priced MP4, MP3 Players and the latest scoop on the newest MP4 Player.

CPlay / CueSheets. Doityourselfaudio. 6HV5A. Hi!


This months tube is a very special type with some extraordinary properties, the 6HS5. This is a quite 'modern' tube, developed in the 1960ies. It's application was high voltage regulation for the acceleration voltage of color TV picture tubes. It was intended as a pulse type high voltage regulator. Collection: Projects. Home Page. DAC Final. Back to DAC Final test June 16 st , 2006 Several years ago I started a 'long-term' project to explore the world of Digital to Analogue Conversion.

DAC Final

Right now, after many years and a lot of testing with different technologies (see the projects DAC 1.0 to DAC 4.0 on this website and my paper published on audioXpress magazine may 2001) I imagine to have a broad vision of the sonic performance related to this critical component of the audio chain. Now it's time to explore the new components available on the market with 24bit 96-196KHz and the ASRC (Stereo Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter) that together promise an extreme sonic performances. The test will be on the best DAC chips that are the top products of 4 different manufactures: Analog Device, Wolfson, Burr-Brown and Cirrus/Crystal.

The main problem using these new DAC chips is the small outline packages (28 pin SSOP or 28pin SOIC). Le monstre. DIY Audio & Video - FAQs, Tutorials, and Calculators for Speaker Boxes, Crossovers, Filters, Wiring and more. Single Driver Website. Thanks to Frater Perdurabo (Steve Fretz), Thorsten Loesch, John Wyckoff, Jan Hedlund, and others.

Single Driver Website

Disclaimer This is a collation of information from the internet and personal research. The information may not be accurate (did I really need to tell you that?). Opinions expressed here are my own. The reason for this page is to present my findings on single fullrange-driver speakers. What is a single full-range driver speaker? Full-range single driver speakers attempt to cover the entire audible frequency spectrum using only one driver unit. Dick Olsher has a nice write up called Single Driver Ecstasy that explains much about the magic of full range and wide range drivers, especially those that cover the mid range spectrum. Not all of the drivers or speakers featured on these pages are true "single driver full-range" speakers.

Top. The Art of Speaker Design, Part II. FE103En Cabinet. Horn loaded Cabinet We are able to offer a range of cabinet options to compliment both the FE-En and EZ Sigma series, all are tried and tested Fostex designs.

FE103En Cabinet

All cabinets are fully CNC machined and rebated from 18mm MDF and come complete with grille frames. Overall size of cabinet: 840mm high x 180mm wide x 400mm deep Flat-pack option: Cabinets supplied as a self-assembly flat-pack in either plain mdf or pre-veneered mdf of your choice. Zigmahornet Speakers with Fostex FE103E. Zigmahornets with Fostex FE103E / FE103En I first came across the Zigmahornets in a 6moons audio review.

Zigmahornet Speakers with Fostex FE103E

The original Zigmahornet speakers were designed for use with the Fostex FE103 driver, but many have also reported good results with the Fostex FE103En fullrange speaker driver and the Fostex FE103E which is what I used. Enclosure plans for the Zigmahornet are available from the planet 10 box plan library and are shown below.

Figure 1: Fostex FE103E / FE103En Zigmahornet Speaker Box Plan. Audio Analyzer. Products. Audio Rightmark. RMAA suite is designed for testing quality of analog and digital paths of any audio devices, be it a sound card, an MP3 player, a consumer CD/DVD player or an acoustic set.

Audio Analyzer. Products. Audio Rightmark

The results are obtained by playing and recording test signals passed through the tested audio path by means of frequency analysis algorithms. A more common mark is also provided for those unfamiliar with measured technical parameters. A new version is the result of two years of development by best experts in digital audio. CD_player_ranking. CD-Player-DAC-Transport List.

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