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7 Best Black Shows to Watch in 2021- Afro Gist Media. You’ve survived lockdown!

7 Best Black Shows to Watch in 2021- Afro Gist Media

And you’ve also survived those hours of binge-watching. Great! There are some Black Shows that you may not have interacted with so far, and they are very important both trends and culture tone-setting. We have compiled a list of the 7 best Black Tv shows to watch in 2021. Get Smarter Daily with the Following. Contrary to popular beliefs, intelligence or smartness is not what we are born with.

Get Smarter Daily with the Following

But you tend to develop smart traits as you experience various situations, learn from them, and grow. This well explains how people can have varying IQs influenced by their environments and how they were socialized. Although IQ plays a role, it’s not the ultimate determinant of how smart you’d become. Just like the way you train your muscles physically by lifting heavy weights every day, certain activities can also boost your mental horsepower. African Oven Grilled Kebab Recipe. Kebab is an African street food with loads of amazing nutrients and tantalizing flavors.

African Oven Grilled Kebab Recipe

Even before you have your first bite, its aroma is enough to invigorate your taste buds. Those who have tasted perfectly prepared kebabs know well how this unique treat can be addicting. However, not many seem to crack the code to tasty kebabs. In this post, I will take you through an ultimate guide to preparing nutritious and tasty kababs. African Wonder: 31 Fascinating Facts About Africa. You may have traveled to Africa in the past or even lived there but do you truly know the land?

African Wonder: 31 Fascinating Facts About Africa

Can you name an African wonder? Here are 30 interesting facts about Africa that you don’t know but should find out. Fact 1 There are twenty-seven African Nobel laureates. Okodieba African Market. Basic Skincare Routine: 14 African Beauty Secrets. Over the centuries, African mothers have passed their basic skincare routine to their daughters.

Basic Skincare Routine: 14 African Beauty Secrets

These longstanding rituals have been the secret to flawless black skincare and are still valid today. Many natural resources abound in Africa. 5 Great Lessons King David Teaches about Worship. If you’ve been wondering what lessons, King David teaches about worship.

5 Great Lessons King David Teaches about Worship

Then you are in the right space. This article vividly defines David’s heart of worship on full display with no holding back. Just like David, we should learn to worship God without reservations. Starting Your Own Business -Learn from Experts. Black Brothers Show Love Differently. Here are 5 Definite Signs that Your Boyfriend is Serious about You. Things become more difficult when you are involved in a long-term relationship a Black guy and want to know if your he is serious about you.

Black Brothers Show Love Differently. Here are 5 Definite Signs that Your Boyfriend is Serious about You

Spending quality time with him, making each other your priority, respecting each other’s boundaries are all the behaviors of a healthy relationship. But, these things are also a part of every love relationship. Even if your relationship doesn’t work out these things make the foundation of every relationship. Spending time together regardless, you may still be betrayed by his sweet lies. About US. Search Afro Gist Media.

About US

ReadThisBooks. Top Five African Preachers Causing Waves in the World. It is not uncommon to have white preachers dominate the entire religious scene.

Top Five African Preachers Causing Waves in the World

However, it becomes amazing to see African preachers causing waves. This now happens even up to the international level. It is clear that the days of having just white preachers have faded. Some years ago, when you mentioned preachers only certain names were listed. In this list, you will rarely find a black. But the tide has changed! Number one on the list is Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. During the church’s monthly Holy Ghost service, the number of worshippers is estimated to be in millions. 2. Afro Gist Media – Be Heard. Kaak Warka Recipe A Tasty Tunisian Pastry.

Kaak Warka recipe is a traditional dessert that features a ring shape.

Kaak Warka Recipe A Tasty Tunisian Pastry

Visually, the dessert resembles a donut, only that it is white on the outside and uses different ingredients. Typically, the recipe comprises white flour, almond, butter, sugar, and orange blossom water. Other recipes may include other ingredients like eggs, milk, and icing sugar to enhance its flavor. Unlike most pastries, which are baked in high temperatures, Kaak Warka is different. Low temperatures are recommended to prevent a change of color. Recommended: Senegalese Pound Cake with Vanilla Twist When perfectly prepared, the delicacy is satisfying to the soul. NYC Covid-19 Update: MAYOR DE BLASIO CALLS FOR DRAFT OF ESSENTIAL MEDICAL PERSONNEL. From the office of the Mayor of New York City: As New York City works to quickly quadruple the number of hospital beds throughout the city, today, Mayor de Blasio today called on the federal government to institute an essential draft of all private medical personnel to help in the fight against COVID-19.

The United States must mobilize a national response to meet the rapidly growing demand for medical personnel – first in New York and then other localities throughout the country. “Our City faces unprecedented challenges in the weeks ahead,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Every ventilator and doctor can save life, which is why we are marshalling every possible resource to our City in record time. But the facts remain the same: the federal government must step up and provide the reinforcements we need. Soraya's House of Beauty in Harlem. Consultation on signature braids that fit taste, occasions, seasons, and budgets. We are stylists that listen and care about customers.

Soraya’s House of Beauty works with a team of experienced, friendly, professional, and creative staff to offer you a confident look that beats all fashion and trends. We are at a super convenient location – we are right in the heart of Harlem; a block away from the historic Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State office Building located on African Square, and a quarter of a mile away from the Iconic Apollo Theatre. No wait in line signature service that is guaranteed by our appointment booking. Starting Your Own Business -Learn from Experts. West African Plantain Nutmeg Cake Recipe.

Plantain Nutmeg cake is an incredible West African dessert that bursts your taste buds with flavor. The dessert boasts of it’s moist and sweet with an addicting vanilla flavor that melts your heart. Hertzog Cookies Recipe A South African Treat - Afro Gist Media. Hertzog cookies are a delightful treat from South Africa that is unique and irresistible. The cookie was one of the go-to treats for a popular South African political Kingpin. Later the treat was named after the politician.

Its light, sweet and rich flavor makes the pastry stand out, and today is one of the most celebrated treats in Africa and beyond. Recommended: Chebakia Recipe|Tasty Moroccan Sesame Cookies Historically, the cookie has roots from South Africa, and no special event would be complete without one. History of Hertzog Cookies Hertzog cookies, a.k.a Hertzoghoekie, is an apricot jam-filled cookie with coconut filling. About US. 10 Protective Summer Hairstyles For Black Women - Afro Gist Media.

Best Summer hairstyles to rock-When summer comes, everybody wants to go out and enjoy the sun and do fun outdoor activities. But often, people tend to forget to pick a hairstyle that perfectly matches the weather, and you will hear most people complain about how hot and sweaty they are. While the temperatures play a role, sometimes the sweating may be accelerated by a wrong hairstyle choice. Tribes Language In African Countries - Afro Gist Media.

Africa is the second largest continent which comprises of different tribes who speak different Tribes language. Bronx Borough President Diaz Calls for New York State Lottery Reform. African Wonder: 31 Fascinating Facts About Africa. Bucket List Travel Ideas: Top 10 African Destinations. The African continent is diverse and has a lot of scenic beauty. Coronavirus Update: New Vaccination Sites Added. Afro Gist Media – We Are Here to Make it! Thursday News Highlights. Updates from Africa. Work From Home Tips: Work Remotely And Stay Sane. With the recent coronavirus pandemic, many people have found themselves working remotely. About US. End Sars Protest in Nigeria - Get the Inside Scoop. (End SARS protest in Nigeria. WARNING: This post contains serious graphic images that may be disturbing to viewers. Eddie's Place African Market.

AB African Market - Afro Gist Media. Wow International. Le Baobab Restaurant. Okodieba African Market. Queensland African Market. African & Caribbean Market. Maduro Cigars Lounge. Unity African Market. Kaaw Sow Multi Services. Bakh Yaye Store. Easy Life African Restaurant. Kaarta LLC. Lipp Professional Indian Eye Lashes and Eyebrow Threading. We are the authentic Indian eyelashes and eyebrow threading practitioners in Harlem, NYC. Our stylists combine trained skills with natural talents to give our clients the best facial care for all looks and occasions.

All parts of human body are essential, but your face command them all. It’s our hope that you’ll leave its care in the hands of the best known facial care practitioners like us. Our prices are highly affordable, and with appointment, you can come in and leave in just 15 minutes depending on the service you are trying to get done.

M Barrie African Market. African Paradise. Quality and Natural Food. Hawa Restaurant, Harlem NYC. Hawa Restaurant is the best place to enjoy the authentic African and Senegalese food in Harlem. We just made a grand entry and pledging to offer the best tasty cultural/ethnic cuisine in the market. We serve Dibbi (marinated grilled lamb chops) and Yasar Ganar (Chicken breast in sauted onions and lemon sauce.) Our Jollof Rice is irresistible particularly when you combine it with freshly fried plantains. We give our diners/customers a blend of traditional and contemporary taste of all Senegalese and Sub-Saharan African cuisines.

University Hair and Beauty Supply- Great Looks Start with Us. Farida Halal African Food and Meat Market. BF Soul Food Restaurant. Right on 125th Street Madison Avenue, the BF Restaurant is an ethnic cuisine that offers New Yorkers a variety of delightful meals to enjoy to the fullest. Khady African Hair Braiding. Fatou -The NY Kangen Water Independent Distributor. Djene African Hair Braiding Center. Togo African Hair Braiding- Inside Apollo Beauty Land. Soraya's House of Beauty in Harlem. Ghanaian Gari Biscuit Recipe. Basbousa Recipe with Cinnamon Twist. Sudanese Kahk Recipe. We Command Authority in Ethnic Concept Designs - AfroGistMedia-Store. Why Making Ethnic Themed T Shirt Design a Choice? - AfroGistMedia-Store. Why Ethnic Designs? We Answer with a Poem! - AfroGistMedia-Store. How to make Malagasy Clafouti Perfectly Well. Two Movements Combined in One - AfroGistMedia-Store.

Getting a Promotion: See 7 Useful Tips. Royal Love Moves to Africa. 7 Sure Foods to Deal with Stress. Egyptian Umm Ali Recipe. Tasty Caribbean Black Cake Got Its Name For A Reason. Traditional Haitian Cake Baked To Perfection. East African Baked Doughnuts (Mandazis) Vegan Orange Cookies Recipe. Mkatra Siniya Recipe: Comoros Tasty Dessert. Chicken Pâté Puffs Recipe. Congo Bars Recipe- A Tasty Dessert That Will Melt Your Heart. South Africa Grapes Cake Recipe That’s Too Delicious to Resist. A Tasty Tunisian Pastry. Ghanaian Cuisine. Cinnamon Buns Baking Guide. 5 Creative Chicken Recipes that can Never Fail You. African Sweet Potato Cake Baked To Perfection. Bolo Polana Recipe: A Traditional Mozambican Cashew and Potato Cake. Your Ultimate Guide to a Tasty Ethiopian Baklava. Krachel Recipe- Tasty Moroccan Buns with Orange Flower Water Twist. Senegalese Mango Pound Cake with Vanilla Twist.

How to prepare Nigerian Nkwobi. How to Turn Your Setbacks Into Opportunities. 10 Points to Keep in Mind on National Girl Friends Day. Thinking about Owning a Business? Here are 5 Points African Immigrants Should Think about: How to Build a Happy Marriage — 6 Tips From Experts. How to Have More Fun in Your Entrepreneurial Journey. How to Succeed with that Business Idea You Have. Your Ultimate Guide to Preparing Black Mushroom Rice (Diri ak Djon Djon) How to Improve Your Marriage — 4 Habits to Strengthen Your Bond. How to Boost Your Productivity at Work. How to respect elders who can be difficult. How to politely say no to a marriage proposal. Embrace Your Penguin.