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Super Mario Bros. 2 'Lizardiño Slayer Quartet' - OverCloc. I've compared ilp0's stuff to Steely Dan (who I'm going to see again this summer at Wolftrap), and I still think it's a legit comparison... though this latest arrangement of the most famous theme from SMB2 features some fx, specifically backwards processing, that Donald Fagen might not employ, I can still hear an influence, conscious or otherwise.

Super Mario Bros. 2 'Lizardiño Slayer Quartet' - OverCloc

Which is great, by the way; despite apparently being dissed in Knocked Up, SD are great stuff. And so's ilp0 - his talent in particular for combining crunchy electric guitar with cleaner textures lends itself to the genre/material time after time. Jill writes: Super Mario Bros. 2 'SuperBuckJazz. Um, yeah.

Super Mario Bros. 2 'SuperBuckJazz

Well, people, I sorta feel like an idiot even trying to talk about this mix, because it's just too damn good. Wow. Jazz fans, stop reading RIGHT now and download this. Super Mario Bros. 2 'The DarK Underground' - OverClocked. Very compelling first submission from DarK PurPLe, changing a very short BGM into an extended ambient / experimental mix that really struck me the right way.

Super Mario Bros. 2 'The DarK Underground' - OverClocked

It's minimalist, with a hovering chord playing throughout almost the whole piece, a bitchin' electric guitar, two resonant synth basses, and very minimal drums - kick and snare later, but a cool muted percussion bit with a great triplet in there. This is some of the msot hypnotic music I've heard, very easy to lose yourself in.

It takes a while for the whole thing to sync in, but that's okay because at almost six minutes, the artist HAS awhile. I liked how this piece evolved - it's very edgy, builds nicely, and never drops into any cliches. You certainly can't dance to it (unless you call the acid-tripping-walk-around-the-room-with-your-hands-out-looking-at-the-ceiling-hippie-thing dancing), but it's perfect for turning the lights off, putting on some headphones, and achieving zen-like concentration. Super Mario Bros. 2 'UndergroundRiddims' - OverClocked Re. The McV strikes again, this time with that most repetitive of underground themes, the Mario 2 underground music.

Super Mario Bros. 2 'UndergroundRiddims' - OverClocked Re

I was honestly skeptical when I double-clicked on this file - even if it IS The McVaffe, how can a theme that so haunted my youth, with its billions of iterations per minute, be resurrected & reformatted in a way that I'd appreciate? I don't fault the original composer, no sirree, but this WAS a theme that drove me somewhat insane. Well, you may be guessing where I'm going with this, but he pulls it off - primarily by covering the theme itself with excellent percussion (love dem rolls) & 'riddim', but also in adding an excellent solo sitar towards the end that makes the track complete. Super Mario Bros. 3 'SwinginPornoMix.

There's a side to Dale North we all know and love - the side that gives us lush orchestral arranged ReMixes of joy and collaborates with other talented ReMixers on exquisite instrumental pieces.

Super Mario Bros. 3 'SwinginPornoMix

There is also, however, a side that I recently discovered upon reception of this . . . ReMix. It's the side that is so deviantly distorted that it would combine obscene sounds of fornication with the SMB3 soundtrack in a disgusting cesspool of what would surely offend senators and congress-people on BOTH sides of the political spectrum, to which I can only say "cool! ". Super Mario Bros. 3 'Staff Battle. Here's a nice little funky hip-hop bit of SMB3 shiznit from newcomer Selecta Novel that mixes hip-hop beats and numerous hits + fx with a traditional NES-style synth (love that audible release on the ADSR envelope) that's got a bit of delay on it.

Super Mario Bros. 3 'Staff Battle

A dirtier synth joins in at 1'22" and does some jiggy soloing that does give the piece some extra life. Overall, not an amazing effort - could have been more soloing and interpretation and more variety in general - but for a piece like this I think the general attitude is more important. The construction is solid, there's a definite hip-hop flavor to it, and with the NES synth it feels semi-jazz at times. There's room for Selecta Novel to grow, but this initial piece does work, and had me "noddin' my head" (does Will Smith annoy anyone else?

Super Mario Land 'Reel Big Mario. Kaijin and Jaxx team up for a ska-ish Super Marioland ReMix, named after (just a guess here, folks) the ska-ish band "Reel Big Fish".

Super Mario Land 'Reel Big Mario

Of course, if I wish fishing, and I reeled in an Italian plumber, I'd probably through him back. Upbeat big-band sound, with rock drums, some groovy guitar, and brass covering most of the melody - I found the panning a little odd, with the brass very far right for a lead sound, but the integration of electric guitar and the very rich background work and brass presumably done by Kaijin is what's to like, as well as the slowdown-ending starting at 1'23" which has a very clean sound - I could have listened to an extended version of the ending for awhile longer, actually.

Interesting and original stuff - the source material lends itself well to the style, and Kaijin & Jaxx take full advantage of this. Stevoisiak on 2013-06-21 14:10:06 While this mix really isn't anything TOO special, its pretty nice to listen to. Super Mario World 'SwankyVegas. NOTICE: There are several missed notes and off rhythms in this ReMix.

Super Mario World 'SwankyVegas

There are two good reasons for this: 1. I wanted it to be totally played by me, at tempo, with zero quantization, for a realistic and human feel and 2. I decided to do this after having the Sweetwater Tavern microbrew sampler, a vodka and sierra mist, and a rum & coffee. All things considered, coulda been worse. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island '2001 ElasticNewYear' Here it is - the last ReMix of the year 2000.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island '2001 ElasticNewYear'

I'd like to dedicate this ReMix to Stanley Kubrick, who directed the film 2001 and sadly never got to see its corresponding year. He was a bleak genius with a mind of pure artistry. It has been a sincere pleasure running this site, receiving SO MANY great + different ReMixes from people all over, and keeping the memory and the music of gaming alive. I thank all of you and look forward to another 365 days of tunage. So, in essence, to summarize: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 'CrystallineCaverns' Beautiful, and an imaginative and thorough overhaul of the caverns theme from Yoshi's Island.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 'CrystallineCaverns'

As a fan of McVaffe, trip-hoppish downbeat, piano-driven pieces, and Yoshi's Island, this ReMix is obviously partial to me on several levels. I loved the theme in question back when I was playing YI, sometimes referred to SMW2 - minimal, but neverending and cavernous . . . as a cavern theme should be, no? Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 'Dino Band Rehearsal' Alrighty, more McVaffe, and a decidedly different flavor as well. The man knows no fear, as he delves deep into Kondo's Yoshi's Island and pulls out a juicy, head-boppin' piece of that oldtime rag.

That's right, I said rag. As in Scott Joplin. McV turns Yoshi's little diddy into a ballsy piano rag that would be appropriate in any dusty-yet-busy saloon in the old west. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 'In Pieces' - OverClo. I conveyed in a recently posted announcement my sadness in learning of Reuben Kee's passing; the community has been very supportive in expressing condolences to his family. I knew him more than some of you and not as well as others, but I think we all knew what mattered: Reu was a great guy, laid back, multi-talented, enthusiastic, and loved game music and anime music. He was generous in sharing that love, as expressed through his amazing arrangements, and since Thanksgiving was just last week, I'd like to express my belated thanks that we were able to know him for the all-too-brief time that we did. He will be missed. Recently anointed judge Vinnie Prabhu, alias Palpable, gives us his first mix since joining the illustrious Judges Panel along with CHz.

P writes: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 'Indian Ragga' - Over. OKAY! When McVaffe and ANYBODY get together, the results are great, as this contribution from - primarily - Jade Gemini illustrates. OC ReMix favorite Gemini informed me that master McVaffe assisted with some beats and what not on this highly creative 'india ragga' ReMix from perhaps the best 2d platformer ever, "Yoshi's Island" aka Super Mario World 2. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 'Yoshi's Lullaby' - O. Wow - I know this wasn't intended as a Christmas ReMix, but it is so peaceful, beautiful, and delicate that it's perfect for this time of year. McVaffe takes on a slower, more emotional persona with this Yoshi's Island ReMix of the theme that plays most memorably during the game's conclusion. Fantastic piano, harp, oboe, and strings all are woven immaculately into a very flowing, human composition that to me at least is perfect tunage for sitting in the dark by the christmas tree, menorah, fire, or whatever glowing seasonal object you happen to have available, and enjoying the spirit of receiving shit for free.

Wait, that came out wrong. Joking aside, this is a great track, one of McVaffe's more unique and intricate works, and lord knows that's saying a lot. Tetris 'TechtrisTypeZ. Boy am I to blame on this one . . . big time . . . . one of those mixes that got 'lost in the shuffle of life' somehow and has sat on my PC since October of last year. Yes, witness my amazing 3 month delay posting process in action! Hey, better late than never, and one of the reasons this site doesn't consume so much bandwidth it would explode is due to delays between postings.

This was submitted during a particularly busy period :) But enough of that - here we've got a dynamic, well-done Tetris ReMix with a squelchy sawtooth bass, good orchestra hits, and some nice transitions that make the flow very cool. There are two main tetris themes, the one from the gameboy and the one from many other versions, and this is that more prevalent non gameboy version. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 'Pirates of Oblivion' - Ov.