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By signing up Most popular job site in Africa, you can see job listing which gives you chance to find the jobs. Listings from multiple sources are compiled in one place. For resume submission, mail on: OR visit

Top Tips for job search in Ghana. Decide what job matters to you?

Top Tips for job search in Ghana

There are many jobs which can pay bills and other ones can fulfill your career. No wonder there may be a huge distance between jobs and dreams. Now the world is changing every day and life too. Perhaps you need to build more meaning to what you are doing now and what you can improve? Current Job Vacancies in Africa. Do organizations across Africa ignore mental welfare of their Employees? A person in front of you can look alright but actually, he may be mentally sick or unstable from inside.

Do organizations across Africa ignore mental welfare of their Employees?

That person could be anyone in and around your workplace. For instance, it could be your colleague, your best friend or your boss. There are numerous types of mental disorders. The most common forms are anxiety or fear of mental issues. Since these things are not physical these are often ignored or taken lightly by the ones around that affected person. Careers. Knowledge of Tech skill can actually save your jobs in Africa. As technology and media channels of various organizations are evolving, African jobs companies are looking out for employees with multiple skills that also include tech skills.

Knowledge of Tech skill can actually save your jobs in Africa

Most of the people doing executive jobs in Africa know how to use Ms. Office software. But they need to have a bit more familiarity with tech skills. This doesn’t mean that you should have IT skills or you should be working as a developer. 1. There was a time when a typewriter was the source of bread and butter of the writers. 2. People don’t back to supermarkets and shops to complain about the product. 3. Importance of jobs in Africa in service and Labor sector. Africa’s economic growth is a positive indication of the growing number of jobs in Africa.

Importance of jobs in Africa in service and Labor sector

It is important for countries like Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and Libya to grow in sectors which have high potential and along with can absorb the growing number of employees at a large scale. In our economy, several sectors like Mining, Agriculture, and Health care are more employees concentrated as compared to others. At the international level, Africa is experiencing 3.7 % of additional GDP growth, total employment has grown between 0.5 and 0.78 % annually between 2003 and 2018. Since after 2009, African countries are trying harder to recover from the recession. Government and private companies are contributing by creating jobs in the economy which is also related to economic growth. Top 8 much needed Skills for maritime Jobs in Uganda. Academic qualifications and theoretical knowledge are the basic parameters of any job but when you are interested in certain domains like maritime or port jobs in Uganda and other African countries then you must possess knowledge and some of the basic requirements which are more than important in these career positions.

Top 8 much needed Skills for maritime Jobs in Uganda

Understanding of Personal and Public Safety and Security You must have a good understanding and relevant knowledge of marine policies, Strategies, Equipment and procedure in the context of the code of security. Many career advertisements do mention these traits to ensure the security and safety of people, data, property and themselves. Social Media Marketing Intern. Job Description The Social Media & Digital Marketing Intern is responsible for assisting the Editorial team in implementing Afro Hustler’s overall communications and marketing plan -- focusing specifically on digital communications -- to build awareness about Afro Hustler within the community, and to increase traction to social media pages, the Afro Hustler website, newsletter sign-ups and other Afro Hustler products.

Social Media Marketing Intern

2019 Edition: How to get job in Kenya? Best 11 tips for getting dream job in Nigeria. Find the latest jobs in Africa. 8 Noticeable Strategies of posting jobs Online. When employers and HR build a perfect job description it definitely gets noticed by the qualified candidates.

8 Noticeable Strategies of posting jobs Online

Posting job online could be the best way to communicate the message to the wider audience and also attracts the qualified and the relevant candidate for the job vacancy. No employer wants to interview the irrelevant or under qualified candidates as they consume time and resources of the company. Lets have a look at the top 8 Strategies that makes life easy when employer advertises the job online. 1. The five most searched job website in Africa. 3 upgraded job search Network for every employer. Recruitment Specialist. Purchasing and Procurement Manager. International Sales Coordinator. General Foreman. Drilling Supervisor. AfricaOnJobs. Front Office Administrator. Marketing Strategist.

Business Manager. Social Media Administration. Executive Jobs Africa. Site Supervisor. Payroll and Finance Officer. Job Description Company Profile: Salary: Not disclosed Industry: Accounting / Finance Functional Area: Finance / Auditing Role Category: Financial Analyst Employment Type: Full time.

Payroll and Finance Officer

Development Executive. Agriculture Advisor. Executive Jobs Africa. IT Delivery Manager. AfricaOnJobs. Job Description To ensure strategic administration of the farm by planning, budgeting, monitoring and documenting all the yields for the sustainability of the farm.Support in the development and preparation of currently used land for farming purposes.Ensure regular repair and maintenance of farm buildings, machinery and equipment.Ensure line management, regular training and capacity building of the subordinates.Ensure quality of the farm products.


Company Profile: Salary: Not disclosed. Learn Five most effective Job Posting Strategy. Finding the best employees will be a key factor for the organisation being successful and growing with the economy uptick.

Learn Five most effective Job Posting Strategy

Business leaders are finding hiring talent as their top challenge. There are more job openings today than in 15 years, and hiring managers and recruiters are facing a talent pool with increased mobility and expectations. If you are determined to hire top-tier talent, you need to put your best foot forward. Recruiters/ Hiring managers today have various avenues to pursue as they seek highly skilled candidates to fill open positions within their organisations.

However, most candidate attraction strategies continue to revolve around posting to free job posting boards. Leading online African jobs search. The penetration of the internet in the present era has crossed the geographical limitations, therefore, standardize and mobilize the recruitment process. Currently, online recruiting forms the essential pillar of a smart staffing and recruitment strategy for organizations or firms in every single economic sector. Gradually more job seekers are turning to electronic resources such as online job search engines, corporate web sites, internet classifieds, and online versions to facilitate the job searching process. Conversely, a growing majority of professional employers and hiring managers alike rely on job search engines as a primary source of hunting professional talent.

Online recruitment has revolutionized the hiring industry that benefits both job hunters and employer and ultimately fast-tracks the overall recruitment process. Thus online recruitment is the era of fast hiring where employers can rapidly get the potential talent. · Reducing the recruitment cost. Leading online African jobs search. Finding jobs in Africa country is not just about applying for new openings and hoping to get a call for the interview.

It is more complex than before, particularly in a competitive job world. To stand head above the rest of the candidate’s crowd, it’s significant to lay out an effective strategy. Through effective job search strategies you can use to expedite your job hunt, find networks that can help, get your CV noticed, ace an interview, and get a job offer. Start your search with these useful job-searching strategies and get successful jobs in Africa country. · Stand Out from the rest- The job market is totally crowded and one of the crucial job search strategies you can use is to make sure that you get ahead from the competition and show the recruitment manager that you are an applicant who definitely should be selected for an interview. Leading online African jobs search. Executive Jobs Africa.

Leading online African jobs search. Leading online African jobs search. Research reveals that Online Job Search Engine on an average collect 43% of all applications forms for current job openings. Further, Job portals may have the highest number of applications; the conversion-to-hire rates are also better behind other bases of the hire like employee referrals and company career sites. Though, employee referrals may only account for 7% of all job applications, however, they contribute nearly half of all genuine hires. Few studies show that Career sites, gather approx. 32% of all career applications, and account for 21% of all hires. Job sites, on the flip hand, only contribute 15-18% of all real hires. Executive Jobs Africa. Executive Jobs Africa. Leading online African jobs search. Candidate registration in Africa.

Executive Jobs Africa. Find Desired Candidate. Executive Jobs Africa. Current Job Vacancies in Africa. Most popular job site in Africa. Effective Job Search Strategies to find jobs in Africa country. Latest Jobs in Africa. is an (search engine jobs) interactive and fastest growing online job portal dedicated to the Africa region.

With a purpose to solve the challenges in the market for job seekers and employer companies, bridges the gap between them through innovation & technology. is a part of ‘Acreaty’ headquartered in India & strongly present across other 5 sub-continents across the globe. Established in 2001, Acreaty has ever since the same passion and commitment under the leadership of our Executive Director Mr. Paramjit Anand. was born out of our passion for the industry and unrelenting commitment to deliver the quality service to both our job seekers and employers. The employment vacancies are booming within African countries as the rest of the world’s renowned industry leaders starts increasingly investing in Africa.

Free job posting boards- What are the tips to craft Job Postings? HR business solution and Best Outsourcing Services in Uganda. Acreaty Uganda is a leading professional management consulting and outsourcing firm committed to providing a gamut of services to companies based on Uganda. As a part of The Acreaty Group – we offer a comprehensive range of outsourcing solutions for startups, small & big companies. Our team has great exposure to the global markets, and clearly understands customers with a global perspective. Our umbrella of business advisory and best Outsourcing Services in Uganda are focused towards delivering effective business solutions.

No matter the size of your company, our best outsourcing services keep you on the leading edge while ensuring meeting your demands with utmost care. What We Do? Our team comprises a mix of talented professionals; HR experts, business analysts, sales and marketing professionals, graphic designers and writers. With extensive experience in the ITES segment and Business Development, we have a keen understanding of the various domains.

Expedite your job search and find the international jobs in Africa. Business Development Manager. Export Documentation. Export Clearing and forwarding. Jobs in Ghana-Accra. Free job posting boards - Five Pillars of a Successful Job Posting Strategy. Project Execution and Completion. Need Electrical Construction Manager. Team management Budget management. Experience in the project management. Need Project Manager in Egypt. Most popular job site in Africa.