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Africa Imports

Africa Imports is the prominent wholesale supplier of Afrocentric and ethnic products. We offer an exclusive range of African clothing, drums accessories, shea butter products, African shea oil, and many more. We deliver the best quality of products with a quick, efficient, and hassle-free delivery service!

Six Best African Headwrap Styles in 2021. Best Super food Powders That Support and Boost Your Immune System. African Dresses. African Print Clothing. African Print Fabric. Africa Imports. African Print T-Shirt. Africa Imports. African Wear For Ladies. Shop African Jewelry. Silver and Gold Ankh Necklaces. Africa Imports. African American Flag For Sale. African Hats For Women. Africa Imports. African Black Soaps. My Radiance Building Black Soap is amazing!

African Black Soaps

My hands were dry and scratchy from working in water all day and I took a shower and used my Radiance Building Black Soap and when I dried off I noticed that my hands were completely smooth. I love it! ~ Velma in Dexter, MO Sort by. Organic Superfood Powder. Africa Imports. Sort by Display per page Chebe Oil Hair Strengthener - 2 oz.

Africa Imports

Hair oil made with 100% authentic Chebe powder from Chad, Africa. Pure Emu Healing Oil. Please note: Due to the rise in temperatures, the chances of oils/butters leaking increases.

Pure Emu Healing Oil

Africa Imports will do what it can to prevent your order from having any leaked out oils/butters without having to raise packaging/shipping prices. However with boxes sitting in UPS/FedEx/US Mail trucks that can get up to 125° F, there is a chance of something busting/leaking due to the high temperatures these boxes are exposed to. Africa Imports. Sort by Display per page Raw Mango Butter - Small Discover the tropical answer to skincare with mango butter.

Africa Imports

Natural Shea Butter. 25 Lb.

Natural Shea Butter

Container of White African Shea Butter Made in various West African countries. Africa Imports. Explore Unique & Traditional African Wholesale Products At Africa Imports. Africa is popular for its rich tradition.

Explore Unique & Traditional African Wholesale Products At Africa Imports

Its sculptures, weaving, beading, jewelry & dresses are in high demand throughout the world. An art form from one region of Africa may differ from the other depending on values, customs, and beliefs. Different dresses, jewelry pieces, and accessories represent the religious and spiritual beliefs. That’s why people use them in traditional ceremonies to honor their ancestors. Dashiki: Traditional African Attire & Its Untold History. Dashiki might not appear exactly the way in its present state.

Dashiki: Traditional African Attire & Its Untold History

Trendy streetwear that is associated with the intricate and recognizable “Angelina Print”. The reality is a bit different. A strong story of black resistance and African innovation supports this garment. The word “dashiki” has its origin from the Yoruba word danshiki. It refers to the loose-fitting garment and has originated in West Africa. Reasons Why African Fabrics Have Gained So Much Fame and Popularity.

African textiles and prints are forms of expression that define the real Africans.

Reasons Why African Fabrics Have Gained So Much Fame and Popularity

The art of designing, fabricating, and embroidering traditional African textiles is as old as time. There is no need for manuscripts or historical books to know about African history. These textiles can make you familiar with rich African textile history. The traditional ways of making these fabrics pass from one generation to the other. Craftsmen and women still use those ancient practices of cloth-making that were used by their ancestors. The Best Authentic African Black Soaps for Clear, Balanced Skin. If you have been selling the best and most efficacious ingredients, but you always welcome new skincare products, then Africa Imports would suggest you adding traditional African Black Soap into your product range.

The Best Authentic African Black Soaps for Clear, Balanced Skin

You might be dealing in chemically-laden concoctions till now. It's time to think wisely and replace them with organic and natural handmade soaps. It could bring new change into your skincare collection. Treating Acne, Stretch Marks, and Other Skin Conditions Using African Black Soap. Men and women both have to deal with different cosmetic issues such as acne, scars, and stretch marks.

Treating Acne, Stretch Marks, and Other Skin Conditions Using African Black Soap

Scarring is often caused due to wounds, burns, and acne. On the other hand, Stretch marks are associated with puberty, changes in weight, and pregnancy, of course. If you are looking for a product that can fade away or simply reduce the appearance of these skin imperfections, African Black Soap is one of the best natural products you can turn to for help. African black soap, also known as African soap or black soap, is the most popular skincare product. It has reached to "holy grail" status for several good reasons. Best Superfood Powders That Support and Boost Your Immune System. The world is changing very fast and so is the demand and responsibilities of your personal and professional life.

It is hard to find time to concentrate on your well-being when you are extremely busy. Whether you are a family man or an athlete, a student or a busy mom, you will need proper nutrition to carry on with your duties relentlessly. This is where you will need the benefits of the best superfood powder. What is superfood powder? Six Best African Headwrap Styles in 2021. Available in numerous colors and designs the African head wrap is a bold cultural and fashion statement that can help you on days when you are lazy to style your hair. It comes with unlimited prints and designs, and usually 72 inches in length. African print headwraps originated from ub-Saharan Africa and is designed using ‘kente.’ This headwrap is called ‘dhuku’ in the Shona language, ‘duku’ in Chichewa, and ‘iduku’ in isiZulu.

In Nigeria, it is famously known as ‘gele’ and ‘doek’ in South Africa. Why People Choose Natural African Shea Butter. Karate tree is quite common in the localities of West Africa. The nuts are used to extract a buttery substance that is popularly used in making cosmetics and personal care products. Raw shea butter contains fruits as natural ingredients which delivers excellent results to its users. Over the years, it has proven its efficiency in making balanced personal care formulations.