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Fridiary - A painting featuring Frida Kahlo. Description A portrait showing Frida Kahlo the rebellious radical Mexican portrait artist Frida Kahlo is one of the best painters who came out of Mexico. Her works were majorly defined by the pain she went through from when she was very young and how she was able to persevere and overcome. When you know much about her life, and how she lived it, going through her paintings will be very eye-opening. She was basically an open book. Her life was reflected in her works. As a pioneer of so many firsts in the art world, Frida Kahlo effectively broke many molds in which she was thrust. Freedom During her lifetime, Frida Kahlo worked with a lot of women and made them realize that displaying one’s frustrations, pains and shortcomings is actually okay.

A painter of realities Although many consider her a surrealist, Frida insisted she was not one, as she paints her realities and not dreams. Identity fascinated her She made a lot of self-portraits as she was often alone with her thoughts. Some major themes in pop art o… | NousheenZ. Where to Buy Abstract Art by Famous Portrait Artists Featuring Celebs? Over the years, Suzi Nassif has established herself as someone to be revered in the art world. She has chosen to paint portraits that speak in full terms the concealed thoughts or imagination of her subject. Her amazing style of combining both the pop art painting and surrealist art paintings styles to producing masterpieces that has served it purposes and are still serving has made her continually sought after in the art world.

As one of the famous modern portrait artists of our time, Suzi Nassif has given life to paintings that expressed the concealed thoughts or imaginings of her characters. She has produced lots of abstract paintings for sale and she is always on the lookout to paint interesting characters who have defied cultures and beliefs to pursue who they are, just as she is doing. In this article, we will be exploring some of the abstract art she has done featuring celebrities like Coco Chanel, Iris Apfel, Marilyn Monroe and a host of others. Coco Chanel Iris Apfel Sophia Loren. Suzi Nassif paintings show women from history, fashion, Bible and more. Suzi Nassif, has over the years chosen to paint portraits that speak in full expressions the concealed thoughts and her aspirations.

As one of the famous modern portrait artists of our time, Suzi Nassif has given birth to paintings that expressed the unseen thoughts or imaginations of her subject characters. In a nutshell, we will be looking at some selected women who have affected their generation living in an extraordinary way and style. These women span from all walks of life revealing their strengths in various ways. We are going to selectively look into these noble outstanding characters, by understanding the role each of them played in their fields, their general importance and try to see them through the artistic eyes of Suzi Nassif and how she portrayed them in her famous oil paintings.

The first on our list is Eve, the very second in the human race, the mother of all and the wife to Adam. The American born icon in the world of fashion. Contemporary portrait art style explained. Art has been around for a long time and artists keep evolving, keeping the art lovers on their toes. Over the years, what great art means have been defined and re-defined with great artists coming to the forefront, not afraid to let their voices shine in the world of art.

Contemporary portrait art is one of those forms that can be so diverse. From painting portraits in the front view to painting it in profile, these can be explored in so many ways. They can be three-dimensional or flat, realistic or abstract; all of them expresses the thoughts of the artists and broaden the mind of the art lover.

A good contemporary portrait artist will always let us into the inner workings of the subject. Whether through the eyes, through the expressions, through the different objects embedded in the painting, the pose, or the clothing, the painting has to tell its own story. Portraits can be expressed in different styles. Realism Impressionism Expressionism Photorealism. CoCo Dali. POP ART MOVEMENT REVOLUTIONISED BY SUZZI NASSIF – Alya Khemji. There are so many pop artists across the world. If we go through the whole list trust me there isn’t enough time but I would like to focus on the “IT” artist right now.

The pop art movement was introduced in the 1950s and later in the 1960s era. Numerous artists such as Suzi Nassif continued to keep this movement alive. Her work in particular will cause thrills across your back by the first view. Her work has made to be considered as iconic in the pop art industry hence making her masterpieces cherished and loved. Suzi is basically the pop artist to watch and emulate. Suzi Nasif’s theme when it comes to paintings is usually amazing and unique. The art lovers are usually left speechless by her work as she captures the Kitsh aesthetic and vibrant colors of pop art. Every person is addicted to their own poison but I guarantee that if you visit her website for an art viewing, I guarantee you will buy one. 1) Trinity I have to admit I fell in love with this piece immediately I saw it. 4) Glory.

Contemporary portrait art style explained. Famous Modern Portrait Artists and Their Passions – Alya Khemji. There’s a mash up of traditional portrait painting in the modern artistry today. The genre has evolved over the years with the factors of different eras and civilization period to be considered. Portrait artists over the years have developed their own styles where some also painted their own self portraits.

The styles may have varied but most were a blend and mash of the past with only a slight twist of the present and revolving times. Materials used in the traditional portrait painting have also changed. Paint that can dry faster and easier methods have been implanted on the portrait, though some may argue this has made the paintings less valuable, simply because less work goes into the painting in the first place. Contemporary Portrait painters Laren Brevner — Lauren is a contemporary portrait artist who blends contemporary painting with Japanese art of styles.

Kehinde Wiley — He is famously known for painting the former US president, Barrack Obama’s portrait. Iris Apfel the fashion icon adored by Suzi Nassif. An American business woman, fashionista and interior business woman born in Astoria Queens New York, Iris Apfel has defied and keeps defying the fashion world. Her style is eclectic and very unique. Singlehandedly, she’s been able to redefine the way the world views fashion.

She loves anything fashion and is not shy to allow her personality show forth in the pieces she drapes herself in. Iris has spent her whole life building a notable and envious resume. As a young lady, she first worked with Women’s Wear Daily before moving on to work for the interior designer, Elinor Johnson. Iris Apfel also distinguished herself in the home decorating business. Further cementing her stand in the fashion world was the exhibition premiered by the Metropolitan Museum Art in September, 2005. Apart from the New York museum exhibit that made her a star, she was brought more into the limelight recognition when she became the subject of the film, “Iris”.

What a Capricorn Man Desires in a Woman? - Stylfemina. Establishing a relationship with a Capricorn man is usually very difficult because he does not open up that easily. Capricorn men are ambitious, romantic and patient; these qualities should be communicated to you in this set of dating tips for women. It gets worse for you when you already have him and don’t know how to keep him because keeping a Capricorn is even tougher. How then can you get a Capricorn guy to be with you by your side forever?

For sure it is not easy but it is possible if you learn about what Capricorn men want in women. Let us now delve deeper in this topic and find out what Caps desire in women: Capricorn Men are Confident Capricorn men like ladies who are confident in themselves yet not arrogant. Capricorn Men want a woman they can rely on Capricorn men want to have a woman they know they can rely on totally. Capricorn man will appreciate when you are just there for him when he returns home especially if his day out was turbulent. Famous Portrait Artists and their Passions. Since time immemorial, humans have sought to document our lives and experiences in the form of art.

From the cave men’s depiction of our early existence as humans to the digitalized picture taking of the modern world, we as humans, always seek a way to have our lives recorded via images. This is what birthed portrait art. A portrait is an exemplification of a person. It could come in form of sculpting, digital images, or a painting. The depiction of this type of documentation could take different forms like; a portrait of an individual, a particular group or even a self-portrait.

Over the course of our history as a people, we’ve seen lots of outstanding portrait artists, world renowned who took great strides in establishing portraiture as one of the best genres in painting. In the same vein, in our modern world, we’ve seen the works of great artists too. Jenny Saville Courtesy: Wide Walls Suzi Nassif A Lebanese painter who exudes talent, Suzi Nassif is a breath of fresh air.

Kehinde Wiley. How to Have a Thriving Relationship with a Pisces Man - Stylfemina. The stars are said to have some bearing on the lives of people and by extension on their love life as well. Are you crushing on a Pisces man who is already giving you sleepless nights? Do you know that you can rely on the zodiac sign to win the love of a Pisces man you have a crush on? If you are interested in a Pisces man and still don’t have a clue as to how you easily tame him here are some dating tips for women to help: Play cool and be patient with Pisces Man Pisces men like to take their time and mostly when they get involved with a woman they usually take one thing at a time.

This therefore calls on you to be patient. Get prepared for something serious Dating a Pisces man will be complicated to you if your interest is just a fling. Dating a Pisces man can be one of the most rewarding to any woman who knows how to handle them. Be open with him Perhaps you may have dated men from other zodiac signs that were immature and uncouth.

Buy large abstract paintings and modern art by Suzi Nassif | Posts by Nosheen Mukhtar. Suzi Nassif is one of Dubai’s contemporary portrait artists. Born in Lebanon, Suzi is an artist who continually seeks to express herself and her world through her art. She is a world acclaimed artist who lives in Dubai and is among the elite artists in the UAE. She has an established online art gallery with a display of her stunning works on canvas. Suzi loves to take an adventure into revolutionary abstract impressionism and surrealism. She allows the works of artists such as Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali be her sources of inspiration among other things. Taking into cognizance her art series Faces and Phases, with many of her masterpieces of abstract paintings for sale, you begin to see where her heart lies.

Various individual artwork invites you into the world of the artist and into the world of the painting itself. As the title of the series connotes, Suzi delves into the many faces of the human through various phases in life. Another of the abstract paintings for sale is Mina. Buy large abstract paintings and modern art by Suzi Nassif | Posts by Nosheen Mukhtar. New Artworks of Suzi Nassif. Here are new artworks from an artist who loves to use her hands on canvas rather than the paint brush. She loves touching colors and contouring her portraits to add her vision to them. Suzi is keen on using her creativity to inspire her fans. Therefore, she has released her newest masterpieces to promote her artwork accordingly. Suzi Nassif paintings are awe inspiring as reveal interesting perceptions of the artist about people she has met or has been inspired by. Her viewers can follow her creative output in exhibitions in Dubai, USA and Europe.

I will walk you through some of the newest Suzi Nassif paintings. Sophia’s World There are differen t ways for people to view Suzi’s ‘Sophia’s World’ painting. The Colors of Iris The colors of Iris portrait painting depict the fashion icon, Iris Apfel. God Saves Queen God saves queen is a new pop art painting by Suzi Nassif. The amazing MUSAI female portrait The MUSAI painting takes its title from the Greek word for MUSE. MINA painting. Salvador Dali Inspires Suzi Nassif Paintings. Any artist can find not only some days uninspiring but also months. However, they can renew their passion by looking at someone else’s work.

Salvador Dali’s artwork inspires Suzi Nassif and she gets her imagination triggers from there very often. Even though Suzi is naturally gifted, Salvador Dali paintings fuel her designs and she loves to pay homage to the artist in her portrait paintings. An artist’s imagination can fizzle out but it does not mean they lost their talent. What does Suzi do when she doesn’t find that calling? She knows where to look! The inspiration for digital surrealism It is interesting to see Suzi Nasiff apply Dali’s surrealist concepts in some aspects of her paintings. Dreams Dreams are vivid and inspiring. Exhibitions in galleries Suzi Nassif just like Salvador Dali makes tireless efforts to promote her artwork through exhibitions in Dubai, Europe, and the USA. Extreme symbolism Dali coded each element in his work. Artistic expressions of Salvador Dali. Why should you prepare for acrylic painting on canvas.

For artists, one of the most important tools of their trade is the canvas. Apart from the brushes and paints (oils or acrylic), canvas is also quite important, for without a canvas, real work will be difficult to do. A canvas is the surface they paint on. It is most often made of a fabric woven together closely such as the one you find as boat sails. A canvas can also be a tightly stretched cloth which has not been bleached. This is the surface artists work their magic on. Here is an artist at work in her Studio, you may see she is using a well prepared canvas while painting: To create any form of acrylic painting on canvas, the canvas must be primed for that painting. Below are the step by step instructions on how to prime a raw canvas for acrylic painting: The materials needed to achieve the priming of a canvas are quite simple. The steps are: Pour out just enough gesso into a small cup or on top of a palette.Decide the number of coats you want to add on your canvas. How Mural painting became popular – Alya Khemji.

Want to know more about a mural painting? A mural comes from a Latin term murus which implies a wall. To begin with, murals hold significance for mankind. Fact is a mural is a painting on a wall. The mural painting dates back to pre-historic times where cavemen popularly decorated their caves with cave paints. A wall mural painting can cover both exterior and interior part of a public building like a palace, tomb, museum, and church or library. A mural painter can use canvases to hang the mural painting on a wall. Alternatively, the painter can paint directly onto a surface like a wall.

In the 1920s after the Mexican revolution, mural art became a powerful tool for promoting people’s opinion and spreading the message of unity. Nature of a mural painting A wall mural painting organically connects with architecture. . - fresco painting - encaustic painting - tempera painting - oil paint on canvas - liquid silicate Renaissance and mural painting Famous mural paintings. Frida Kahlo Art. Some Useful Acrylic Painting Techniques. Frida Kahlo in Suzi’s art work | NousheenZ. The Art of Frida and Suzi – Alya Khemji. Acrylic Painting Facts | Posts by Nosheen Mukhtar. Frida Kahlo Art Style for Art Freaks.

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Great Ideas For Small Business Marketing. Fridalism, Fridagogh and more Suzi Nassif Paintings. Contemporary pop art artists. How to Sell to Startups? - Stylfemina. Building Conscious Relationships - Stylfemina. Skin Care Tips In Winters | Posts by Nosheen Mukhtar. Skin Care Tips In Winters | Posts by Nosheen Mukhtar. NousheenZ. Selfies Can’t Replace the Portrait Art Traditions. How to Get Your Custom Portrait Made in Dubai. How to Get Your Custom Portrait Made in Dubai. Frida Kahlo's Art Inspires Suzi Nassif. Salvador Dali The Great Surrealist Pop Artists. Surrealism Art Characteristics.

Great ideas for small business marketing – Alya Khemji. How to Market your business online. 5 Hair Care Tips You Must Follow This Winter - Stylfemina. How Women Are Portrayed in Suzi Nassif Paintings. Latest pop art by Suzi Nassif – Alya Khemji. Rephrasing Writing - Academic Writing Web. Curriculum planning - Academic Writing Web. Big Book Sale is Here in Dubai - Yesgulf. Modern Oil Painting Facts - Yesgulf. Is being dramatic really that bad? - Stylfemina. 5 Signs your relationship is based on lust, not love - Stylfemina. 5 reasons you should befriend your lover first – Alya Khemji. Famous Acrylic Paintings to Inspire Beginners. Famous Acrylic Paintings to Inspire Beginners.

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