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Does DKI Really Work? [Case Study] As dynamic series week continues, we’ve covered how to use dynamic parameters in Bing, dynamic ads with scripts and next we will dive into the question across many search engine marketing professionals minds when it comes to ad testing – Does DKI really work? Below we will review – What is DKI? Does it Really Work? DKI Best Practices. Does DKI Really Work? [Case Study]
Why My Landing Pages Trump Your SEO and PPC Pages Everytime Why My Landing Pages Trump Your SEO and PPC Pages Everytime Landing page optimization is big business for successful PPC campaigns. Google’s weighting of where a paid ad will show and how much each click costs is factored, in part, on the quality of the landing page the ad leads to. But, on the SEO side of things, you don’t hear a lot about “landing pages.” That’s all stuff for ads, right? PPC has “landing pages,” SEO has “optimized pages,” and they tend to be worlds apart. But that’s the problem.
Today’s post comes from PPC Hero Ally, Tyler Jordan of PPC Associates. Think about remarketing like a recipe: it’s a best practice, but you don’t have to follow it to the letter; you can shape it to your tastes. You like your chicken spicy? Put some cayenne in it. If your funnel doesn’t match the one I’m about to show you, change it up to fit your style. How To Run Remarketing Like A Boss How To Run Remarketing Like A Boss
Exploring the Google Display Network: How to Generate More Leads from Display Ads.
Enhanced Campaigns Migration Spikes CPA Enhanced Campaigns Migration Spikes CPA Enhanced campaigns are as bad as we feared. Hanapin has migrated many of the accounts under their management and have found that performance is typically slipping; and sometimes it is even cliff diving. This post analyzes ~$1 million dollars of that ad spend pre and post enhanced campaigns (ECs) and uncovers where performance has dipped, how spend allocation has changed (due to less control) and a few takeaways we’ve learned for how to stay ahead of the competition on this. A quick note about this data is that while CPA is up across the board this is partly due to seasonality for a few major accounts. It’s obvious though, that CPA is up on computers for Search and Display but that mobile and tablet CPA is up at a much, much larger percentages and has started to make up larger percentages of budget allocation.
The Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts 2013 It’s that time again, PPC land! After much deliberation (and vote counting!), we have arrived at this year’s list of Most Influential PPC Experts. The Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts 2013
What Is Considered A 'Good' CTR? What Is Considered A 'Good' CTR? I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard this question in some variation – “What should my goal CTR be?” “What’s considered a good CTR?” I also can’t tell you how lame I feel saying “Well, that depends…”
AdWords To End Product Extensions As PLAs Take Over AdWords To End Product Extensions As PLAs Take Over AdWords product extensions will soon be heading off into the sunset. They are leaving quietly, too. Brad Geddes noticed the announcement in the AdWords agency newsletter, but no other formal notification has been communicated to advertisers. Product extensions will disappear from the campaign set-up flow on May 20th. Google eventually let product extensions be outrun by Product Listing Ads. As Geddes notes, when Google launched PLAs, product extensions were reduced to a less-than-compelling line of text and price.
Google Makes a Big Impression and Bing Adds Sitelinks Google Makes a Big Impression and Bing Adds Sitelinks You can already do some pretty interesting stuff with the existing Google Impression Share data – my favorite of which, having been taught by Jeff Allen and Sean Quadlin, is reverse engineering your potential maximum budget based on lost Impression Share. Imagine then, if you will, their reaction to last week’s release on the Google AdWords blog detailing the new Impression Share reporting changes! (Hint: There might have been some giggling and awkward high fives.) As detailed in this post, early November brings with it some reporting improvements:
How To Find Your Optimal Ad Position
How to Improve Low Quality Score Keywords: A Case Study
Facebook Ads Improve Results for Search Campaigns Facebook Ads Improve Results for Search Campaigns Do Facebook ads work? It’s a question that has, for many, become as troublesome as a Zen koan. Everyone seems to have their own explanation for what Facebook ads should or shouldn’t do for your marketing campaigns. Yet, most seem to suggest that we need to look beyond actual clicks, and come to an understanding that they influence conversions, but you have to look beyond your analytics to see the results.
Deeper Understanding of CPA Bidding
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MC Hammer launching his own search engine MC Hammer, pictured at a party sponsored by Motorola Xoom, has a team developing a search engine called WireDoo. Say what? Rapper MC Hammer launches a new ... search engineWireDoo will give search results, plus results for possibly related topics, Hammer says (CNN) -- You can't Google this. OK, maybe you can. MC Hammer launching his own search engine
Google's agreed to pay out $500 million to settle claims that it profited from ads for illegal Canadian pharmacies. It's one of the biggest financial forfeiture penalties ever. By allowing the companies to place ads through the AdWords program, says the Justice Department, the company contributed to the illegal import of controlled and non-controlled prescription drugs. Google, says the Justice Department, knew it was illegal as early as 2003. Google forfeits $500 million for running illegal pharmacy ads
Quality Score in High Resolution About the author: Craig Danuloff is Founder and President of ClickEquations Inc. developer of the ClickEquations paid search management platform. Since 2004 he has been a respected strategist, writer, and speaker working with companies in the Fortune 100, Internet Retailer 100, and presenting at conferences across the United States and Europe. Craig was Founder and CEO of iCat Corporation, an early leading ecommerce software provider which was acquired by Intel Corp. Earlier in his career he spent two years as President of an early-stage venture fund, worked in Business Development at Aldus Corporation, and founded one of the first desktop publishing service bureaus in the U.S. Craig is the author of over 20 best-selling computer books. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business.
Marketing Transformation Week
Yahoo-Bing Gaining On Google In Some Paid Search Metrics: Report The Yahoo-Bing paid search partnership has produced a couple positive trends for advertisers, according to new data shared by search marketing agency Efficient Frontier. As a preview to its usual quarterly overview, Efficient Frontier has published some early data on its blog with some findings about the Yahoo-Bing transition. The company says that the transition led to small drops in click share and spend share, and a larger drop in overall paid search ad impressions for Yahoo-Bing. But, the flip side of that was a gain in revenue-per-click (RPC).
Here we are. I hope your time here at PPC Academy was productive and you learned a lot because it’s now time for your final exam. Were you paying attention? Have you bloomed into a search marketing pro with the knowledge and skills to kick major PPC butt, or do you still have things to learn? Below are 35 questions that test the most important concepts you should have learned from this one-year PPC course. If you missed any posts, here’s the course guide. PPC Academy Final Exam: Test Your Paid Search Knowledge
Is Google Changing Quality Score Rules Again? In the past few months, two significant issues have been messing with AdWords quality scores—or at least with how many of us perceive quality scores. Google has developed several bugs in how it displays quality score.Keywords with low quality scores are acting like keywords with high quality scores. Google Quality Score Display Bugs
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