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Business Consultant Firm Melbourne

Affarisp provides consulting and business services to small and new businesses to increase the value of their businesses. We are the leading business consultant firm in Cambellfield, Melbourne. Contact us today.

Life after COVID19 – So what happens after the Crisis is over? - AffariSP. Am I stating the obvious when I say that in all the years, I have been in business I have never seen such a challenging time in personal and business life?

Life after COVID19 – So what happens after the Crisis is over? - AffariSP

When creating a Crisis Management Plan, you review and identify all the potential risks and then prepare a set of processes to deal with each situation. I can safely say that on all the plans I have worked on, a pandemic was not on that list! So, my question is, what happens when the COVID19 health crisis is over. Do we go back to normal? What does normal look like? There is no doubt in my mind that the hospitality industry will never be the same. We are all now very settled into working, eating, exercising and entertaining (via video) from home. When lockdown ends there will be an initial honeymoon with influx of patrons and this will need to be managed well. For our personal welfare we need to stay connected and ensure that we look after each other.

Stay safe and keep smiling. Ciao, a presto. Business Consulting Services Melbourne. Business Consultant Firm Melbourne. Affari SP was born to assist small to medium business enterprises (SMEs) leaders to create and implement strategies to grow or transform their business success and profitability, while being socially responsible and sustainable.

Business Consultant Firm Melbourne

We guide and empower SMEs to articulate and execute their goals. Realising the full potential of business leaders. Foster leaders to innovate and transform their small to medium business enterprise (SME) to achieve profitable growth while championing the way to be socially conscious and sustainable. CareIntegrityAccountabilityRespectConsciousnessInnovative We strive towards achieving triple bottom line profitability with all the SMEs we work with. We work with you to review your current business and develop a clear understanding of your vision and stakeholders and then be able to execute a plan with your team to achieve strong growth while ensuring that you keep your culture, values and stand out in the community.

Why I love Family Business - AffariSP. Growing up Italian had its benefits but also its disadvantages.

Why I love Family Business - AffariSP

I loved that we celebrated all occasions as a family but disliked being the youngest, and a girl. I had to do the dishes. In our house there was always a lot of chaos and yelling, but there was also a lot of commitment and love. Sadly, my father passed away when I was eight and I did not know my eldest brother very well because he was working in North Italy for many years to provide for us. Business Management Consultant Services Melbourne. Are you a start-up or existing business in need of successful growth strategies and business management consultant services?

Business Management Consultant Services Melbourne

An owner or a company’s board of directors and need to assume the role of the chief executive officer during a time of transition or as the result of the sudden departure of the company’s previous CEO. Budget 2020 – What’s in it for SMEs - affarisp. Budget 2020 Key message – Economic Recovery Plan for Australia will create jobs, rebuild our economy and secure Australia’s future.

Budget 2020 – What’s in it for SMEs - affarisp

The economy is forecast to grow by 414 per cent next calendar year and unemployment is expected to fall to 612 per cent by the June quarter 2022. Without economic support the unemployment rate would have remained above 12 per cent for the next two years What’s in it for SMEs Loss carry-back for businesses companies with turnover up to $5 billion to offset losses against previous profits on which tax has been paid, to generate a refund.Losses incurred up to 2021‑22 can be carried back against profits made in or after 2018‑19. Temporary full expensing 6 October 2020 until 30 June 2022, businesses with turnover up to $5 billion will be able to deduct the full cost of eligible depreciable assets of any value in the year they are installed.The cost of improvements to existing eligible depreciable assets made during this period can also be fully deducted.

Digital plan. Leadership from "The Rock" Versus "The Whole" - Affari SP. We are continually being challenged as leaders in the ever-changing world of business, but what does it mean to be a leader in 2020 and beyond.

Leadership from "The Rock" Versus "The Whole" - Affari SP

Leaders need to be mindful, present and self-aware. In anticipating the future, leaders need to shift from known experience to leading together with others and leveraging subtle differences and changes as needed. Business has become increasingly complex and the days of the individual have shifted to the collective. From the “Follow me, I know the way” type leader, “The rock” to leading from “The whole”. Knowing when to take the lead and when someone else in the team needs to take the lead means being flexible and able to empower those around us.

Leading from the whole Collective leadership means that we need to focus on being as well as doing. Being in relationships and present with peopleNoticing the team dynamics and engagingUnderstanding that it’s not what you know but what you do It’s not possible for one smart leader to have all the answers.