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Scott Walker Electric Guitars. Electric guitars - Guitar Dept. Fender Select Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Flame Maple Neck - Cark Cherry Burst. The Fender Select Stratocaster is the sonic embodiment of tone-machine elegance, featuring a stunning Dark Cherry Burst gloss-lacquer finish on a sleek flame maple-top body.

Fender Select Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Flame Maple Neck - Cark Cherry Burst

The Select Stratocaster's modern “C” shaped flame maple neck has a comfortable contoured heel, Bi-Flex truss rod system for rock-solid stability, a satin lacquer back finish and rear-headstock “Fender Select” medallion. The smooth-playing compound radius flame maple fretboard (9.5”-14”) has 22 medium jumbo frets, stylish black pearloid position inlays and gloss lacquer finish. Pure and singing signature sound comes from new Fender Select Stratocaster single-coil neck, middle and bridge pickups with five-way switching and a no-load tone control that delivers the natural uncolored sound of the bridge pickup when dimed. The main features of the Fender Select Stratocaster include: View topic - How to change Tiny Terror Combo Tubes.

It is very easy to change tubes in the Tiny Terror Combo.

View topic - How to change Tiny Terror Combo Tubes

Only 15 screws and you are done. Let's begin: 2) Remove back panel (8 screws) Panel might stick due to a little glue but a slight tug will free it 3) Remove the screws from the white cage (7 Screws) 3 cage screws on the front bottom - the 2 holes on top serve no purpose !!! 2 cage screws on one side 2 cage screws on the other side.


Home Stereo Equipment. Focusrite. Start. Quality Guitars. Vigier Guitars. PRS Guitars. Guitar: Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars, Amplifiers, and Pro Audio. Guitar: Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars, Baldwin Pianos. Home page. 5-String Banjo: Open G & C Tuning Questions. {*style:<b>Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 19:38:38 EDT Subject: Banjo tuning question </b>*} {*style:<b>Hi Mickey, I'm getting ready to buy a banjo from you in the next couple of days, and I just have a question that has my curiosity piqued. </b>*} {*style:<b>I'm glad to assist: One of the songs that I have written has a rhythm that I think is ideally suited to banjo, and I play it in the key of C, which suits my vocal range (whereas G is nearly the opposite for me -- that is, in C, I sing the verse a little low and the bridge a little high, and this is reversed in G).

{*style:<b>Yes, the 5-string banjo is tuned to open-G tuning: g D G B D...this tuning makes the drone string the tonic note (same as the key)... The 5-string can be tuned to C tuning simply and quickly: g C G B D...all you're doing is dropping down the D Bass string to C. </b>*}{*style:<b> So would one consider changing the banjo tuning to C for a special song? Or perhaps I am over-thinking this! Subject: Banjo tuning question redux. // Tom Anderson Guitar Works \\ Rise Music - Proudly Independent. Absolute Music Solutions. Tanglewood Guitars. Tanglewood Guitars - Products.