Evolutionary Geneaology Biological evolution is one of the three most profound discoveries in science. The other two are the vastness of the universe and geologic time. As such, biological evolution, along with the other two, deserves to be the foundation of all science learning, and should be taught from an early age. If the typical fourth grader can name planets in their order from the sun, she should also know that life is all related by descent from common ancestors.

Evolutionary Geneaology

Evolutionblog Via P. Z. Myers I came across this essay, from The Nation, by Rabbi Michael Lerner. Evolutionblog
The Panda's Thumb Let us hope not, but a reader just sent me the following from Mr. Ham’s Facebook page: Well the big news for 2014 as we begin this new year is that in February, at the Creation Museum, I will be debating the well known Bill Nye The Science Guy! The Panda's Thumb