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A4C Coupons - 20% Off Coupon Code. Free Shipping & Free Exchanges on all Women’s Wedding Shoes at shoebuy. 7 Games to Inspire a Child's Love for Reading. Second and third grade students are showing a growing affinity for tablets, phone, and other tech gadgets, but this exposure to technology comes at a price: Although more and more kids have access to gadgets, their reading levels are dropping.

7 Games to Inspire a Child's Love for Reading

Kids are swapping out reading for video games and Netflix as their main sources of entertainment. If you’re worried about your little one’s literacy, have no fear! There are a number of reading games and apps that will engage your tech-savvy child and help them become avid readers. These games span multiple grade-levels and learning types so you can find the best reading resource to suit your child. Text-based Role-playing Games Growing up, I was an avid fan of text-based MMORPGs.

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Revisited 04/19/2016

The democratic process is, philosophically, the equivalent of the wisdom of crowds. Add to this multiple layers of political machination and the extreme ideological polarization that is currently true in the U.S., and we may have a situation where we have to revisit what Winston Churchill said in 1947: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

Since James Surowiecki published his book “The Wisdom of Crowds,” the common wisdom is that we are commonly wise. In other words, if we average the knowledge of many people, we’ll be smarter than any of us would be individually. And that is true -- to an extent. But this example has one unique characteristic that would be rare in the real world: every guesser had access to the same information. Fall blues got you down? Treat yourself and save up to 75% on our Last Chance items at Beauty Brands. Shop and Save Fashion Sales at Beddinginn. 7 Leadership Lessons From the Coach Who Mentored Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, and Jeff Bezos. Flexshopper Coupons - Tv Promo Codes, Discount, Free Shipping. MBT Coupons - Up To 20% Off Or More Clearance. Colorado's school testing laws are harming education. Senate Bill 191, which passed the Colorado legislature in 2010, ties teacher and school evaluations to the results of standardized assessments.

Colorado's school testing laws are harming education

(Thinkstock) In 2010, Colorado passed one of the strictest teacher accountability laws in the country, tying teacher and school evaluations to the results of standardized assessments. The law was notable for its reach and control, impacting every area of education from curriculum to teacher pay to technology requirements. The costs to implement the law and its reforms were extraordinary, estimated by the Pioneer Institute at $213 million (excluding federal grants), most of which were passed on to the districts as unfunded mandates. At the same time, the legislature decimated Colorado's K-12 education budget because this was a recessionary period with little growth. Camping World Coupons - 10% Off Free Shipping 2016. Few tips about Camping World Coupons: The collections of all camping products, clothes, appliances, electronics and much more are called as Camping World online store.

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Teacher shortages 'of greater concern than full-scale academisation' Looming teacher shortages represent a bigger problem than turning every school in England into an academy, according to the head of one of the country’s largest and most successful academy chains.

Teacher shortages 'of greater concern than full-scale academisation'

Sir Daniel Moynihan, chief executive of the Harris Federation, which manages 37 academies in London, says rising house prices are making it almost impossible to keep talented teachers – and argues that education secretary Nicky Morgan’s determination to press ahead with full-scale academisation is a distraction. “It’s always been an expectation that teaching is a respectable profession and you should be entitled to have somewhere to live,” Moynihan said in an interview with the Guardian. “But it’s not the case now, and nobody in politics is addressing it.

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Tyromotion Introduces Virtual Reality to Robotic Therapy to Facilitate Stroke Recovery

Tyromotion has created a rehabilitation device that uses a bilateral 3D arm robot and virtual reality glasses to fully immerse stroke patients in virtual worlds where both the visual and physical environments can be shaped. The device is designed to help patients with limited arm function perform daily tasks by challenging and encouraging them to increase their range of motion and the number of repetitions during their therapy sessions. Both these elements are vital to motor learning.

The introduction of virtual reality into therapy delivers a 3D training environment that can be adapted to each individual patient's abilities. The virtual setting has a gaming element to it, which helps motivate patients to keep repeating their exercises. Related news: Free Shipping & Free Exchanges on all Floreheim men’s and kid’s shoes and accessories at shoebuy. Up to 75% Off Sale Makeup! Buy these face, lip, and eye makeup sale products at Beauty Brands.