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Robots: Al.I.S.E Robots: Al.I.S.E Here is my latest robot. Al.I.S.E is an Aluminum, Infrared Scanning Entity; or just an old-school style crank arm hexapod :) This project was based on the mechanicals of the " Hexapod Monster" kit I built and reviewed back in 2008. I scaled it up a little, and added 2 super torquey gear head DC motors I found at a surplus store in Minneapolis . Power comes from a 9.6v RC transmitter pack, along with a separate 9v for the BS2 microcontroller.
Main Page - IPRE Wiki From IPRE Wiki IPRE Robot Kit - Bryn Mawr College, Spring 2009 This site was created by the Institute for Personal Robots in Education (IPRE) for discussion of issues related to robots and education, including: Myro is now available in many different flavors, including: Main Page - IPRE Wiki
Plastic Pals - Robots who are fun to be with! You may have noticed that the number of posts has dropped dramatically in the last few months, and if you’ve been following my updates on Facebook and Twitter than you already know why. I’ve become a contributor to Gizmag, and starting today I will also be contributing to the IEEE Spectrum. These are two great publications with a much larger readership than I was able to build over the years here at Plastic Pals, and I am proud to write for them. Robot news coverage from many mainstream outlets is still far from satisfactory, and I hope that my contributions at these two sites will help raise the bar. Gizmag is a very popular site that covers not just robots but all sorts of interesting developments from around the world with a focus on science and technology. IEEE’s Automaton blog is – simply put – one of (if not) the most respected online sources of robotics news – you probably already visit it regularly! Plastic Pals - Robots who are fun to be with!
PoBot - robotique ludique PoBot - robotique ludique L’association POBOT a été créée en 2003, par un groupe de passionnés de robotique, dans le but : d’apprendre ensemble, de se perfectionner, d’échanger, de s’entre-aider. Nous faisons en sorte de partager ce que nous apprenons, et ce site en est un moyen, en complément des ateliers (plusieurs fois par semaine) et des réunions (chaque vendredi soir).
Robot Magazine Robot Magazine Issue 45 – March/April 2014 Features • Minds-I 4WD All-Terrain Vehicle • First Person View • Tips On Programming Autonomous Teams Of Robots • Robot Combat Simulation • Osmoces 2013 • Upcoming Bot Competitions • Robotis Biloid Stem • Flowstone Workshop 13 • Uncle Sam Wants Little Robots • Sub $5 Power Supply For Raspberry Pi In 15 Minutes • Robotis OpenCM At Robotworld Seoul, South Korea • Us The Future Of Our Hobby At Risk? • Brain Computer Interfaces Go Mainstream • The 2013 DARPA Robot Challenge Edu Bots • FIRST "Robot Education" Update • Have Fun Competing In Sumo
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Robot-TIC Robot-TIC Le présent site est supporté par le Service national du RÉCIT MST et a pour but de centraliser les diverses ressources en robotique scolaire du RÉCIT. Vous y trouverez des activités et des défis à faire réaliser aux élèves. De la documentation autour de l’intégration des TIC grâce à la robotique.
Robotics Zeitgeist « Artificial Intelligence and Robotics blog Robotics Zeitgeist « Artificial Intelligence and Robotics blog I guess English scientists and engineers don’t like to be outdone by their American counterparts so after many years of hearing constantly about Google’s rapid development of self-driving cars, a team from Oxford university recently unveiled their very own robot car. And they make some very big claims about the new vehicle’s capabilities compared to the competition. So, UK’s robot car is the brainchild of a small team (22 members) of researcher from Oxford led by Pr. P. Newman. The vehicle is a modified Nissan LEAF, i.e., all electric.
Edurobot | Robotique & Pédagogie
I have to confess why I was absent for a few months earlier this year. I was one of the extremely fortunate people who got to go to the World Robot Olympiad in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It was truly one of the best times of my life, but it wasn’t without lots and lots of work and planning. It’s that work and planning which kept me away. It was an incredible display of cooperation between people of many, many countries and cultures. Tinkernology Tinkernology
Robotique 03-12 Jeudi 11 avril 2013, par Yves Duchesne // Traces de la journée Lire la suite » Samedi 6 avril 2013, par Denise St-Pierre // Résultats meilleures performances positions primaire secondaire 1 équipe 15 : École de la Ruche équipe 21 : école La Camaradière 2 équipe 16 : Holland Elemetary School équipe 9 : Polyvalente de Charlesbourg 3 équipe 14 : École de la Ruche équipe 26 : école Neufchâtel Lire la suite » Jeudi 20 décembre 2012, par Alain Houle, Patrick Gagnon, Yves Duchesne // Pour tous RÉCIT des régions de la Capitale-Nationale (03) et de la Chaudière-Appalaches (12) - Robotique pédagogique pour la persévérance scolaire par Yves Duchesne (Commission scolaire de Charlevoix), Patrick Gagnon (Commission scolaire de la Côte-du-Sud) et Alain Houle (Commission scolaire de la Capitale). Robotique 03-12
Robot domestique, robot programmable: acheter robot en quelques clics
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Squishy Circuits Squishy circuits are a project from the Thomas Lab at the University of St. Thomas. The goal of the project is to design tools and activities which allow kids of all ages to create circuits and explore electronics using play dough. Squishy Circuits
Let's Make Robots! | Let's Make Robots! Cheap and useful, to put on your wall or on your table.. You can buy from any of the listed webshops, and to save on shipping, chose the one closest to you [Details here]: For every wall chart sold, $5 USD is donated to the Let's Make Robots community.
At a recent conference I ran an advanced EV3 workshop where one activity concentrated specifically on the use of arrays. Arrays are a new edition the MINDSTORMS software that the previous NXT-G software didn't support (at least not cleanly). Arrays allow us to store multiple bits of data all in the one 'thing', which makes it easier to access. If you think of Variables as being a suitcase where you can read and write some information, then Arrays can be thought of as a suitcase that has lots of smaller folders inside. Damien Kee - Home
Le site du G.D.R. Robotique :. Accueil :. Aujourd'hui nous sommes le mardi 13 septembre 2011 Le Groupement de Recherche (GdR) en Robotique a été créé en 2007 par le CNRS. Sa mission est double : • animer et structurer la communauté scientifique du domaine d’une part, • promouvoir, faciliter et dynamiser les échanges entre la recherche et d'industrie d'autre part. A ce titre, le GdR Robotique développe un certain nombre d'actions comme :
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