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Free reference manager and PDF organizer. Nature Network. Enseigner - Sciences, EE et EDD - Réseau social du Laboratoire de Didactique et d'Epistémologie des Sciences. Academia.edu - Follow research. Science 3.0. SINAPSE - Home page. Posts - Research Blogging. A recently published report from the Cochrane Colloboration suggested that two drugs which are used in the treatment of human Influenza are not as effective as reported in clinical studies, so it is worth to pause a moment and recapitulate how these drugs work and take a closer look at the report before rushing to any judgment. ...

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Read more » Moscona, A. (2005) Neuraminidase Inhibitors for Influenza. New England Journal of Medicine, 353(13), 1363-1373. Scientific Microblog. MyExperiment. Home - Scientix. Carnets de recherche en Sciences humaines et sociales.

Scientific Social Networking. Social Science Research Network (SSRN) Home Page. ResearchGate. Blog » Launch experience, user feedback and next steps. We launched colwiz on 7th of March with a press release on the University of Oxford website.

Blog » Launch experience, user feedback and next steps

The initial launch was aimed at researchers at academic institutions from the US and the UK (signups restricted to .edu and .ac.uk domains). We were humbled by the response from the research community. Within 3 days, researchers from more than 300 institutions signed up and they are increasing each day. Some of the organisations where researchers are using colwiz include: MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Max Planck Institute, CERN, INRIA, GSK, IBM, Astra Zeneca, Samsung, NHS, Royal Society, IEEE, ACM, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Energy and Idaho National Laboratory among many others. We are adding more countries and organisation every day. Academia.edu - Follow research. Carnets 2.