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Andrea d'Agostini (mrdagostini) Drop-In-Simple Social Platform for Your App. Great as a ShareKit Alternative. Make your own iPhone App. The 5 Most Innovative New Online Business Models in 2010 : Marke. Skinn Deep. Tina Hui. East Coast vs. West Coast: The Odio Brothers’ Story in the Washington Business Journal. Here's a great article by Washington Business Journal reporter Bill Flook profiling my & Sam's transition out to San Francisco.

East Coast vs. West Coast: The Odio Brothers’ Story in the Washington Business Journal

You can also find the article here. Brothers Daniel and Sam Odio say D.C. doesn't sate entrepreneurial needs Herndon natives Daniel and Sam Odio share a last name, two alma maters and a gene for entrepreneurial risk-taking. Each brother has created a well-known, successful tech startup , mobile app builder PointAbout Inc. for Daniel, picture-sharing company Divvyshot for Sam. But only one Odio brother stayed in D.C.

Sam's success out West, however, now has Daniel on the verge of following his younger brother to California: His company PointAbout , though still headquartered in D.C. , is putting down Western roots as well. The Odios' story is a case study on why so many tech entrepreneurs journey westward to build companies, instead of staying in Washington or other East Coast tech hubs. The elder brother took that advice , at least at first. Brian Wong - FounderShowcase. LavaCon Panel & Presentation: Conference on Digital Media and Content Strategies. How I Moderate Panels + Previous Panel Examples Here's how I like to moderate panels: (I might send you this link if you're a panelist on an upcoming panel I'm moderating) Here are some of the panels & presentations I've participated in or moderated: Changing the Conversation: Should Mobililty Rewire Your Social Strategy?

LavaCon Panel & Presentation: Conference on Digital Media and Content Strategies

2013 | Keynote + Mobile Outlook 2013 | Digital Hollywood 2012 | How Mobile Disrupts Social As We Know It 2012 | Mobile Marketing: Beyond The Hype 2012 | Designing for Mobile Apps 2012 | Tablets & Media Panel at Canadian MUsic Week 2012 | Keynote at MobileX Cincinnati 2012 | 'What's App' Panel at NTCA 2012 | Dept of Homeland Security Mobile Panel at CES 2012 | LavaCon 2011 | Napa App Economy Event 2011| VentureBeat's MobileBeat 2011 | Disruptathon 2011 | Startup Mixology 2011 | Digital Media Conference 2011 | NAB Panel: HTML5 vs.

You can find my bio here, which includes hi-res photos of me as well as the Socialize founding team. Who says Cincinnati doesn't get mobile? Brendan Baker. Newspepper. Newspepper covers the OSJ 2013 Awards!


OSJ 2013 Event Report - Final Cut from Newspepper on Vimeo. Check out Newspepper’s latest promotional video for the Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference and Awards! We were approached by OSJ to promote a video that showcased the conference and the awards earned by top industry leaders. Watch the above video to see how we highlighted the OSJ Conference, and be sure to follow Newspepper on Facebook and Twitter for more videos and tech news! British startup wanting to launch in the USA? Well hello there, over the past six years we have been doing business for technology companies both in Europe and in the USA. If you are a startup wanting to launch in Silicon Valley and/or the USA we can help. What we are good at: Getting your technology or product infront of US journalists.Throwing launch events and parties and inviting the right people. Our clients include Facebook, Parliament, PayPal and Channel 4. Need a live TV studio? Who we worked with: TechZulu - At The Center of Tech.