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Advanced Fund Administration provides cost effective solutions to all types of hedge fund & private equity fund structures and investment strategies in the Cayman Islands.

Website Design and Website Hosting services in the Cayman Islands. AFA Advisory provides full service web design and hosting.

Website Design and Website Hosting services in the Cayman Islands

Proprietary to AFA Advisory, this product is designed specifically to address the operational challenges of running a Hedge Fund or Private Equity firm and to help attract and maintain institutional investors. Some of the features are: Website development using the latest standards: HTML5 + CSS3 Issuance of a standard SSL certificate to establish a secure connection between browser and server Use of industry-standard client side frameworks like jQuery and Normalize Use of client’s logo and color palette throughout the website, with a choice of standard fonts in either serif or sans-serif types Enhanced grid-based site layout ensures symmetrical look and feel Google Analytics tracking to provide various metrics on ‘anonymous’ users, identifying how they access your website and length of time spent on website.

Work in a Virtual Environment - Advanced Fund Administration. Legal Services for Corporate and Commercial Matters in Cayman Islands. Expert Advice on Mutual Funds Investments in the Cayman Islands. Advanced Fund Administration LLC, an affiliate of AFA Cayman, is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") as a Transfer Agent under the Section 17 A(c) of the 1934 Securities Exchange Act.

Expert Advice on Mutual Funds Investments in the Cayman Islands

As a registered Transfer Agent, AFA LLC is able to administer Funds that are registered under the 1940 Investment Company Act ("Registered Mutual Funds or as they are commonly known, "'40 Act Funds"). Transfer agents record changes of ownership, maintain the issuer's security holder records, cancel and issue certificates, and distribute dividends. Because transfer agents stand between issuing companies and security holders, efficient transfer agent operations are critical to the successful completion of secondary trades. Onshore Investment Fund Managers and Administrators.

AFA Legal offers free consultative advice and once an engagement letter is executed by the client, we advise fund managers and promoters on the offshore structure, operation and domicile of their investment funds.

Onshore Investment Fund Managers and Administrators

We also collaborate with onshore fund managers and legal counsel on domestic onshore feeders insofar as these structures relate to offshore master fund vehicles. We pride ourselves in offering a “turn-key” service ranging from the planning and conception stage right through the mechanics to drafting technical documentation, advising on local regulatory issues and filings, up to the launch and post launch filings and documentation required to open bank accounts , to activate and engage relevant service providers and to commence trading.

If you are an investor (whether high net worth person or institutional), we can advise you on structuring your investments into an offshore fund. Experienced Funds and Asset Managers in the United States. Raising Capital with Investment Marketing in Cayman Islands. AFA has developed a two-step approach to empowering Managers to market their fund and grow assets under management.

Raising Capital with Investment Marketing in Cayman Islands

Having a well-thought out and organized marketing strategy is a key component prior to beginning the process of raising capital. During Phase I of its Advisory Service, AFA assists in developing the marketing collateral necessary to implement a fund’s marketing strategy, and in Phase II, makes introductions to AFA strategic partners focused on raising capital and growing assets under management.

Marketing collateral products include: Pitch book/Marketing Deck A summary of the firm’s qualitative and quantitative characteristics to include firm history, organizational chart, team member biographies, description of the investment strategy, current fund performance, prior track record of principals (if applicable), case studies (long and short), description of fund terms, service providers and risk disclosures.

Pacific Fund Systems Solutions - Advanced Fund Administration. PFS-PAXUS® is a specialist accounting and administration application system designed for the alternative fund administration industry.

Pacific Fund Systems Solutions - Advanced Fund Administration

PFS-PAXUS is revolutionary in that it integrates into one system all the processes that are normally performed on multiple systems. These include securities portfolio accounting, a profit allocation system, a multi-currency general ledger, advanced fee calculations and share registry/transfer agency module. Benefits of this approach include increased efficiency, reduced risk of error, faster valuations, the ability to support complex investment structures, simplified IT infrastructure and vastly reduced IT costs. PFS-PAXUS also brings all the benefits of relational database design such as robustness, scalability, easy access to data and report writing capabilities. PFS-PAXUS has a fully integrated web access module, PFS-CONNECT®, which provides investors, their advisors and fund managers with real time access using the latest .NET technology. What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Hedge Fund Administrator? – Top Binary Review. Hedge fund administrators are third-party service providers who help clients structure their funds, whether onshore or offshore funds.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Hedge Fund Administrator? – Top Binary Review

They independently evaluate the assets and valuation of the fund. Tailored Offerings for Fund of Funds Clients in the Cayman Islands. Invest in Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds in the United States. AFA is a SSAE16 Type II SOC I compliant fund administration firm, audited annually by BDO.

Invest in Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds in the United States

Advanced Fund Administration (“AFA”) is a privately owned hedge fund and private equity fund administration firm established in the Cayman Islands in January 2008 by Peter M.O. Young. In September 2009 AFA expanded its global footprint into the United States by opening its Summit, New Jersey office trading as Advanced Fund Administration LLC, and in November 2014 established an office in BVI, trading as Advanced Fund Administration (BVI) Ltd.

AFA is also rolling out a Luxembourg based solution to meet the fund administration needs of our European based clients electing to domicile in Luxembourg. Request a Free Schedule - Advanced Fund Administration. Outsourced CFO and Support. Strategic and tactical business planning and modeling.

Outsourced CFO and Support

Evaluating business performance and options for growth Assistance to evaluate funding options Transactional support (buy/sell/merge/lift out) Startup assistance and planning Consolidations for complex groups Structural analysis and review, both internal to the business and external to its place in the wider group holding structure. Debunking 5 Common Myths about Investing in Cayman Islands Hedge Funds. Hedge funds are private investment funds that pool the capital of accredited investors in a variety of complicated financial instruments.

Debunking 5 Common Myths about Investing in Cayman Islands Hedge Funds

Investors typically expect high rewards regardless of market volatility. In recent years, the number of hedge funds domiciled in the Cayman Islands has increased significantly. Understanding the Cayman Islands Hedge Fund – Credit Web Md. The Cayman Islands Hedge Fund is a speculation subsidized that gathers capital from modern or institutional speculators and consequently puts resources into some assets.

Understanding the Cayman Islands Hedge Fund – Credit Web Md

Various distinctive methodologies are utilized to win dynamic returns for the financial specialists. Such procedures are set up by an expert venture administration firm, and the majority of hedge fund administrators put resources into moderately fluid funds, also known as liquid assets. By and large, the Cayman Islands hedge fund or multifaceted investments are available to licensed speculators as they require less SEC direction than different assets and the factor that makes this industry extraordinary incorporates the way that flexible investments confront less control than common assets. Things about Hedge Funds you should know Hedge funds are open to certify financial specialists. A definite objective of a hedge fund is to augment return on speculations. Know How to Launch a Hedge Fund in the Cayman Islands.

How to Start a Hedge Fund A business plan is the document that owners, business partners and financial sources want to see when you are starting your company. You should take the necessary time to work through your business model, estimate the gross revenues, general operating expenses, infrastructure needs and staffing. A business plan is a road map for your business and should describe your business while answering fundamental questions about where you are going, how you plan to get there and whether you can succeed.

The business plan may be amended as you move forward, and as you encounter new opportunities consider how those opportunities fit into your plan. Private Equity Fund Administration Services in the Cayman Islands. Accounting and Administrative Solutions for the Private Equity Industry Advanced Fund Administration’s commitment to state-of-the-art technology is what sets us apart from other fund administrators. We constantly evaluate new products to provide our clients with the very best service we can offer. Cost-effective Fund Administration Services - AFA, Cayman Islands.

At AFA our goal is to help clients navigate the process of efficiently structuring their fund from the outset. For both onshore and offshore funds, our team of highly experienced professionals, including attorneys and certified accountants, provide direction on the comparative advantages of the most complex legal and fiscal structures along with assistance in developing new structures to fit investor specific needs. Peter Young, COO And Founder - Advanced Fund Administration. Peter M.O.

Young - B.Sc, BBA, CPA, CEMBA, Acc. Dir, MAFM Peter M.O. Our Team of Fund Managers at Advanced Fund Administration. Ease of Doing business and investing in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands, whose capital is George Town, Grand Cayman, is today the fifth largest financial center in the world. These Islands are located in the Western part the Caribbean Sea, about 480 miles south of Miami. As a member of the British Crown Colony, the Cayman Islands has traditionally enjoyed one of the most stable forms of government.

Its political structure is led by a British-appointed Governor, who acts as President of an Executive Council and an elected Legislative Assembly. Under the rules of its own Constitution, all legislative acts must be sanctioned by both chambers in order to become law. Work with us. Browse Jobs at Advanced Fund Administration. Latest News and Happenings in the Financial World - AFA. Legal Assistance for Private Clients and Trusts in the Cayman Islands. Investor Relations - Shareholder services in the Cayman Islands. AFA serves as the official books and records of the fund, recording all aspects of a fund’s trading activity, validating pricing in accordance with the fund’s pricing policy and prices published by third party pricing sources such as Bloomberg, IDC, etc., performing position and cash reconciliations, recording expense accruals, corporate actions, etc.

In addition, we have the flexibility to customize reports, providing the investment manager with a comprehensive analysis of fund performance and transparent communication of fund results to investors. Investor Relations - Shareholder services in the Cayman Islands. Hedge Funds Administration Services in the Cayman Islands. Risk and Compliance Management for Financial Services - AFA. AFA understands the constantly evolving regulatory environment within the financial services industry, and the need for a robust compliance program. AFA has partnered with an industry leading compliance firm to offer outsourced compliance solutions customized to focus on risk detection for established companies, while designing critical compliance programs for start-up firms.

AFA’s Outsourced Compliance professionals leverage a wide range of industry expertise including top tier banks, broker dealers, prime brokers, hedge funds, and private equity firms. Regulatory compliance services are designed to support Financial Services firms, as well as specific instruments (e.g. equity and debt instruments, options, swaps, futures, and derivatives), as well as providing technology support for vendor systems including various trade management platforms, to ensure internal controls are designed properly to identify regulatory compliance risks.

Outsourced CFO and Support. Shadow Fund Accounting Services in the Cayman Islands. Following the 2008 financial crisis, coupled with the Madoff scandal as well as the failure/insolvency of several financial service firms, and with increasing regulations and investor demands for transparency, engaging a third party to “shadow” your fund’s administrator has become an industry norm. Financial Investment and Management Assistance For All Business Sectors. Fund Administration Services with Latest Softwares and Technology. AFA’s commitment to using the best technology in the industry sets it apart from other fund administrators. We are constantly evaluating new products and ideas to give our clients the very best service we can offer. Investment Management and Advisory by Advanced Fund Administration. Legal Advisory Services for onshore & offshore clients in Cayman Islands. AFA Legal Resources (Cayman) Ltd. Fund Administration. At AFA our goal is to help clients navigate the process of efficiently structuring their fund from the outset.

Hedge Fund Services Middle Office Operations & Asset Servicing. Registered Financial Accounting Service Provider in the Cayman Islands. Tailored Offerings for Fund of Funds Clients in the Cayman Islands. Cayman Islands Registered Fund Administrators & Financial Services Provider.