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Earthquake Safety Tips for Businesses. Today businesses located in places that are frequently subject to seismic activity seek ways to protect their employees and customers during earthquakes.

Earthquake Safety Tips for Businesses

Although no one can absolutely guarantee that natural disasters will not inflict damage in this situation, these tips from a leading Bay Area security company can help your business take precautions that may prove helpful in the event of a strong quake. 1. Share Safety Tips Sharing earthquake safety tips is one of the most proactive steps your business can take to defend its employees. Consider holding an employee meeting where you teach employees general safety tips that can help during an earthquake, including bracing yourself in doorways. This way you can ensure that all of your employees will be prepared in the case of a sudden quake. 2. 3. 4. If you are concerned for the safety of your employees and customers, earthquake safety is an important preventative measure. 4 Apps That Keep You Secure While Traveling. 4 Important Things to Know About Security Guards. 5 Ways That Cloud-Based Storage Promotes Security. Data theft is a huge concern for many businesses.

5 Ways That Cloud-Based Storage Promotes Security

If you’re using the cloud, though, you might be able to breathe a bit more easily than those who use local storage. 5 Ways to Keep Your Motorcycle Secure. When you’re a motorcycle owner, finding ways to keep your vehicle safe from theft can be challenging.

5 Ways to Keep Your Motorcycle Secure

If you’re looking for strategies that can help keep your motorbike secure, read on for five security tips from a leading provider of private security guards in the Bay Area. 1. Arm Your Bike Alarms and various forms of immobilizers are wonderful security measures for any motorcycle. Immobilizers are forms of hardware that lock the gear or tire of a bike so that it cannot easily be lifted and stolen. 2.

The majority of stolen motorcycles cannot be reclaimed or tracked because they cannot readily be identified. Tips for Planning a Safe Road Trip. Road trips can be a fun and exciting activity for family and friends, but have you ever considered the mishaps that can occur if the proper safety measures aren’t taken?

Tips for Planning a Safe Road Trip

Check out these helpful tips for safe road travel, provided by ADS Guards, a leading Bay Area security guard company. Make a Travel Plan Before embarking on a road trip, make a plan of the tentative stops, what you wish to see, and what route you plan to take. With this travel plan in mind, research the possibilities of inclement weather or construction on your route to ensure a smooth trip free of frustration. Check the Vehicle Check the tire pressure, fluid levels, and belts for any wear before leaving on the trip. Pack Emergency Items. Safety Tips for Walking Busy Streets. When you’re walking on streets with busy traffic, it’s important to remain vigilant and take safety precautions.

Safety Tips for Walking Busy Streets

Here are some helpful safety tips for walkers recommended by Bay Area security guards. Wear Reflective Garments During Dusk and Night If you travel along a busy street when the sun is setting, you are more likely to be hit by a driver who can’t see you.Be sure to wear reflective clothing and/or tape to make yourself more visible to them and reduce your risk of injury. Avoid Poorly or Unlit Streets at Night Whether you are on your bike or walking, avoid streets with minimal or no lighting.

Always Heed Traffic Signals No matter your mode of travel, heed the traffic signals in the area. Be Aware of Your Surroundings. Reputable Guard Dogs: Best Breeds for Protection. For men and women serving as security officers in the Bay area, like the private security personnel at ADS Guards, having a trustworthy, capable, and intelligent canine counterpart to watch their back is a crucial part of the job.

Reputable Guard Dogs: Best Breeds for Protection

The following is a list of popular guard dog breeds among security companies and private citizens alike. Bullmastiffs These large working dogs are brave, loyal and affectionate to their handlers.Bullmastiffs are easily trained and they excel in obedience and protection. With strong, agile builds, Bullmastiffs are ideal for security companies and families, too. Doberman Pinschers This alert and fearless working dog is incredibly trainable, which make it an obvious choice.They are highly intelligent and well known for their learning retention. Giant Schnauzers While this breed isn’t an obvious choice, their loyal nature, alertness, and a stable temperament make them excellent watchdogs. Akitas. 5 Reasons to Consider Hiring Armed Security. For businesses in the Bay Area that are located in high-risk neighborhoods, hiring private security may be a good option.

5 Reasons to Consider Hiring Armed Security

Once your business has decided to hire security, the next step is to select either armed or unarmed security guards. To help you make an informed decision, a leading provider of security guards in the Bay Area discusses 5 benefits of hiring armed security. 1. Advanced Levels of Training Because armed security guards carry a gun, they are subject to more advanced levels of training, including how to protect both people and property. This training will help the guard to handle difficult situations with confidence and ensure that his or her weapon is used appropriately and safely. 2. 3. Top 4 Reasons to Hire Corporate Security. How Women Can Be Safe When Walking Alone at Night. Reasons Why Bay Area Residents Are Hiring Private Security. Since a depleted police force can no longer keep up with the rate of crime sweeping through the Bay Area, private security is becoming a popular alternative.

Reasons Why Bay Area Residents Are Hiring Private Security

Middle and upper class residents alike are investigating private security options for their neighborhoods, frequently pooling their money together to hire Bay Area residential security guards. Residents of these small communities say they feel more at ease knowing that there is extra protection patrolling their neighborhoods for the following reasons. Deters Crime Private security companies do not replace police officers, but they can deter crime in residential neighborhoods. The marked security vehicles that private security guards use often scare off intruders before they attempt any crime. Offers Extra Assistance.

Should I Hire Event Security? With summer right around the corner, event season is kicking into high gear and you may be wondering if you need to hire Bay Area event security.

Should I Hire Event Security?

If you’re contemplating whether or not security is a necessity, here are some things to think about. What Type of Event is it? Be sure to consider the size and nature of the event. Is the event going to include a large number of attendees–a number that would be too difficult to handle on your own? Benefits of Condo Security Guards. If you’re wondering whether hiring Bay Area security guards is the right move for your high-rise development, it is.

Benefits of Condo Security Guards

Top 6 Safety Tips for College Students. When college classes let out, college students swarm outdoors to enjoy the warm summer months. At ADS Guards, we are concerned with the safety of all of our community members, and want to make sure that the youth in our area are able to safely enjoy these fun summer months. Although our focus is on providing highly trained security guards for Bay Area businesses, we have put together six tips for keeping college students safe during the summer. 1. Be Careful with Alcohol Outdoor activities and alcohol are a popular, but dangerous mix, so be cautious when drinking at the pool or while in the sun. 2. While sun is a good source of vitamin D—one that many college students lack after months in a library—it can also cause skin damage, dehydration, and wrinkles. 3.

Insects and insect bites are an annoying part of the outdoor, summer experience, but they can also be dangerous. 4. 6. 5 Ways Healthcare Facilities Can Strengthen Security. Hospitals, doctors’ offices, and even administrative buildings are constantly looking for ways to improve upon security. Securing a healthcare facility must address a wide array of challenges, including protecting employees and clients, improving loss prevention, and safeguarding sensitive electronic information such as client medical records. Here are five ways a healthcare facility can strengthen security efforts. 1. 5 Reasons Businesses Should Choose Armed Security Guards. If you’ve made the decision to hire a Bay Area security guard to protect your business, your first major decision is choosing between an armed or unarmed guard. While there are advantages to each choice, there are several situations in which armed security might be the better option for your business. 1.

You want to transport assets If your business involves even the occasional transportation of significant or valuable assets, armed security will help protect your business investment and serve as a deterrent. Armed security is often used to protect large sums of money on the way to the bank, artwork, jewelry, important documents, and important people. 2. 5 Social Media Security Tips to Protect Your Business. Some companies have harnessed the power of social media to increase business, however, not every employer is keen on social media use in the workplace. Regardless which side you’re on, it’s worthwhile to have a discussion with your team about social media activity. Although our focus is on providing security guards in the Bay Area, we’ve put together a few social media tips that will help keep your employees and business safe. 1.

Limit Access. Health Care and Social Service Workers Protected by OSHA Updates. As a leading provider of private Bay Area security guards, we are no stranger to the hazards of working in a healthcare setting. Although we work diligently day in and day out to provide the best protection possible, recent changes made to OSHA guidelines will go a long way to improving safety in health care and social service settings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic, more than 23,000 work injuries resulting from assault happened in 2013.

Of those 23,000, more than 70 percent happened in a social service or healthcare setting, and workers in those settings are nearly four times more likely than a private sector employee to experience a significant injury at work due to violence. To help protect social service and healthcare employees, OSHA has just updated the Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence for Healthcare and Social Service Workers, including effectual ways to reduce hazards and best practices. 7 Easy Ways to Prevent Burglaries. While burglaries remain a top concern and nuisance for residents no matter the size or location of your home, there are some very simple techniques available that can be highly effective in discouraging break-ins.

5 Ways to Get a Great Performance from Security Guards. 5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe When You're on Vacation. Vacation season is right around the corner and millions of people will pack their bags and head out for a week or two. Top 5 Tips for Business Security. A successful business doesn’t happen over night. It takes hard work, dedication, and time to build a customer base and turn a profit. Why Security Guards Need to Understand Local Crime. For a San Jose security company to properly manage the risks to a building and the people in it, the company has to have a good understanding of what goes on not just in the building but also around it. Top 5 Safety Tips for Spring and Summer Travel. 5 Tips for Finding the Right Security Guard Company. 4 Commitments Security Guard Companies Can Make in 2015. We are halfway through the first month of the New Year, and if you haven’t made a few commitments to better business this year, now is the time. There are a lot of unknown variables that can come into play when providing security guard services in San Jose, from tough situations to handling especially picky clients.

Your Event Security Questions Answered. If an event is high-profile or highly classified, the need for strong security becomes evident. Tips for Making an Intruder Escape Plan. A home can be equipped with the best security features the world has to offer, but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of an intrusion. Leading San Jose security guard provider, ADS Guards, strongly suggests creating an intruder escape plan before an intrusion actually happens. Sometimes, this can be the difference between escaping safely and landing in a bad situation. 4 Reasons Shopping Centers Need Security Guards.

When Workplace Terminations Require Extra Security. Why Security Guards Should Use Near Miss Reporting. What to Ask a Potential Security Guard Company. 6 Essential Pieces of Equipment for Every Security Guard. The Importance of Good Communication in Security Guard Companies. Securing A Construction Site: Tips For Keeping Your Project Safe. What Do You Want Your Security Guards Saying About Your Business?