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Dl1961 10 Off Premium Denim Coupons — Dl1961 10 Off Premium Denim Coupons. NASA's New Horizons space probe still filling in the blanks about Pluto. Banggood 10% Off Coupon — Banggood 10% Coupon. United Nations report urges expanding World Heritage sites to high seas. A United Nations group is urging the world’s governments to expand a longstanding—but largely symbolic—conservation strategy to international waters.

United Nations report urges expanding World Heritage sites to high seas

To make sure that important high seas ecosystems get the attention they deserve, governments should establish ways to designate World Heritage sites in the two-thirds of the world’s seas that sit outside of national borders, argues a new report from the United Nations’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). “Just as on land, the deepest and most remote ocean harbours globally unique places that deserve recognition,” World Heritage Centre Director Mechtild Rössler wrote in an introduction to the report, published yesterday. The 1972 World Heritage Convention, which has been ratified by nearly 200 nations, allows nations to nominate places that have special cultural or physical significance to a list of World Heritage Sites maintained by UNESCO.

Extra Value Checks Coupons 20% Off. Yahoo Revenue Falls 15 Percent and Profit Drops 64 Percent. Photo SAN FRANCISCO — As accepted the final bids for its core business on Monday, the internet company revealed just how badly that business was deteriorating.

Yahoo Revenue Falls 15 Percent and Profit Drops 64 Percent

Yahoo said that its revenue in the second quarter fell 15 percent, after excluding accounting adjustments, and its operating profit fell 64 percent. Yahoo also acknowledged that Tumblr — its biggest acquisition under its current chief executive, — was now worth only one-third of the $1.1 billion that Yahoo paid for it in 2013. Figleaves 10% Off Code. Sheldon Adelson Is Poised to Give Donald Trump a Donation Boost. Photo The casino magnate told in a private meeting last week that he was willing to contribute more to help elect him than he has to any previous campaign, a sum that could exceed $100 million, according to two Republicans with direct knowledge of Mr.

Sheldon Adelson Is Poised to Give Donald Trump a Donation Boost

Adelson’s commitment. As significant, Mr. Adelson, a billionaire based in Las Vegas, has decided that he will significantly scale back his giving to congressional Republicans and direct most of his contributions to groups dedicated to Mr. Trump’s campaign. Petfooddirect 20% Off Coupon. Bernie Sanders: I annotated a speech by Pope Francis. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told reporters it is time to create a "moral economy" that includes some of the principles of humanity expounded by the pontiff.

Bernie Sanders: I annotated a speech by Pope Francis

(Reuters) Reading some of Pope Francis’s remarks ahead of his visit to the United States last fall, I was struck by this speech, in which the pope underscores that the dignity of every human being is what should drive our decisions in politics. This message is one I deeply agree with. Instead of writing an op-ed about my views on the pope, I wanted to lift up Francis’s own words, and highlight the values we hold in common. Excerpts by remarks by Pope Francis at the Second World Meeting of Popular Movements, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, July 9, 2015. Shop Immediate Relief Flea Treatments Plus Free Shipping at $49 at! Over-the-water suites come to the Caribbean. 1 of 22 Autoplay Show Thumbnails Show Captions 22 Photos.

Over-the-water suites come to the Caribbean

Save on Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Cruises and More at CheapAir. Selling Bottled Water That’s Better for the Planet. Photo On a recent morning over avocado toast and world-renowned New York City tap water, Grace Jeon expounded on the virtues of public drinking water.

Selling Bottled Water That’s Better for the Planet

Considering that the company she runs makes its money selling bottled water, her enthusiasm might have seemed a little strange. And in fact, she follows a decidedly odd business model. Mother’s Day, All Women Wigs Up to 95%, Plus any order 10% Off at Wigsbuy. Power Water Networks. A hydraulic accumulator.

Power Water Networks

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Shop the essential electronics and new technology gadgets at the tmart online store. As it is one of the rocking online stores and also it is purely dedicated to supplying all the necessary electronics. Thus shop with tmart coupon code 10% off through online to chase up the greatest discounts on selected items. The Science behind the DEA's Long War on Marijuana. Speculation is growing about the possibility that the U.S.

The Science behind the DEA's Long War on Marijuana

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will review by summer its “Schedule I” designation of marijuana as equal to heroin among the world’s most dangerous drugs. Very few Americans know of or understand the DEA’s drug-ranking process, and a review of cannabis’s history as a Schedule I drug shows that the label is highly controversial and dubious. Disgraced Attorney General John Mitchell of the Nixon administration placed marijuana in this category in 1972 as part of the ranking or “scheduling” of all drugs under the 1970 Controlled Substances Act.

Schedule I drugs are deemed to have no medical use and a high potential for abuse. Cannabis has been there ever since. “Of course cannabis has medical uses,” says University of California, San Francisco integrative oncologist Donald Abrams, one of the few researchers who have been able to obtain extremely limited, government-approved supplies of research cannabis for human trials. Figleaves Coupons - Up To 60% Off Plus Free Shipping. How Else Can I Save Money with Figleaves Coupons? Figleaves is one of the best exclusive online stores for men’s and women’s in publishing Swimwear, nightwear, lingerie, erotique and other best brands. Manage figleaves 10% off code online coupons to explore the globe of discounts as well as featured offers. Get the extra savings for 3 brief 30 and also gain up to 50% deals plus free shipping with figleaves promo codes.

Top 10 Emerging Technologies Changing Our Lives. 1.8K Shares Share Tweet Email. Shop SALE at Wallis + free shipping at $50. Radiant Gradients of One Piece Desk Organizers. Berlin, Germany tandem-member design studio yuue design made their mark at Stockholm Design Week with a minimalistic floor lamp that adjusts at the turn of a knob.

But where the Balancer floor lamps are cool and collected, their One Piece desk organizers turn up the volume, bold and graphical painted beechwood stationery holders designed for minimal footprint with maximum organization. Offered in three styles/color gradients, each desk organizer is outfitted to hold and display specific stationery items: Classic (Purple/Pink): Designed for everyday secretarial work. For pens of various sizes, ruler, cards, notes, scissors and clippers etc.Architect (Grey/Blue): Designed for creatives. Possible to insert large-sized markers, drawing tools and a calculator.Geek (Yellow/Green): Designed for who people can’t leave electronic devices.

Great Deals on Hurley Clothing – Shop Tilly’s for Free Shipping! A Visit to Unlimited. I was poking around Instagram one day and ended up down some rabbit hole (as I usually do!) And came upon a UK shop in the heart of Brighton called Unlimited. This independent shop and gallery is focused on carrying emerging designers and makers, with wares that include textiles, homewares, furniture, jewelry and more. Run by husband and wife team Patrick and Sara Morrissey, of Unlimited design studio, the shop actually started back in 2010 as a popup, where they’d show their own products alongside some of their favorite designers and makers.

Free Shipping all month when you spend $50 or more at Swingline. Sales - What Salespeople Need to Know to Stay Relevant in Digital Marketing. The sales profession is undergoing a transformation, which raises a lot of discussion about whether sales is a dying art and what the next five years will bring. Moreover, one million B2B salespeople will see their jobs replaced by self-service, automated systems by 2020, according to Forrester Research. Though the prediction is disarming, we only need to take a look at sales' sister industry, marketing, to find out what a digital revolution means for sales careers. Ductless Mini-Splits On Sale + Free Shipping at Contract Workforce Outpaces Growth in Silicon-Valley Style ‘Gig’ Jobs. $20 off orders over $399 at APW with Code. Fashion Technology - Predictions For 2016.

84 Shares Share Tweet Email. Overtons Coupons. Netflix’s Grand, Daring, Maybe Crazy Plan to Conquer the World. Late into the night on St. Up to $300 off on Diamond Jewelry at B2C Jewels. À La Izba and Faux Stone: Moscow's Age of Wooden Architecture. A total of 150 eighteenth and nineteenth century listed wooden buildings remain under protection in Moscow today. Modern city dwellers see only remnants of pre-revolution Moscow, which stayed almost entirely wooden until the early seventeenth century.

This is one of the reasons why the Museum of Architecture and Kuchkovo Pole publishing house have joined forces to release a two volume set named Wooden Russia: A Glance Back From the 21st Century. The first volume contains stories of expeditions and research projects studying the early period of Russian architecture, reports from open-air museums and articles on religious and traditional architecture practices. The second book focuses on neo-Russian architectural style, club architecture, Soviet intelligentsia dachas, and modern park buildings. Wigsbuy Mid-month Sale, Extra 8% off any order. Code: MIDAPR End on 4.15, Shop Now! High Times Wants to Be the Playboy of Pot. In that light, the timing seems right for an underground publication once devoted to guerrilla-style cannabis advocacy to meet mainstream America head-on. Photo. Be Well for Dogs: Less shedding, improved organ health, affordable and effective at 1800PetMeds. From Ancient Rome to the Coachella Festival: A Brief History of Pop-Up Architecture.

Ask some people, and they'll tell you that pop-up architecture is a quintessentially 21st century form of architecture, but in fact the idea goes back over 2000 years. Buy More, Save More on Flea5X Plus – Generic to Frontline Plus + Free Shipping with $49+ Order at 1800PetMeds. Jessica Alba With Fendi’s Dotcom Bag With Custom Strap. Free Shipping for Diabetic Supply Orders Over $50 from Medical Supply Depot. Katy Perry, Katie Holmes, and More Dressing like Disney Princesses on the Red Carpet:

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