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Ideal Crochet Sphere (Mathematically!) with pattern. Whenever I have to crochet a sphere, I always pull out the tried and true method: increase by the same number of stitches each row for a little while, work the rows even for the middle bit, then decrease by the same number of stitches each row until you're finished.

Ideal Crochet Sphere (Mathematically!) with pattern

Once it's stuffed, this makes a decent sphere! Plus, it's a super easy pattern to remember. But it got me to thinking, how would I go about making an ideal sphere? After I got bored asking google, I threw a little bit of math at it. Yoyo Afghan Instructions / tutorial. The tutorial has been removed from here and a link added where you can order it in book form.

Yoyo Afghan Instructions / tutorial

This is because I have contracted to do so with Annie's Attic. I hope this makes it easier for my readers that they can carry a pattern with them and carry that with them and not have to sit in front of their computer screen to work on this project. The book is still on Amazon and is called Learn to do Yo-yo crochet. Crochet Pattern: “Cup of Tea” Coffee Mug Cozy with Non-Slip Backing. 8.9K Flares8.9K Flares × This week’s challenge for Iron Craft was to make a coffee cozy.

Crochet Pattern: “Cup of Tea” Coffee Mug Cozy with Non-Slip Backing

What a perfect crochet project! I made mine to look like a cup of tea, with an applique-and-embroidery tag and string on the side. Zen Jacket. Flax & twine: World's Best Potholder. I’ve been thinking a lot about things I used to make when I was young.

flax & twine: World's Best Potholder

I wanted to update some of those gifts to make them more modern and current. In particular, I kept thinking about the potholders my Grandmother taught me to make. Actually, they are the first thing I ever learned to make, so it seems apropos to have it be my first posted pattern. Let me tell you, these potholders rock! Four Leaf Clover. Perfect Fit Hobo Bag. Finished Size: Purse: 9″ tall x 12″ wide (when laid flat, not including straps) Strap: 18″ long x 2″ wide Gauge: 7 dc stitches & 4 dc rows = 2 inches Need help understanding the abbreviations and symbols?

Perfect Fit Hobo Bag

Check out the crochet abbreviation chart! Crochet Pattern: Perfect Fit Hobo Bag. Peace Sign. By Rachel Choi – 33 Comments You can never spread enough peace!

Peace Sign

Crochet this peace sign and use it as a pin, magnet or applique. You can embellish hats, blankets, shirts or whatever you can thing of. Have fun crocheting peace!