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Fair use in a day in the life of a college student infographic feb2016. Learningcenter.unc. SALG - Student Assessment of their Learning Gains. A list of non cognitive assessment instruments. Community of Online Research Assignments. The Value of GE or the Answer to "Why Do I Need to Take This Class?" In the past only students seemed to ask about the value of a class that they were taking.

The Value of GE or the Answer to "Why Do I Need to Take This Class?"

Some asked innocently, while others somewhat antagonistically, and challenged a teacher to explain why a given class was required or important. Today not just students but also people beyond the perimeter of the campus are questioning why some courses are included in general education (GE), whether the class in question is art history, algebra, anthropology, or from another discipline. Edutopia stw replicatingPBL 21stCAcad reflection questions.

Dan Gilbert: The psychology of your future self. Could ‘explorable explanations’ help tell a new kind of story? Newsrooms have become increasingly focused on interactive journalism and creative graphics as they look for new ways to progress storytelling in the digital age.

Could ‘explorable explanations’ help tell a new kind of story?

Now, they’re venturing into more advanced techniques, borrowing from tools commonly used in computer modeling and game development. Take, for example, the “parole simulator,” a collaborative effort from FiveThirtyEight and The Marshall Project, released last year. The two outlets joined forces on a project that explores the fairly dystopian methods of predictive policing. Their piece focused on Pennsylvania, which may become the first state to adopt a sentencing system that would uses big data to predict a defendant’s future criminality when assigning prison time. Are College Lectures Unfair? Photo DOES the college lecture discriminate?

Are College Lectures Unfair?

Is it biased against undergraduates who are not white, male and affluent? The notion may seem absurd on its face. The lecture is an old and well-established tradition in education. The Benefits of No-Tech Note Taking. The moment of truth for me came in the spring 2013 semester.

The Benefits of No-Tech Note Taking

I looked out at my visual-communication class and saw a group of six students transfixed by the blue glow of a video on one of their computers, and decided I was done allowing laptops in my large lecture class. "Done" might be putting it mildly. Although I am an engaging lecturer, I could not compete with Facebook and YouTube, and I was tired of trying. The next semester I told students they would have to take notes on paper. Period. The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies. Listen to this article as a podcast episode: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 38:22 — 53.1MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | When I worked with student teachers on developing effective lesson plans, one thing I always asked them to revise was the phrase “We will discuss.”

The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

We will discuss the video. BuzzFeed Has Fired Benny Johnson For Widespread Plagiarism. The Declining “Equity” by John Chauhan on Prezi. White%20Priviledge%20Unpacking%20the%20Invisible%20Knapsack. Defining the Relationship - The Chronicle of Higher Education. Dear Students: I think it’s time we had the talk.

Defining the Relationship - The Chronicle of Higher Education

You know, the one couples who’ve been together for a while sometimes have to review boundaries and expectations? Your generation calls this "DTR" — short for "defining the relationship. " We definitely need to define our relationship because, first of all, it is a long-term relationship — maybe not between you and me, specifically, but between people like you (students) and people like me (professors).

And, second, it appears to need some defining, or redefining. Edutopia stw replicatingPBL 21stCAcad reflection questions. Writing Spaces Open Textbook Chapters. Manual Memory, Reading. Handouts Click the above link to view Word documents for all the handouts and the Instructor Manual for this chapter.

Manual Memory, Reading

Memory Pre and Post Test To introduce the topic of memory techniques, use the Memory Test handout to do a Memory Pre and Post Test to involve students actively in the topic. After the memory test, present the information on memory and forgetting. To begin this exercise, tell students that you will be giving them a memory test with two parts. Writing Spaces Open Textbook Chapters. Rosenberg reading games. Surviving your group project. Now that you have created your project task list, it’s time to decide how you’ll get all of the work done.

Surviving your group project

You’ll need to determine in what order the tasks need to be done, when the tasks need to be completed, and who is responsible for each task. You can use backward planning to guide these decisions. Begin with the day the assignment is due. Cellphones in school: a teaching tool or distraction? After 20 years of teaching, Miriam Morgenstern is calling it quits this month.

Cellphones in school: a teaching tool or distraction?

The Lowell High School history and ESL teacher is starting an educational nonprofit, although that’s not the only reason she’s leaving the classroom. Another is her frustration with students and their cellphones. The texting, tweeting, and Snapchatting during class time are “an incredible distraction, and makes it much more difficult to teach,” she said. “It’s pretty hard to compete with a very funny YouTube video.” Advertisement. How Concerned Should We Be about Cell Phones in Class? As faculty, it seems we are very concerned about cell phones in the classroom.

How Concerned Should We Be about Cell Phones in Class?

Articles about the problem are popping up everywhere in the pedagogical literature, and they often are the “most-read” and “most-commented” articles listed on various websites. Is student use of electronic devices that pressing of a pedagogical problem? Do Cell Phones Belong in the Classroom? Mobile devices are ubiquitous in American high schools, and their use is harder to regulate than old-fashioned note passing. But here's why teachers should be paying closer attention. Two U.S. high school students compete in the LG Mobile Worldcup Texting Championship. According to a Pew study, American teenage girls send an average of 100 messages a day. (Reuters) 10. A Unilateral Grading Contract to Improve Learning and Teaching [c. Foundations of Academic Success: Words of Wisdom. Preface Part One: YOUR Solid Foundation The Student Experience by Kristen Mruk.

C. Faculty Interview - LIB 250: Humanities Research Sources and Strategies - Research Guides at Wake Forest University. Your name: Person interviewed: Date of interview: Education (degrees and institutions): Dissertation topic (or other final exercise) : College Success. StudentDevelopmentTheorybyM.Walker. Web 2.0 Expo NY: Clay Shirky ( It's Not Information Overload. It's Filter Failure. Know Your Sources. When doing research you will come across a lot of information from different types of sources. How do you decide which source to use? From tweets to newspaper articles, this tool provides a brief description of each and breaks down 6 factors of what to consider when selecting a source.

A platform for millions of very short messages on a variety of topics that enables brief dialogue between distinct groups of people across geographic, political, cultural and economic boundaries. An avenue for sharing both developed and unpolished ideas and interests with a niche community with relative ease. A collection of millions of educational, inspirational, eye-opening and entertaining videos that are shared rapidly and widely. What Are Databases and Why You Need Them. Tim Berners-Lee: A Magna Carta for the web. Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world. Joi Ito: Want to innovate? Become a "now-ist" Amber Case: We are all cyborgs now. Ian Goldin: Navigating our global future. MagneticPoetry2. Microsoft Word’s Notebook View: A new way students note take in the classroom.

Historically, Microsoft Word has been the most popular word-processing program among computer users. Users for this program range from business professionals writing important documents to undergraduate students writing a term paper to writers working on their next big story. Almost anyone can find a way to use Microsoft Word. How to Take Notes in Class: The 5 Best Methods - College Info Geek. Should You Take Notes on Paper or on a Computer? - College Info Geek. 2b or not 2b: David Crystal on why texting is good for language. UNHtextingstudy.