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HOW TO sewing instuctions

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Anthro-Inspired Pillow. How to Copy Ready-to-Wear. How-To: Make a Pinup Bikini. Like many women of my generation, I love pinup bathing suits.

How-To: Make a Pinup Bikini

I admire the Coke bottle shape our grandmothers sported on the beach, and as an avid swimmer, Esther Williams—in all her sparkly-spangled swimsuit goodness—has long been one of my style icons. However, I’m also a fan of comfort and I doubt those old suits, made of sturdy cottons (or wools!) And boning, can compete on that front with my quick-drying Speedo. Foundations Revealed. How To Make A Bra 2 (free article) Written by Mark Garbarczyk In this second part of this bra pattern drafting and making series we will be drafting (drawing) the blocks/patterns for the cups, cradle and wings of a simple under wired “Darted Cup” Bra.

How To Make A Bra 2 (free article)

Think of this bra as your first test into the world of bra pattern drafting and making. It may not offer the best support for the fuller bust, but it will allow you to check your measurements and fit, particularly cup volume / shape and wing tension. In this part, I will be screaming, “ACCURACY” ... Make Your Own Damn Bras. I got sick of waiting to go to Spotlight to buy a good bra pattern, I decided to DIY!

Make Your Own Damn Bras

This is good if you do not have a very large bust. DIY Tutorial - How to make your own knickers! (Printouts) - drummbellina. Corset Tutorial. Panty Tutorial: How to make your own drawers. Well folks I think I have been talkin' about this tutorial for about a year, so I finally pulled it out.

Panty Tutorial: How to make your own drawers

There are millions( ok maybe not millions, but a whole heck of a lot) of variations and add ons but I was trying to do the simplest one first. Materialsthreadsewing machine1 yd stretch elastic or fold over elasticpaper for pattern(paper bag or newspaper)scissorsold t shirt or any knit materialpair of underwear to cut and make pattern from Make your knickers !! 1. Cut or fold your undies so you can make your pattern. 2. Bra-makers Supply - Books, CDs and DVDs.

Finding Brassiere Underwires. Q.

Finding Brassiere Underwires

This will sound like an odd question but here it is: Is there someplace (or somehow) to get replacement under wires for brassieres? I am forced to wear under wire bras for necessary support but the under wires tend to break long before the rest of the bra (fabric, shoulder straps, etc.) wears out. I hate to discard an almost perfect (and rather expensive) piece of clothing and have tried unsuccessfully to locate and purchase replacement under wires to repair the bras with. Homemade Sanitary Pads. In the article Food Storage Basics: Step 4 — Non-Food Items I explained the importance of storing non-food items as part of your emergency essentials.

Homemade Sanitary Pads

However the ultimate long-term solution is learning the skills to be self-reliant. That way you’re not dependent upon your supplies. For example, a very important part of many women’s monthly routine is the use sanitary pads. But what if there were no stores available to get them? Well, since I’m definitely no expert on this myself, I thought I’d pass the baton to some of the ladies out there that have some experience with this. Keep in mind that the link descriptions are snippets taken from the webpage directly and are not mine.

A Novice's Guide to Draping. Make It and Love It: Re-Purposing: Boy's Pants. Can you believe it? A boy project. I’ve been trying to think of new things for my sweet boy…’s just harder to come up with projects for him. Skirts and frills that seem to be easy to create…..don’t look so great on boys. Darn. But how about some hip little pants? Complete with belt loops and faux back pockets. And then match it up with a shirt and tie.Why not? One of the greatest men's shirt makeovers ever. Okay, I'm partial, but I think this is one of the greatest makeovers of a men's dress shirt into something else--a cute, springy skirt!

One of the greatest men's shirt makeovers ever

Smocking a honeycomb texture. How to smock – tutorial « The dress I made. Here’s a little sneak preview of a project I’m currently working on.

How to smock – tutorial « The dress I made

Can you guess what it will be? How to Make a Smocked Tube Top. Jersey knit tube top smocked at the bust with multiple rows of elastic thread.

How to Make a Smocked Tube Top

The circumference of the top (unshirred) is 8-9" (20-23 cm) larger than the bust measurement. The finished top is 21" (53 cm) long, including 4.5" (11 cm) of smocking at the bust, and hits below the hip. Jersey knit or lightweight woven fabric Elastic sewing thread Cut 2 rectangles from your fabric as shown in Diagram 1. For the length, measure from above your bust down to your desired hemline, and add 1.5" (38 mm) for seam allowances. How to Create Elastic Shirring.

November 27th, 2008 Email 87 users recommend By using elastic thread and a simple straight stitch, you can create professional-looking shirring such as on this neckline.

How to Create Elastic Shirring

Princess seams, and other treacherous curves! How to create a hand rolled hem. Hand rolled hems are so lovely, and with a little practice and a few tricks, quite easy to do (if a bit time consuming). Begin by machine stitching 1/4″ from the edge along the entire edge. Press the stitching flat. Thread a hand sewing needle with matching thread. How to sew a perfect baby hem. How to Hem Pants - Hemming Pants Tutorial. Note: There are also video instructions for this tutorial.

When it comes to pants, it’s all about the fit. You may have a pair of pants that look great on the booty, but are too long or short for your legs. Hemming pants is so easy that leg length should never stand between you and a hot pair of pants. If you can hem pants, then you’ve got the advantage every time you hit the dressing room. Taking in Jeans at the Side Seam Tutorial. Jean-ius Reverse Engineer Your Favorite Fit. Class Description You’ll learn fitting and pattern alteration as you turn your jeans into a blueprint without taking them apart. Kenneth demonstrates his ingenious method to create a pattern that lets you make pair after pair of fun, flattering pants in any fabric, from casual to dressy, for women or men.

In 11 lessons, he’ll walk you through measuring, drafting and construction. You’ll also be privy to construction tips picked up during Kenneth’s years of couture sewing — things that make complex details a total breeze. Learn More about Jean-ius! Lesson Plan Lesson 1. Meet Kenneth D. Lesson 2. Start with your favorite jeans and outline all the seams and features in thread basting. Lesson 3. Using silk organza, you'll trace the thread markings on your jeans to copy them. Lesson 4. Video tutorials on arts and crafts throughout history. Beltmaking 101. How to Shorten a Skirt - DIY Fashion. How to sew a circular skirt. My apple green bedsheet dress had a circular bottom. Bohemian Infinity Dress… « Needles, Thread and Love. I saw this dress as a project in vol. 4 of the Quick Stuff To Sew magazine.

How to Create Mitered Corners, by Sara Moskovitz. S4H's Top Tips & Techniques: #3 Attaching Metal Snaps. Out of Order: DIY Tutorial - Full Skirt - StumbleUpon. Panty Tutorial: How to make your own drawers. How to make a jumper pouffe. MaterialsA very large jumper, with a front body area at least 56cm x 74cm and an arm 42cm around. If you can't find one this big, buy two.

Make the pattern pieces (steps 1-7) before you go jumper hunting 120cm x 120cm of cotton fabric for lining; an old bed sheet would be idealSewing threadLots of stuffing such old pillows, towels, clothes, bedding etc, or you can buy foam pieces or polyester fibre fillTwo A2-size pieces of thin paper, such as newsprint Tools50cm piece of string RulerTape measureSewing machine Scissors Dressmakers' pins Final size 60cm x 26cm 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Girl's Gone Child: Gone Style: Fable's Homemade Dresses. *updated with winner, below* Several months ago, my mom happened upon a local fabric store she hadn't any idea existed a few mere miles from her house.

Summer Dress. Made this little dress yesterday for my five-year-old, just in time for the first day of summer. Ivy Designs Dress Pattern Guest Giveaway. Do you have little girls in your life?