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SpaceCraft RAD RAD SPRING BREAK!!!Monday, February 18, 2013 This year we will be hosting and collaborating with Art(s)cool PDX on RAD RAD SPRING BREAK, two sessions of arts and science exploration workshops. Our first session runs from March 25th through March 29th (PDX Metro) and our second session runs from April 1st through 5th (Vancouver Metro Session). SpaceCraft
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NICHE Awards | 2012 Finalists - Part 10 Menu 2012 Finalists Peter Park NICHE Awards | 2012 Finalists - Part 10
Robot cleaners and the Museum of Me: Intel's vision of the future | Art and design Over the last decade or so, the burgeoning culture industry has spawned museums at such a rate that it seems no small town or minor artist will be left unrepresented. Now, social media has taken that logic to its absurd conclusion: it is not just minor artists who will get their own museum, we all will. Or so the creators of the Museum of Me would have us believe. Robot cleaners and the Museum of Me: Intel's vision of the future | Art and design
Disjecta announces the 24 artists and artist-teams for next year's biennial, 'Portland2012' Disjecta announces the 24 artists and artist-teams for next year's biennial, 'Portland2012' Disjecta has announced the 24 artists and artist-teams selected for its version of the Oregon Biennial, "Portland2012: A Biennial of Contemporary Art." Curator Prudence Roberts, selected by Disjecta earlier this year to helm what Disjecta hopes will be a once every two year effort, has chosen a broad mix of mostly Portland-area artists. The artists range from emerging figures such as Pop-art inspired artist Sang-ah Choi to acclaimed mid-career ones such as photographer Susan Seubert. The 24 artists and artist-teams also vary in terms of the types of art they make -- some work in installation, film and video, others in painting and photography. "Many of the artists I visited are working with a deep awareness of art history, even though they are questioning the canon, as it were," said Roberts in a statement issued by Disjecta. "I am fascinated by how much work questions the act of perception and the veracity of image, sound, or text.
by Maria Popova How to hack into the minds of the world’s leading design practitioners and critics. We love design. We love books. Designers & Books: What Iconic Designers Are Reading Designers & Books: What Iconic Designers Are Reading
Watch A 5-Minute Primer On The Fundamentals Of Product Design | Co.Design Watch A 5-Minute Primer On The Fundamentals Of Product Design | Co.Design Take a moment and glance around. Unless you’re standing naked in the wilderness, you’re surrounded by products: mass-produced, man-made artifacts as far as the eye can see. Every one of these things was designed by someone (or more likely, several someones), but how often do we notice or appreciate that fact? A new short documentary from PBS’s Off Book web series sheds a bit of light on the often invisible, but massively influential practice of product design.
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Where are Leonardo's lost works of art? Myths and stories attached to the great works of Leonardo da Vinci100 years since "Mona Lisa" was stolen from the Louvre, later recovered"Lost" works occasionally re-discovered, sparking hopes for othersCNN asks experts to name major lost works by the master; likelihood of them resurfacing London (CNN) -- It is 100 years since Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" was stolen from the Louvre Museum in Paris by an Italian handyman and secreted away for two years before eventually coming to light again. While the world's most famous painting was thankfully retrieved, there remains a handful of missing works by the great master whose whereabouts are still the subject of feverish speculation. The number of Leonardo da Vinci's paintings is small, "no more than 20," according to Martin Kemp, Emeritus Research Professor in the History of Art at Oxford University and a leading expert on Leonardo da Vinci. Where are Leonardo's lost works of art?
Finding Leonardo da Vinci's Florence Finding Leonardo da Vinci's Florence Considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence's skyline is punctuated by the iconic rooftops of historic buildings. The most recognizable is the large terracotta dome of Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence's cathedral, commonly known as the Duomo. The Duomo is situated in the Piazza del Duomo.
In the Sainsbury wing of the National Gallery in London, the founding masterpieces of modern art are arrayed in all their splendour. The modern idea of art – our belief that artworks deserve to be taken seriously not as mere decorations or religious icons but unique displays of imagination and intellect – began in Italy in the Renaissance. The city that was most self-conscious about this new idea of art in the 15th century was Florence, and here in the Sainsbury wing you can see some of the glories of that place and time: the Pollaiuolo brothers' Saint Sebastian, Fra Filippo Lippi's Annunciation, Sandro Botticelli's Venus and Mars. These artists had something important in common, beyond the fact that they all worked in 15th-century Florence. All of them had close ties with one family: the Medici. The Annunciation panel by Lippi actually comes from the Medici palace, and Antonio del Pollaiuolo painted decorations for this domestic temple of the arts. The Medicis: money, myth and mystery | Art and design The Medicis: money, myth and mystery | Art and design
Bauhaus is a style and movement associated with the Bauhaus school, an extremely influential art and design school in Weimar Germany that emphasized the functionality and efficiency of design alongside its material properties. Prominent teachers include Josef Albers, Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandinsky, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Paul Klee. A tendency within Abstract Expressionism, distinct from gestural abstraction, color field painting was developed by Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, and Clyfford Still in the late 1940s, and developed further by Helen Frankenthaler and others. The Art Story: Movements and Styles in Modern Art The Art Story: Movements and Styles in Modern Art
Art History Resources: (Artists, Art Movements, Biographies, Artwork) The art history index of famous artists leads to imagery and indepth information such as biographies to over 22,000 artists. Over 200,000 images from museums are directly accessible via this wealth of art historical information database. Direct links to images in museum collections, links to indepth art news, general links as well as the best collection of search engine results have been compiled for over 22,000 artists. Simply select a letter from below to start your research. Select all artists with biographies, or select by century - (12th Century - 20th Century) or select by nationality (Algerian - Welsh). famous artists
Banksy has waded into the child sex abuse scandal of the Catholic church with a sculpture of a priest with his face obscured called Cardinal Sin. The graffiti artist's piece is a replica of an 18th-century stone bust, which has had its face sawn off and replaced with a mosaic of bathroom tiles to replicate the pixellation effect used on TV to prevent identification of victims of sex crimes. Announcing his indefinite loan of the piece to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, Banksy strongly implied that Cardinal Sin is a comment on the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests. Describing the statue as a Christmas present, the artist said in a statement: "At this time of year it's easy to forget the true meaning of Christianity – the lies, the corruption, the abuse." The bust went on public display for the first time on Thursday in the Walker's 17th Century Old Masters gallery, alongside works by old masters including Van Dyck and Poussin. Banksy wades into Catholic church sex abuse scandal with new sculpture | Art and design
As an artist ages, he or she becomes increasingly sensitive to the world and more uncertain of how to proceed. As the artist grows wiser, he or she must make the decision to continue groping for the elusive threads of memory and the constant uncertainty of personal experience. It is important for the work that the artist must stay uncomfortable. Cole Carothers has made this choice. Round Trip, Carothers’s recent show in Covington, presented paintings of various sizes, shapes, and temperaments. Cole Carothers :: AEQAI
Born Again :: AEQAI
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