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Structural Graffiti: Street Art Tags Fresh Architectural Design. Structural Graffiti: Street Art Tags Fresh Architectural Design Article by Urbanist, filed under Houses & Residential in the Architecture category.

Structural Graffiti: Street Art Tags Fresh Architectural Design

Architecture and graffiti are always a bit scandalous, as architects usually want anything but graffiti on the sides of their buildings. Not so in this structure, where the facade incorporates a giant three-dimensional tag. The complex, dubbed HIVE and built for an architect and street artist, has its title printed right into its walls, as well as other graphical elements like arrows that give the entire complex an urban dynamic. This project by ITN Architects dovetails into a tailor’s shop behind it, then transitions into an interior rivaling its complex exterior – all part of a theme of “hip hop buildings” being designed by this progressive firm. “The notion of hive as home has been extracted from the facade and reappears through the fitout in various guises.


Interiors and Furniture. Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home! Hello there!

Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!

It’s been a busy week with a trip to Seattle for the Picasso exhibition and a drive out to the coast but I knew I had to share this amazing remodel with you before the week came to a close. Everyone loves good makeovers and the ones involving tiny spaces, creative design and ingenious solutions are my all time favorites! Check out how Seattle artist, designer and welder, Michelle de la Vega, created this beautiful little 250 sq. ft. haven… The before… This lonely little detached garage is just begging for some love. The after! A cozy, light filled sleeping loft is so perfect for the space. The kitchen is well organized and accessible with open storage solutions.

The rustic wood burning stove becomes sculptural in this room along with Michelle’s own art installations. The glass boxes housing pillow forms are actually a tribute to Michelle’s father. You know I am a big fan of great bathroom design and this one delivers. How many of us have garages that only house our junk!? Just an ethnic touch. So, now that everything seems to be back to normal (with a new blogger interface to check out!)

Just an ethnic touch

I'd love to share with you a few images with an ethnic atmosphere, thanks to the brilliant prints to be found on the fabrics or that carpet in the Dar Beida room (btw, aren't that built in bookcase and the corner spherical fireplace simply amazing?). Oh, daydreaming once again.. Image credits: Dishwasher with a Spin // Shoebox Dwelling. Remember Ahhaproject I featured some time ago?

Dishwasher with a Spin // Shoebox Dwelling

Guess what, they have been busy with creating more space-saving designs. And their latest concept for Elecrolux is truly ingenious – a rotating sink/washer combo. ‘The idea came about when we realized the potential of space conservation when our sink was full of dirty dishes! The system works in a way that the dishes are cleaned within the sink, using the mechanics of a dishwasher,’ – designers explain. The sink is divided in two parts – one acts as a sink and another acts as a dishwasher when it rotates under the counter.

Green Planning and Urban Development. The Designer Pad - Design Storytelling. Every designer has his or her own creative process.

The Designer Pad - Design Storytelling

Seyhan Ozdemir and Sefer Cagle, creative duo from Turkish design firm Autoban, use storytelling as a way to help them conceptualize their interior design projects. They see furniture as characters in a space that has a soul and a past, creating unique experiences in their interiors. Seyhan and Sefer's eclectic design style is influenced by nature, childhood memories and their many travels — and clearly from their colorful city Istanbul, which is filled with contrasts and surprises.

Their style is somehow sublime yet filled with unpredicted fun moments. There's nothing about this smashing home I would change. Spotted in Vartnya Hem / Images Ali Bekman.