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My icon design workflow. There’s quite a few details my app design workflow article doesn’t cover, specifically relating to icon design.

My icon design workflow

Icons are often where design software is pushed, making full use of vector abilities, masking, and constructive solid geometry. It is for those reasons that icons often require different tools and techniques. Creation vs styling # I think it is important to separate vector path creation from styling, because the two main tools I use — Photoshop and Illustrator — have vastly different abilities and strengths. Photoshop’s rendering quality and masking abilities surpass pretty much all design tools, but Illustrator has better and more versatile vector tools.

Data visualization made easy - vizuly.

UI design

Blog - Icon Utopia. Free sources. Theming - Semantic. Sketch Templates. Sketching: How a Simple Pen and Paper Can Transform Your Web Designs. We spend good part of our time in front of a monitor, most likely we have more than one computer, not mentioning iphones, graphic tablets and all the other ultra modern devilries that invade our desks.

Sketching: How a Simple Pen and Paper Can Transform Your Web Designs

We are all part of the generation that need a mouse to leaf through an album with the family photos (goodbye to dear family albums with the pages left to yellow) and Facebook to send birthday wishes to a friend. 20 examples of great "sketch" inspired sites included! Atiq Ur Rehman - Software Engineer. ‘UX’ Marks the Spot: Mapping the User Experience. 7 Simple Rules for Creating Elegant UI Interactions. 'Interaction design' is one of those newish buzzwords that has become strongly tied into the UX design process.

7 Simple Rules for Creating Elegant UI Interactions

In 2015 it's no longer enough for interface elements to instantly switch between two static states.

Best places to Find Free Images Online

UX Tools — DIS - Danish Institute for Study Abroad. Design and conquer. Hi, My name is Calvin Pedzai and I am a User Experience Designer based in Cape Town South Africa.

Design and conquer

Inspiration. Ashergblumberg. Republic of Quality - Responsive Web Design Process. 1.

Republic of Quality - Responsive Web Design Process

Kickoff & Project Charter First things first: let’s meet up and get to know each other. From our early meetings and research, we'll establish communication protocols, milestones and timelines, deliverables and scope, roles and expectations. User Guide Tutorial. As the name implies, User Guides are written to help people understand an software application or IT system.

User Guide Tutorial

They are also called User Manuals. When writing a User Guide, use simple language with short sentences. This writing style helps the user understand the application. User Guide Templates. Guide to Create Website Information Architecture and Content : Princeton University, 2008. Rustic Interior Design. Thinking about rustic interior design?

Rustic Interior Design

This concept brings the great outdoors, indoors reflecting a sustainable, organic environment. The key influence of this particular style is nature and you could easily create a wonderful Eco-friendly home around this concept. As more and more people are looking for ways to improve upon the quality of their lives using organic materials in their homes is one of the best ways to enhance this.

Acually it makes an incredible difference to the vibration of health and wellness. Concept Shooting in Photography. A Post By: Christina N Dickson Concept Shooting is a way of approaching photography that can take your work to a new level.

Concept Shooting in Photography

It takes a little more thought than just going ‘snap happy’ but can really help you to convey a message with those viewing your shots. Christina N Dickson from looks further at Concept Shooting. Image by ~*Leah*~. Photoshop Etiquette. What's the difference between a modal, a popover and a popup? Dot paper template - Paperkit. Highly customizable With Paperkit you can easily generate online the exact type of dot paper that you need.

Dot paper template - Paperkit

Use the toolbar to adjust the settings. You have full control over spacing between dots, margin size, stroke color and width as well as paper size. Exporting SVG for the web with Adobe Illustrator CC. As an artist and a web designer, I am excited about the possibilities that Adobe Illustrator CC offers in its support of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and the flexibility it gives me when creating high-quality graphics.

Exporting SVG for the web with Adobe Illustrator CC

Since SVG is vector-based, I have a lot more freedom to create images that will automatically scale on all modern devices. Combining Fonts. A palette with wit Use typefaces with complementary moods to evoke an upbeat, energetic air. It’s the interplay between fonts that gives them energy.

How To Make Your Own Symbol Font. With the advent of high resolution “retina” displays, keeping bitmap images sharp and crisp on the web has meant using larger and thus more bandwidth-hungry images. At the same time, more and more people are browsing on mobile devices where bandwidth is at a premium. One solution to this problem is scalable vector graphics (SVG) since they scale infinitely while keeping the file size low. However, now that web fonts are widely supported, symbol fonts like Dingbats or WebDings provide another option for tack sharp symbols used in icons or buttons. Fonts are also very flexible. For example, using CSS you can easily change the size, color, add drop shadows or other text effects.

How to turn your icons into a web font. I had created some neat icons for a website redesign I was doing, and I previewed the new site on an old iPad. The layout looked OK at normal size, but zooming in to part of the page, I suddenly saw that my icon was a blurry mess, while the text-based header was still crisp and sharp. On a newer Retina-display iPad, the icons didn’t look quite sharp, even at normal size. The first idea I had was to create double-sized sprite images, setting them to display at half their size using CSS.