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Six Great Swiss Mountain Escapes. Our picks for mountain villages guaranteed to help you hit the rest button.

Six Great Swiss Mountain Escapes

The Swiss Alps are popular for a lot of reasons, but what about a do-it-yourself modern-day detox? High up in their hills is a network of old villages that harken to the past—tiny communities that move at a slower pace, foster personal relationships (even going so far as to chat up strangers), and—perhaps best of all—are devoid of cars. To reach these beatific destinations, you’ll need to rely upon your feet, funiculars, and cable cars. Once there, soak in the romantic and peaceful solitude that comes with a life free from traffic and blaring horns.

If you’re ready to pack your bags, we’ve got the scoop on six of our favorite spots. Braunwald. TripAdvisor reveals the world's top 25 hotels for 2016. So, you've survived the holidays.

TripAdvisor reveals the world's top 25 hotels for 2016

Broken and bitter from airlines and in-laws, you prepare yourself to get back to the grind. You're back in town and it's time to beat those January blues by hitting the local watering hole, throwing back something stiff and spilling your guts to the bartender. I get it, we've all been that stressed-out sibling or lovelorn loser that drags herself onto a bar stool at 2 in the afternoon. I worked on the other side of the bar for seven years and, believe me, gushing feelings are part of the job. However, too often I found myself giving hurried advice which consisted of telling the customer exactly what they wanted to hear.

RELATED: What I learned from not drinking alcohol for 2 years Africa Studio / Shutterstock / Africa Studio. The 50 greatest hotels in the world. • The best hotels in Barcelona Lime Wood Hampshire, England It’s all about attention to detail at this ravishing, deeply luxurious New Forest lair.

The 50 greatest hotels in the world

Oak doors are thick; paint finishes rich; floor lights come on as you walk into the bathroom from your quietly opulent bedroom; stylised sitting rooms, one with billiard table, melt one into another, pale lemon into lilac into sage green, each with an open fire. In the sybaritic Herb House spa, guests can take in the forest views from the massive sauna and eat inspired raw food in the Raw & Cured café. The 50 Most Beautiful Cities in the World.

5 tips for India first-timers. By Daniel McCrohan · Chaotic, bamboozling, intoxicating, crazy, exasperating, wonderful, squalid, beautiful, daunting, overwhelming, and fantastic.

5 tips for India first-timers

India is all these things, and more. How can you possibly prepare yourself? Start with our tips for taking the ultimate travel plunge: going to India for the first time! Pin this image Early morning at the Taj Mahal, Agra. © Peter Adams / Getty Images. Budget Travel Vacation Ideas: Underrated European Countries. Ditch the typical European track — add these unexpected spots to your travel list.

Budget Travel Vacation Ideas: Underrated European Countries

(Photo by Douglas Pearson/Corbis. Design by Lauren DeLuca for Yahoo Travel.) By Meagen Collins / Travel Freedom Network. 동방의 베네치아, 중국 쑤저우. The 10 Best Party Islands in the World: Readers' Choice Awards 2015. 10 of The Most Luxurious Travel Destinations in 2016 - Luxury Columnist. Tips for Traveling to Italy. There’s a reason Italy ranks as one of the top-visited destinations in the world.

Tips for Traveling to Italy

Actually, there are a lot of reasons. Its exquisite beauty, its relaxed pace, its startling integration of the ancient and the modern—it all contributes to the magic. Whether you’re flying down pistes in the Dolomites, or sunning yourself on the Amalfi Coast, here are 10 quintessentially Italian moments every traveler should experience. 1. Catch a show at Taormina’s Greek amphitheater Named one of the best places to travel in 2016, spend a few days cruising around volcanic wineries on the island’s east side, and then head to Taormina. 2. The ancient, cliffside citadel of Sorrento appears to dangle straight over the Tyrrhenian Sea, making it one of the most jaw-dropping stops along the Amalfi Coast. 3. The Best Secret Streets Around the World.

Even in these popular locales, discoveries await.

The Best Secret Streets Around the World

론리플래닛 매거진 코리아. 중국 윈난으로 떠난 모험 04. 1월. 2016 윈난 성(云南省)은 여러 민족과 아름다운 풍경이 어우러진 덕분에 중국에서 가장 다채로운 매력을 간직했다.

론리플래닛 매거진 코리아

윈난 곳곳의 길을 걸으며 때 묻지 않은 자연의 아름다움을 만끽해보자. 윈난 최고의 여행 루트 5곳. 위룽 설산의 산봉우리. 10 of the best travel apps … that you'll actually use. Citymapper For a long time, whenever I was spotted using Google Maps to navigate London’s public transport network a friend would look over and prod: “Oh, don’t you use Citymapper?”

10 of the best travel apps … that you'll actually use

Eventually, I relented. Comprehensive, easy to use and also playful, Citymapper offers more detailed journey planner information than Google, including real-time departures and disruption alerts, as well as Uber integration and cycle routes. It is available in around 30 cities worldwide, with all the obvious city-break destinations covered. The 25 Places You Must Explore In 2016. 5 tips for India first-timers. World’s Best Christmas Markets. Whether you’re in need of a last-minute gift or maybe just a cup of good cheer, nothing quite beats a Christmas market.

World’s Best Christmas Markets

Stalls come stocked with handmade gifts, schnitzels with noodles, and mugs of steaming gluhwein. Lights are strung from end-to-end of a big market square, and carolers sing as children clamor around carousels and Ferris wheels. While the Christmas market originated many centuries ago in Germany, fortunately it has transcended its geographical boundaries. Now you’ll find awe-inspiring markets throughout Europe and well beyond. The Ultimate Travel Bucket List. 5 tips for India first-timers. 인도 미식의 도시, 러크나우 여행 Part 2. 인도 미식의 도시, 러크나우 여행 Part 1. Where to Eat and Drink in Havana, Cuba. If you’ve always wondered what Cuba was like beyond cigars and vintage cars, start packing: It’s time to witness a country at a moment of pivotal change. Havana is a party, no doubt, but it’s also a confusing place for Cubans and tourists alike.

Cubans have a saying, No es fácil: It’s not easy. It applies to everything—food especially—in a place where cab drivers make more than doctors, and where a meal in a home restaurant can easily cost a month’s state salary. Where to Eat and Drink in Havana, Cuba. Budget Travel Vacation Ideas: Europe's Most Beautiful Parks, Mountains, and Forests. There's more to Europe than winding city streets, vibrant cafés, and beautiful museums!

The continent abounds with rugged mountains, pristine lakes, and secluded beaches to gallop—including some of the world's premiere parks and wildlife habitats. The unique jagged mountains of Cappadocia, Turkey, are just one of the extraordinary stops on our tour of "Wild Europe! " (Chip Ward) Ready to take a walk on the wild side? Keep reading to discover six of Europe's most unforgettable natural wonders—and how you can experience them on a budget. Your Packing-Made-Easier Checklist. Ingenious strategies for traveling light, saving space, and arriving at your destination wrinkle-free and ready for any adventure, presented by Real Simple and Travel + Leisure. What to Pack Go light on the clothing. Follow this formula: three tops for every bottom.