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WordPress. Webmin. WebERP. Apache Tomcat server. SugarCRM - Solutions CRM. SPIP. PostgreSQL. Plugmedia - Multimedia Station. Q-Sims - metavers for QNAP NAS. From QNAPedia By AdNovea – May 2009 – version 1.0 Table of content The Q-Sims Metavers Starter Kit comes in two flavors: Q-Sims LITE Edition to implement your metavers on your NAS server and join a Public grid to become a piece of a larger metavers.

Q-Sims - metavers for QNAP NAS

Q-Sims FULL Edition to fully run and administrate your Private metavers on your NAS server or join a Public grid.The FULL Edition is not yet released to avoid confusion In both version a Q-Sims QSA (Quick Start Assistant) will guide you during the installation process up to the metavers administration management.Once Q-Sims is installed on your server, you only have to install and run a client software (Viewer) on the remote computers to enter and navigate into the metaverses. There are several viewers: Hippo and realXtend are open-source viewers running under Windows and Linux ActiveX plugins for Internet browsers are also under development (eg. 3DI is provided under license) Definitions. PhpMyAdmin. OpenNMP. From QNAPedia by AdNovea - Nov 2009 Once the installation completed, log to the OpenNMP web interface with your web browser: http: //<your_nmp>:8080/ Default account is: admin/admin They are few additional options for the installer script:--force-defaults use default options for questions asked by the installer during upgrade.


--force-reinstall allow to reinstall (from scratch) OpenNMP over a previous version -h --help display this help and exit -V --version output version information and exit Performances The QNAP NMP-1000 is a versatile product which offers already a great number of functionalities. Its very smart implementation has enabled the quick development of this opened source application to get even more from the product. Mono. IceScrum for your agile developments. GLPI - Gestionnaire libre de parc informatique. FreeSWITCH - Communication Consolidation. Drupal France. AjaXplorer. Mg.applanix - Lodging apps.