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WordPress. Webmin. WebERP. Apache Tomcat server. SugarCRM - Solutions CRM. SugarCRM & CARRENET Depuis notre partenariat officiel en 2006, nous avons mené une centaine de projets SugarCRM, pour plus de 2.000 utilisateurs ; nous leur assurons la mise en oeuvre, l'hébergement, les formations, les évolutions et la maintenance.Ainsi, que vous soyez déjà utilisateur de SugarCRM ou non, que vous utilisiez l'édition communautaire ou commerciale, nous saurons vous accompagner dans le succès de votre application SugarCRM.

SugarCRM - Solutions CRM

Brochure SugarCRM / CARRENET (PDF) : brochure-sugarcrm.pdf Nouveau client ? Vous avez choisi ou pensez choisir le CRM de Sugar : - Nous effectuons la mise en oeuvre - Nous formons vos équipes - Nous pouvons héberger votre SugarCRM Client existant ? Vous utilisez déjà SugarCRM depuis un certain temps : - Nous auditons votre application Sugar - Nous gérons les évolutions souhaitées - Nous pouvons ré-héberger votre SugarCRM Des projets 100% réussis pour 5 à plus de 1.000 utilisateurs Antoine Boucomont, PDG de LE DELAS. SPIP. PostgreSQL. Plugmedia - Multimedia Station. Q-Sims - metavers for QNAP NAS. From QNAPedia By AdNovea – May 2009 – version 1.0 Table of content The Q-Sims Metavers Starter Kit comes in two flavors: Q-Sims LITE Edition to implement your metavers on your NAS server and join a Public grid to become a piece of a larger metavers.

Q-Sims - metavers for QNAP NAS

Q-Sims FULL Edition to fully run and administrate your Private metavers on your NAS server or join a Public grid.The FULL Edition is not yet released to avoid confusion In both version a Q-Sims QSA (Quick Start Assistant) will guide you during the installation process up to the metavers administration management.Once Q-Sims is installed on your server, you only have to install and run a client software (Viewer) on the remote computers to enter and navigate into the metaverses. There are several viewers: Hippo and realXtend are open-source viewers running under Windows and Linux ActiveX plugins for Internet browsers are also under development (eg. 3DI is provided under license) Definitions Glossary.

PhpMyAdmin. OpenNMP. From QNAPedia by AdNovea - Nov 2009 Once the installation completed, log to the OpenNMP web interface with your web browser: http: //<your_nmp>:8080/ Default account is: admin/admin They are few additional options for the installer script:--force-defaults use default options for questions asked by the installer during upgrade.


--force-reinstall allow to reinstall (from scratch) OpenNMP over a previous version -h --help display this help and exit -V --version output version information and exit Performances The QNAP NMP-1000 is a versatile product which offers already a great number of functionalities. Its very smart implementation has enabled the quick development of this opened source application to get even more from the product. OpenNMP will certainly run on future NMP products too. Despite all the effort devoted to make OpenNMP the best as possible, there are still some remaining issues and limitations we are trying to get rid of.

Mono. IceScrum for your agile developments. GLPI - Gestionnaire libre de parc informatique. FreeSWITCH - Communication Consolidation. Drupal France. AjaXplorer. ★ 4.7 Stars (84) 2,694 Downloads (This Week) Last Update: Download Latest Stable 5.2.3 Browse All Files Pydio is the mature open source alternative to dropbox and, for the enterprise.


Why building your own box? You need to access your documents across multiple devices, and regularly share documents (weblinks) and folders with your contacts and teams. How to build your own box with Pydio? Easily install Pydio on your servers or cloud of choice, Simply share documents and folders with your teams, Administrate your box with an Entreprise grade console (rights, groups, plug ins), Access documents with a Web Gui, Smartphones and tablet apps (iOS, Android), Sync folders on your computer (public beta, PC, Mac, Linux,Web,Tablets). Pydio Web Site Standard file system actions, plus metadataDrag'n'drop, right-click for contextual menus, modal windowsUsers / Roles ManagementPlugin architecture : interface with other CMSFileSystem, FTP, SQL, LDAP, WebDAV, SMB, and more!

4.7 out of 5 stars. Mg.applanix - Lodging apps.