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We provide a wide range of top-class brands for every product category whether they are air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc. At Al-Fatah Electronics, you’ll get the latest and top quality gadgets that are one of its kinds. Whatever appliances you buy, we ensure that our technicians install them effectively and guide as to what precautionary measures should be taken so to take advantage of these products over the years.

Best Freestanding Microwave Oven for Convenient Cooking - Alfatah Electronics! Either you are European, American, Pakistani or whatever, delicious food is the biggest weakness of all.

Best Freestanding Microwave Oven for Convenient Cooking - Alfatah Electronics!

Although you are an epicure or not, we always want you to eat the best quality meals every day. The ones having busy schedules hardly find time to cook food time and again. A freestanding microwave oven is the perfect solution for professionals. The food is not only cooked in lesser time but provides complete nutrition while maintaining hygienic standards. This is the reason why most of us enjoy baking since it is believed to be less chaotic while having productive results. To whichever place you are located, oven microwave is not only used to warm the food but also lets you thaw the edibles while helping in cooking the processed food conveniently. Rays 38 Liters Grill Microwave Oven MGC1035TS Rays MGC1035TS has a touch control panel with a TFT switch.

How to Challenge Harsh Stains on Your Clothing? - Alfatah Electronics! Arranging a dinner for friends and family is always challenging.

How to Challenge Harsh Stains on Your Clothing? - Alfatah Electronics!

On occasion when everything is organized and suddenly, there is a spill on the outfit, then we understand how much it can be stressful. But don’t worry, we have some useful tips on how you can clean these stains in a good quality washing machine. So, in case if something spills on your outfit or the jumper, don’t panic. Just keep the following tips in mind: Chicken Sauce. Does Buying a Deep Freezer Benefits in the Long Run? - Alfatah Electronics! In today’s time when energy bills are increasing at a faster rate, we need home appliances that have increased efficiency and can reduce energy costs.

Does Buying a Deep Freezer Benefits in the Long Run? - Alfatah Electronics!

Despite the fact that we always look for the best deep freezer price when going to buy a freezer, yet we need an appliance that can provide food safety while lowering the risk of food wastage. Our deep freezers provide huge benefits in the long run whether bought for domestic or commercial purposes. In our online store, you can find a wide variety of deep freezers available that store food items rapidly. This process is done by reducing the temperatures of the various food products.

Rapid cooling greatly helps in minimizing the loss from evaporation in contrast to a normal cooling process, for instance, just like we see in a refrigerator. Either single or double door chest freezers, these appliances aid restaurants and/or other businesses in buying seasonal items and freezing them for a considerable time. Instantly Chill Soft Drinks. The Perfect Guide to Cleaning Your Professional Kitchen - Alfatah Electronics!

Either it’s a home or a professional kitchen, it is always recommended to keep the cooking space clean.

The Perfect Guide to Cleaning Your Professional Kitchen - Alfatah Electronics!

This will not only make your kitchen look tidy and systematized but would also provide a healthy and comfortable environment. In the kitchen, loads of appliances are installed such as the best cheap dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine and much more. We all know that kitchen appliances have a mysterious ability of getting dirty too quickly. It is essential to bring about cleaning habits so to prevent the growth of bacteria. It is obvious that a dirty kitchen is not only unhygienic but also lessens the lifespan of the dishwasher and most appliances because of the accumulation of grease and food residues.

How to Choose the Cheap Range Cookers for Your Commercial Kitchen? - Alfatah Electronics! Either it’s a home or a commercial kitchen, there is no doubt that a cooking range is the heart of any kitchen.

How to Choose the Cheap Range Cookers for Your Commercial Kitchen? - Alfatah Electronics!

When it comes to a cooking range, we always mean an appliance that is a combination of the two most essential cooking appliances, which is the cooktop and a baking oven. Even if you are planning to buy the cheap range cookers, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right appliance for your commercial kitchen. When considering the best quality range cooker, there are so many numerous types of ranges that can simply modernize your kitchen operations. On our online store, we are offering a wide range of kitchen cooking range, kitchen cooktop and baking oven so you can choose the one that matches your commercial kitchen requirements efficiently. PSL Cricket Season 2020 Sale on Best Home Appliances - Low Price.

How and Why Cheap Smartphones Incident Take Place? - Alfatah Electronics! When it comes to cheap smartphones, we always want to get the best manufactured phone that can last for years and available at an affordable price.

How and Why Cheap Smartphones Incident Take Place? - Alfatah Electronics!

In order to understand how and why android phone incidents take place, we have overviewed a survey covering a majority of smartphone users. In this blog, our experts will provide details as to how smartphone incidents occur based on the gender and various age groups. Many of us might disagree with the stats made available, but somehow, it makes sense. For instance, according to the survey, men usually lose their phones while women generally face the problem of getting their phones stolen. PSL Cricket Season 2020 Sale on Best LED TVs - Al-Fatah Electronics. When Should You Buy the New Best Budget Smartphone? - Alfatah Electronics! As per our experts, buying a new best budget smartphone is all about timing.

When Should You Buy the New Best Budget Smartphone? - Alfatah Electronics!

So, what do you think is the best time to buy a mobile phone? In today’s time when prices are getting higher on a daily basis and it’s getting challenging to meet our basic needs, we usually put back the need to buy the latest android phone. But it’s the fact that you never know when the new phone will be around or there will be any price change(s). Anyways, you don’t need to worry about it. How to Use Cheap Microwave Safely? - Alfatah Electronics! To whichever appliance you are using, everything is safe if used appropriately.

How to Use Cheap Microwave Safely? - Alfatah Electronics!

With respect to a microwave, you need to take proper measures. This helps in preventing burns or injuries which may be caused due to its radiation. Inappropriate use or lack of maintenance can cause numerous problems in a cheap microwave. In an oven microwave, the waves produced are a type of electromagnetic radiation. When the food is placed in the microwave, the waves produced in it generate water molecules during vibration. Keep in mind that most of the time, injuries associated with the cheap conventional microwave oven are due to heat related burns which cause from overheating the food, touching the hot containers mistakenly or liquids exploding inside due to hotness. Follow User Manual Carefully In the user manual, you’ll be provided all the essential operating procedures as well as the precautionary measures.

Make Use of Microwave Safe Containers Avoid Sweltering Water. How to Take the Perfect Selfie on Your Best Budget Smartphone? - Alfatah Electronics! If you are happier, then each day is a great celebrating day.

How to Take the Perfect Selfie on Your Best Budget Smartphone? - Alfatah Electronics!

To whichever day you are celebrating, it’s time to enjoy your day with the full potential. Must Have Smartphone Accessories this Year - Alfatah Electronics! This summer (when everyone is ready to spend a vacation in hilly areas), we need all the essential accessories of our smartphone.

Must Have Smartphone Accessories this Year - Alfatah Electronics!

Many of us wouldn’t probably know what items they need on their vacation. Should You Switch from Samsung to Huawei? - Alfatah Electronics! Are you planning to buy the best low budget smartphone and you want to substitute your Samsung mobile with the new Huawei? There is nothing to worry about as most of us who have dipped their toes into making research about Huawei usually go for it. There is no doubt that in this technology world, Samsung is facing critical competition in the form of Huawei and Apple iPhone. Moving Apps to an SD Card in Best Budget Android Phone? (How-to Guide) - Alfatah Electronics! Many times, you may find that your best budget android phone’s storage has become inadequate, so, you need to install some apps into an SD card which you have inserted in your phone.

When deciding to use an SD card, do ensure that it contains all the storage options and meet your budgetary requirements too. When planning to buy smartphone online, you should know that all android phones do not have SD card slots, while the ones having an SD card option may not allow you to store apps on this card. For the mobile phones that provide this option, the user needs to activate this feature so as to get full support from it. Most of the top budget smartphones have a huge amount of aboard space with which you don’t need to have an SD card. In such phones, you can easily install applications of your choice. However, there are mid-range and cheap cell phones that support SD cards since such phones don’t have a high amount of onboard space, unlike the top phones.

Best Tips to Clean Your Baking Oven - Alfatah Electronics! To whichever brand we choose as the best cheap oven for baking, we only need a mouthwatering home-cooked meal coming straight out of the oven. But once cooking is done and we consume our meal, this is the time when we need to clean up the mess. During baking, we would have seen dishes leaving behind sticky messes or burnt up marks. This requires some extra time to remove the grease. The cleaning method we always recommend is using white vinegar with a baking soda. Should You Use Clean Master App for Your Android Phone? - Alfatah Electronics!

Either it’s your best budget android phone or the cheapest one, what really matters is that your smartphone is working efficiently. If your mobile phone is slowing down whether due to malicious spyware or system junk, then it’s time to resort to the available utility apps. Many of these apps not only expedite the android phones but also protect them from malicious software and viruses. There is no doubt that most of these apps benefit your top budget smartphone. Among the most popular is the Clean Master app. This app is currently having 44 million reviews on Google Play Store with more than 1 billion downloads. Is Clean Master an Appropriate Android Phone Cleaning App? On any Android phone, Clean Master is one of the most commonly used and available cleaning apps.

LED Cricket Sale Mela - Best Affordable Deals Online Pakistan. Tired? How to Instigate Yourself for Washing? - Alfatah Electronics! For most of us, it’s easier to buy the best washer and dryer but it seems really challenging when we have to do laundry. We usually don’t like it but we have to do it just like other chores such as washing dishes, mowing the lawn and much more. We all know that laundry needs increases with the increase in family size. A huge smelly pile of dirty clothes at the end of the week can probably put you off track when you know that it’s time to use washing machine. Why Your Android Battery is Draining? - Alfatah Electronics!

If you find that the android battery of your phone is emptying rapidly on a regular basis, don’t get worried. You can still get the most out of this battery by optimizing some of the cell phone settings. 10 Must-Have Smartphone Features in any Android - Alfatah Electronics! In today’s technological time, most of us use an android phone a lot.

This is so because it has replaced calendars, clock, alarm, camera, computer system, FM Radio, Compass and much more. Either in Pakistan or any other country, a mobile phone is becoming the most addictive device. Top Budget Smartphones - Which Samsung Galaxy Series Should You Buy? - Alfatah Electronics! Best Low Budget Smartphones! Which One Should You Buy? - Alfatah Electronics! Gone are the days when smartphones were treated as the most luxurious item and were usually overlooked by most of us. Nowadays, it is almost the basic necessity of our life. But with the sophisticated and ship of the line phones which are costing a heavy amount, what you can do if you are on a limited budget? Luckily, we are offering some of the best low budget smartphones in our online store.

Enjoy Big Savings on New Year Sale 2020 only at Al-Fatah Electronics. Grand New Year Sale 2020 - Affordable Deals Online in Pakistan. Best Budget Smartphone - Cheap Phone Deals Online in Pakistan. Best Smartphones in Pakistan 2019 - Alfatah Electronics! At Al-Fatah Electronics, you can find a wide assortment of the best low budget smartphone all over the year. How to Improve the Life of Your Best Budget Android Phone? - Alfatah Electronics! In today’s time, everyone holds a smartphone which is usually connected to the internet in any way. In our online store, you can find a wide range of best budget android phones to choose from.

But when going to purchase a mobile phone, you should make a wise and practical decision. While planning to buy smartphone online or using any phone, you must focus on some of the most common do’s and don’ts. In actual, numerous accidents take place due to the misappropriation of these gadgets which sometimes lead to lethal injury or death. Vivo V17 Pro with Quad Main Camera Arrives in Pakistan - Alfatah Electronics! We have welcomed Vivo V17 Pro this autumn with a diamond-shaped camera setup in this September. 7 Best Washing Machines to Buy in 2019 Reviews - Alfatah Electronics! Since the last decade, washing machines have truly got expensive and shopping for a good quality washing machine can be overwhelming. Visit our online store to meet our experts who have hands-on experience in testing the machines and know which the best models are in 2019. As per our experts, the best cheap washing machine is evaluated based on how well they remove stains and clean the clothes, how much water and energy are consumed and how gently they wash the fabric.

We also note specialty cycles and features such as Bubble Soak technology, Pro Fabric Drum Design, VarioPerfect and much more. Our experts also check their convenience in usage. This is done by evaluating the control panel of the current model for perception, how easily it can be loaded with the clothing, how responsive it is and how conveniently we can open and close the machine’s door. What Your Microwave Oven Can Do for You? [9 Ideas] - Alfatah Electronics! Blessed Friday - Biggest Sale of the Season @ Al-Fatah Online. Al-Fatah Electronics Bringing Mega Discounts this Blessed Friday. Best Blessed Friday Deals 2019 Pakistan @ Al-Fatah Electronics. Crucial Baking Oven Parameters to Check - Alfatah Electronics! Advantages of Choosing Induction Hob - Alfatah Electronics!

How to Preclude Cheap Dryers Machine from Fire - Alfatah Electronics! Al-Fatah Electronics Bringing Biggest 11.11 Sale Online - Alfatah Electronics! 11.11 Sale @ Al-Fatah Electronics - Best Deals Online Pakistan. Top Ideas to Heat the Room this Winter - Alfatah Electronics! Best Dishwasher Maintenance Tips. How to Select Cheap Heaters for Your Workplace? What to Look for When Shopping for a Stainless Steel Microwave? - Alfatah Electronics! What Should You Do if Your Home Appliance Catches Fire?