Ask Dr. Shulgin Home Page 2005 Pontiac GTO Grand American Series The Pontiac brand is part of the General Motors family, and is home to many of the automaker's more performance-oriented vehicles. Currently, the marque offers a broad range of sporty cars and SUVs. Ask Dr. Shulgin Home Page
Richard EVANS Schultes ~ Father of Modern Ethnobotany ~ 1915-2001
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The Reasoner Explore a world of food, culture, nature and smiles. Before you travel to Taiwan’s Taichung from the UK, make sure that you have followed a few simple steps to prevent wasting money and causing yourself unwanted stress. Firstly, check online that your flight isn’t delayed or cancelled! Also, make sure your bag doesn’t have any prohibited items within it and that you have all your travel documents to hand. If you’re driving to the airport, then it is a good idea to book your airport parking in advance – for example, if you live in Edinburgh, Scotland, book your Edinburgh airport parking online to save a little money, which can be used in Taichung! As the third largest city on the island of Taiwan, Taichung is a gem that most tourists tend to overlook as they are more enthralled by Taiwan’s capital, Taipei. The Reasoner
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RAM DAS: "How will I know God?" TEACHER: "Feed people." RAM DAS: "How will I become enlightened?" TEACHER: "Serve them." - The Zen of Cooking: How Recipes Can Teach Us to Cook Without Them, by Lucille Naimer Should anyone ask me about a new project I'm (also) working (juggling) on, and they should ever ask me where my inspiration came from it would be two words: Hatsume Sato. Crossroads Dispatches_ Hatsume Sato_ one of my heroes, inspiring Panmesa Crossroads Dispatches_ Hatsume Sato_ one of my heroes, inspiring Panmesa
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Richard Evans Schultes was arguably this century's foremost botanist. Called by His Royal Highness Prince Philip the greatest plant explorer of this century and "The Father of Ethnobotany" (the study study of indigenous peoples' knowledge and use of plants), Dr. Schultes was considered the world's authority on hallucinogenic, narcotic, and medicinal plants and the leading expert on rubber. As collector of more than 48,000 specimens, and leader of numerous expeditions in Latin America he discovered plants new to science and recorded the uses of these and many native peoples. Dr. Centre For International Ethnomedicinal Education and Research Centre For International Ethnomedicinal Education and Research
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English Dept The English Department at Case Western Reserve promotes intellectual curiosity, analytical inquiry, and creative thinking about the rich variety of fields in our discipline. Building on the passion our students bring to the literary arts, the Department’s faculty encourages the formation of new knowledge through careful examination of both real and imagined worlds. Our seminars and research explore the craft of poetry, Shakespearean drama, science fictional blueprints for new technologies, the techniques of horror films, the rhetoric of medicine, and the dynamics of novels, plays, short stories and creative non-fiction. Evidence suggests that students wishing to work in one of the fields in our discipline — literature, creative writing, film, journalism, and rhetoric — need not sacrifice passion for practicality. English Dept


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Please note: This site's design is only visible in a graphical browser that supports Web standards, but its content is accessible to any browser or Internet device. To see this site as it was designed please upgrade to a Web standards compliant browser. Infineon Technologies Meg is Senior Policy Director for global semiconductor company Infineon Technologies. As Infineon's Washington representative since 2001, she is responsible for identifying and managing policy issues ranging from trade to procurement to technology standards. Meg has been deeply engaged with the broad range of issues surrounding the application of smart card technology to identification documents, especially the U.S. ePassport for which Infineon is the volume supplier to the U.S. Meg Hardon Meg Hardon
Prodigal drives business growth for its clients by combining the best of marketing science and advertising creativity. At the core of our diverse capabilities is our proprietary Brand MRI, a proven process for positioning our clients above their competitors in the marketplace. The MRI combines research, strategy and creative to identify and communicate your brand's hidden strengths. We believe that analytical thinking and intuitive creativity are equal parts of the equation necessary for achieving growth through better marketing. Established in 1994, Prodigal is characterized by a culture of honor, rigor and creativity. Jeff's Prodigal Media homepage Jeff's Prodigal Media homepage
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Hibbards Home Page Hibbards Home Page John Hibbard Scientist Manager, North American ALMA Regional Center (part of the NAASC)NRAO-Charlottesville Rm. 328 520 Edgemont Road Charlottesville VA 22903 Office Phone: (434) 296-0227 Office FAX: (434) 296-0278 Email: jhibbard@ (Formerly of the Institute for Astronomy, Honolulu, HI and Columbia University) Check here for unpublished data, preprints, reprints, or figures concerning HI in weird galaxies. Everything shown here has been fully reduced, but not necessarily fully analyzed.
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Great Holiday Season. Now on to a big year 2010 Alex graduating from High School and on to College. Time to start planning a summer trip. 1st time in many years no baseball trips. Yes off to Aruba June/July. The Stark Family
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FreeSpirit Farm Pony Training & Trading Beloit OH BROKER ONLY.No ponies for sale on location.See "Ponies or Horses Available" page for my network offerings If you are looking for a pony, or have one to sell, I can network for you. Let me help you find the pony you wantor help find a new home for one you have to part with. Kit's FreeSpirit Farm
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