Patagonia This South American locale is likely the one place that’ll stay at the top of your life-list—even after you’ve visited it a few times. Much of that superiority lies in the sheer opulence of outdoor attractions, from Torres del Paine to the Lake District to Tierra del Fuego. GORP -- Great Outdoor Recreation Pages

GORP -- Great Outdoor Recreation Pages

Our Story began decades ago in a garage, and has blossomed over the years into one of the world's foremost retailers of outdoor gear and camping equipment. How'd we do it? By providing superior equipment and service, great customer support, and fair prices; a perfect storm of outdoor enthusiasm. We started our adventure by supplying tents, bivy sacks, sleeping bags, backpacks, camp stoves, lanterns, outerwear (rain jackets, ponchos), boots, and small necessities like Swiss army knives, compasses, binoculars and survival tools.



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