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DIY meubles & déco

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Diy idea: bird mobile. Sailor’s knot doorstop & paperweight. I guess it’s time to come clean and admit that i am not what you would call an outdoors person; sailing, camping, hiking, exploring…i can’t say i have much practice or expertise in any of those areas. but it’s never too late to learn new things, and i must say that after spending a good chunk of the day learning various sailor’s knots, i feel pretty psyched about my new abilities and very motivated to learn more. if you haven’t tried it, i can tell you that trying to learn knots is the cheapest entertainment there is. you can chuck the video games and crossword puzzles out the window, because knots are just as frustratingly time consuming and way more satisfying to complete. this particular project should be EXTRA satisfying because i’ve seen these doorstops on the market for forty or fifty dollars(!)

sailor’s knot doorstop & paperweight

, but if you can channel your zen mind and complete this knot (called the monkey’s fist), then this ultra chic decor item can be yours for only eight dollars! Materials: cost: Molly’s crochet heart garland. Valentine’s Day is approaching so quickly!

molly’s crochet heart garland

In previous years, I haven’t able to organize myself beyond a little note taped to a PayDay — they are my boyfriend’s favorite, but still. There are so many great projects trickling in, and I want to get a head start so I can make them all! First on the list is this adorable crochet heart garland from Molly Dunham of A Foothill Home Companion. Molly designed these little hearts for Christmas gifts a few years ago, and they were a huge success with their recipients. Taking inspiration from the crochet necklaces by Wren Handmade, she designed this delicate garland of hearts for stringing up around the house. Rope, paper + cork floral centerpiece. I love the warmth and softness of cork.

rope, paper + cork floral centerpiece

The rolls of caramel-y cork shelf liner scream at me every time I pass them in the store, so this time, I gave in to their pleas for purchase. And with fall quickly approaching, it seems like a great time to bring in the warmth and natural, woodsy look of cork. I paired the thin cork sheeting with some natural linen, scratchy sisal and sheer tissue paper to create a fall-inspired armature for the table. Since we don’t really get fall here in southern California, this is probably the closest I will come to integrating the warm caramel browns of true fall leaves into our home. Happy fall! Read the full how-to after the jump! Materials cork shelf linerscrap fabric or paperjute or sisal ropescissorswirewire cutterstissue paper (I used waxed, as it has a nice translucency.)hot glue gun and glueglass hurricane candle enclosures Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. DIY Project: Pretty Cat Toys. Every winter, my cat, JFK, who is usually an outdoor cat, gets a little bit crankier . . . well, a lot crankier.

DIY Project: Pretty Cat Toys

When he’s not sleeping directly in front of the heater or scarfing food, he’s begging me for attention. On my last trip to New York, I learned a lot of great tips from Grace and Amy, both experts at owning indoor cats, for keeping your cat happy. It essentially boils down to the following: keep them warm and cozy, give them plenty of affection and make sure they receive a sufficient amount of entertainment and exercise daily. Made with love: pressed botanical specimens. Wow, I’m truly overwhelmed at the response to my first stab at my living in: column yesterday. When I hatched the idea to do roundups based on books and movies, I just thought it would be a fun way to find stuff online. I didn’t really comprehend that it would open a whole world of inspiration for all of us!

I am SO excited to go through each and every suggestion and start some good old fashioned movie watching. That is, after I run to the corner store to pick up some more popcorn, of course. I digress. Wednesdays here on D*S I’m going to be cooking up fresh DIY projects (called “Made with Love”) in my Brooklyn apartment to share with you. Creating a collection of madcap botanical specimens is about as easy as it gets. CLICK HERE for the full post (with instructions and additional images) after the jump! Sprout home terrarium how-to video! Branch Clothing Rack. If you read yesterday’s post, then you caught a glimpse of the branch clothing rack I made.

Branch Clothing Rack

In my book, the branch is way cooler than any clothing I own, not to mention there is almost always a funny story to go along with hunting for pretty branches, although they’re normally not conversation starters if you’re going for witty and sane. Nonetheless, this project is so easy that it makes finding a branch look like rocket science… To make your own, all you’ll need is 40lb. picture wire, a branch, wire cutters, and optionally an “S” hook. Just knot the picture wire onto each end, and then cut them to the desired length.

Then knot the ends onto an “S” hook, or tie it directly to your location. DIY Honeycomb Shelves. Sarah and her handy husband Josh recently created this beautiful honeycomb style shelving unit for their home.

DIY Honeycomb Shelves

This project is a little bit more involved because of the tools, but stick with it and you're going to have some amazing shelves. This DIY will make a three-comb shelf, and once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to make more combs to add to it. Supplies needed: A miter saw (or chop saw), wood screws or sheet rock screws at 1 1/4", a drill and drill bit (drill bit should be slightly smaller than the screws you are using), a level, a rotary sander (or sandpaper will work fine), wood glue, a tape measurer, some wall brackets, a pencil for marking measurements, and 3 fencing planks from your hardware or lumber store! *When choosing your wood at the store, check to make sure the wood isn't warped or twisty! Choose planks that are as level as possible 1. 5. 9. 13. Ok! 1. Starburst Mirror DIY. Starburst mirrors are so chic in metallics and I'm really loving gold accents lately.

Starburst Mirror DIY

I wanted to create something for our bedroom that replaced an old art piece that wasn't really working and that also added more light to a dark corner in that space.