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Jeggings are more than just leggings | Index Blue Fashion. The trends of fashion are like the waves of the sea, which keep forming and hit the shore then gradually recede only to come back again. Similarly in the context of fashion, the fashion trends keep coming back to us over and over again. We have seen many a time, the recurrence of some trends every time, which gradually gain huge popularity and eventually stay put in our hearts and rules the fashion charts for a long time. One such fashion trend which is hot and is being seen everywhere is the ‘jeggings’, which can be said to be a combined name for jeans and leggings. To keep you updated in case you were not aware, jeggings is in reality a brand name that is owned and registered by a textile company of Turkey which originally manufactured this innovative stretchable fabric.

Since the name is so catchy and fits in so well as a description, it is used colloquially in the global stage to refer to this particular trend which is ruling the fashion charts now. LEARN HOW TO IGNITE THE SPARK IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP | The Artist Finder. To buy Latest dresses and stay updated has always been one of my favorite hobbies. But due to tight work schedules and household chores, I hardly get time to check the newest dresses for women portrayed on runways and fashion magazines. After marriage, the responsibilities take over your dreams and desires, as I was no exception, the same started happening to me.

My work-life balance took over and the resulting effects were evident to my husband even. Seeing the same, the day was not far when I had to hear some disturbing comments from him. He said once, “You do not look the same whom I married”. Listening to the same, I got furious initially, but without uttering a single word I realized that he was right. Whoa!!!! It took me a couple of days to understand the newest collection and to see what suits my body type and how can I carry them. The very first thing that caught my eyes were maxi dresses. Since then, I have got accustomed to seeing the dresses for women at bedtime. What to wear with leggings? | Fashion Modern And Modern Style. So all of us must confess of having few pairs of hot leggings in our wardrobe.

Whether we wear them or not doesn’t matter but we all have them. Leggings and its counterpart jeggings took the fashion world by storm and all of us bought into the trend quite happily. But the pleasure of owning one didn’t always transform into wearing it too. Both leggings and jeggings are a bit tricky to style which leaves us wondering what to wear with them. Moreover, the recent popularity of jeggings have made them a must have wardrobe staple which only adds to our confusion. Well, don’t bother. Button down Wonder if you can wear your classic button down outside of office?

Tunic A tunic as it goes is a loose fitting garment slightly reaching the knees. Dresses You can also wear hot leggings with dresses. Boots Although choosing a pair of shoes is not that difficult when pairing it with jeggings as almost all types of footwear look good with them. Layers Oversized tees. What to wear with leggings? | Fashion Modern And Modern Style. Our eternal love affair with bags « Everyday is Fashion Show. Written By: - Jun• 06•16 It is said that a woman carries her world along inside her bag.

Women add certain attributes to their ever favourite accessory the bag. They feel that bags are personal, functional, a statement of self expression and a fashion accessory that speaks aboutstatus symbol. I had asked several women how they felt about their bags and all of them had agreed that their bags were indeed very important to them and they loved online shopping for bags and carrying them. Likely, since with a bag added to the look, one can immediately achieve the desired look and image. And moreover, you do not need to try it on. Women all covet the idea of an expensive, latest design bag that is featured in a glossy magazine page and which is often seen to be worn by a celebrity. Online shopping fashion nowadays is no longer restricted to shopping for clothes or garments.

Now you can also easily get a sling bag for yourself from StalkBuyLove! Dresses for women   | FASHION STYLE. 4 ways to style a shift dress Dresses for women are available in such a wide variety of styles that most of the time we are clueless about which one is really worth investing in. And the huge collection offered by online shopping fashionadds to the confusion. However, with rising temperature a shift dress seems to be the most appropriate wardrobe staple to spend your summers in as compared to other dresses for women. A shift dress is a short dress featuring a loose fit and an undefined waist. A little black shift dress: When looking to update your wardrobe with black dresses for women, opt for a shift dress.

Shift dresses for a defined silhouette Dresses for women are great for highlighting your curves. Opt shift dresses for a tummy flattering effect Let’s accept the fact that not all of us are blessed with a perfect figure. A floral shift dress for a relaxed look When updating your wardrobe with dresses for women, aprinted shift dress is the best option. Shopping online? Make sure to not miss the latest western dresses on - Peaches Pinks Corals. Crop Tops Are In! - APOSS. This summer go effortless with palazzo pants – All In one. Riding on the knickerbockers glory of its name, palazzo pants have become a must have style staple for women of all ages. Having said that it would seem grossly inappropriate if you still find yourself a stranger to the trend. Palazzo pants are everywhere and with summer dawning upon us once again, the possibility of them returning in different colours and prints is very much anticipated. After all, a pair of wide legged ladies trousers in loose fitting is something all of us would agree to, in order to thrive the summer heat.

A palazzo pant is long, elegant and swooshy trousers, made from light fabric which flares from the waist. Many would dismiss these wide legged ladies trousers as not cool and stylish enough, that they would prefer wearing a long skirt if not jeans rather than swishing around in palazzo pants. Slipping into a palazzo pant instantly offers a feeling of true relaxation. Palazzo pants online shopping offers a great range of these wide legged ladies trousers. LADIES HANDBAGS – THE NEW REPLACEMNTS OF DIAMONDS – eCommerce Business. My fetish for handbags started when I was a little girl, though at that time I didn’t know the ABC about designer ladies bags and their value, anything with a hint of glitter and bright colour was instantly my favourite. I remember seeing my mother and my aunt waiting for their sister who lived in the US, she visited once a year, during vacations and got us cousins a truckload of goodies along.

The constant thing that she got for my mother and my aunt was a designer ladies purse each and some cosmetics. They both used to be so excited and giggled like teenagers. I really didn’t get the excitement over a bag at that time, but I was just happy seeing them happy and smiling like silly girls. Obviously, we loved our gifts too, growing up a bit, I used to eye their old ladies handbags, which were religiously passed on to me by both the sisters who knew I was following their footsteps.

Online shopping fashion has made it very simple for every person to buy these amazing ladies bags. Dress me up! | serendipitybyswatir. Globalization has had far reaching effects in our lives. With globalization, the influence of western culture has had an undeniable impact on our lives and we Indians have now moved on from that period of time when we used to prefer going by our traditional sense of dressing and fashion. Indian women have now happily and readily embraced the dressing style which is so influenced by the western world.

It is thus a very common observation that the Indian fashion scene has undergone gradual changes in styles and trends over many years and has reached significant milestones. We, the modern Indian women, have accepted the western concepts of wearing pants and skirts and western dresses. As a matter of fact, we are totally in love with west influenced fashion and love to dress up wherever we go. Nowadays, with the progress of technology and its advancement, e-commerce has experienced the biggest revolution. The lovely girly skater dresses are an evolved version of the skater skirts. Different Dresses You Can Shop Online – i Shop Cary. A women’s closet without western dresses is a closet incomplete. Dresses are a very important part of women’s everyday fashion choices. It is a dress that brings out the beauty of a woman’s body. Therefore you need to be very focused and decided about the kind of dress you buy for yourself.

In today’s world where the internet brings everything to you in a silver platter, you can choose whatever you want. The A-line Dresses The A-line dresses are a perfect choice if you are on the taller side. The Peplum Dresses Are your shoulders too broad? The Floor – Length Gowns Among all the western dresses, there needs to be at least one floor – length gown in your wardrobe. The Sheath Dresses This is the kind of dress you should go for if you want to hide the extra tummy fat.

The Wrap Dresses Do you want to make sure that the world sees the beauty of your curves? So before purchasing from an online shopping site, make sure that you know your body type. TOPS FOR GIRLS TO STYLE WITH SKIRTS | MacuhoWeb. With the advent of the summer season, the things that come into our mind are mangoes, beaches, lemonades and cool cotton clothing. We women, blaming the heat have just another reason to shed off some layers to beat the heat and look attractive at the same time.

Unlike winters, where we have to just wear layers and layers of clothes to protect ourselves, summers are much more fun. All things bright and shiny look nice, all flimsy fabrics make our skin breathe and experiment with clothes to your heart’s content. Summer season is one of the coolest seasons to try out the new trends in fashion. It allows you to bare the skin as much as possible and drape the new fashionable styles on your silhouette.

As the summer starts, we mostly make plans to go out to the hill stations and a few beaches to feel the cool breeze and feel calmer and cooler. When you plan to visit a beach, a bit obvious thing that strikes the mind is the skirt. The Basic Tee The tank top The Crop tops The shirt Mike W. Striking the right balance with Palazzos – Fashion. Palazzos are one of ladies trousers which are a huge trend in this season. This trend has got deep vintage roots since they were extremely popular in the 1930s and then resurfaced again in 60’s. More recently, we have spotted many celebrities and models wearing these super stylish flared ladies trousers as part of their summer wardrobe. People all over the world including the whole fashion fraternity are rocking this new look. These ladies trousers are very loose and comfortable and extremely easy to wear.

Palazzos are very reliable in providing balance to your structure and flatter your figure. There are multitudes of ways in which you can experiment with your looks, by wearing palazzos. When you are comfortable in your clothes, it definitely shows outwardly lending that confidence to you, which makes you look more gorgeous than ever! Women’s fashion has undergone a major revolution with the effects of globalization, which has found its expression in women dresses. Best Dresses to choose, piece of cake now!! – Fashion and Dresses. Everyone has tasted the palatable service of online shopping, where I (shopping lover) think, “What a street shop can’t offer me in a minute is provided by a virtual store!”

Are you surprised to hear this??? Well, in this era of fashion and vogue every teenager, sister, daughter, friend, mother and wife keeps on browsing the web portals every now and then in search of latest dress design that must beat the trend in every possible way. Last weekend only, when I was with none other than my hubby, we went for some trendy dresses for girls online, after all I am a mother of two daughters and it is my prime responsibility to get them the best clothing attires. I remember even today, it was Sunday, as usual, my kids were sleeping till late in the morning and we both (hubby and I) decided to shop something online for them. Firstly, we browsed Store1 where the latest collection reflected the eternal power of colours and varied styles of dresses.

Hey! It is your favourite one guys: StalkBuyLove. A growing relationship that only we women understand! Shopping has an undefined loving relationship with the modern woman. We women are too much in love with shopping. You can never find a woman on this earth who is not fond of shopping. The intensity of love might vary, but no there is nobody who can strongly say that they hate shopping. We can easily spend hours together, shopping for shoes, clothes, bags, cosmetics etc. That way women never really show impatience? According to psychologists, shopping is essentially a woman’s emotional journey. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, e-commerce has witnessed the greatest revolution.

Online shopping for women’s fashion is also seeing a revolution. Off shoulder dresses are a rage this season in women dresses online. Shift dresses are pretty comfortable since they are not very curvy and do not hug your body too tight. Peplum dresses are a super stylish among these latest dresses. For the perfect hourglass frames, the tube dress is the best way to show off those sexy curves! 3 tips to style non-black dresses for an effortless style – Coach Your Style. Having an array of stylish dresses in your wardrobe is just a part of being a woman. Having said that it becomes imperative to have at least one such dress that would act as a workhorse, something which can be easily dressed up or down, fits properly and looks good with almost everything.

If you have something on which you can always bank on, updating your wardrobe with all the latest dresses would be a fun activity. However, having something to match all the above mentioned qualities seem like impossible unless and until you don’t find yourself thinking beyond the tried and true little black dress (LBD). It would be like a dream come true when other dresses for girls can be as versatile as a black dress. The usability offered by a black dress makes it a favourite among all the latest dresses.

Get your hands on nude shoes Nude shoes will go with everything without any doubt. Bags! Accessories. It’s time to crop out your humdrum fashion existence! – Passion-4-Fashion. Summer is already here and the temperatures are now soaring with every passing day, not to mention the extreme humidity. At times it feels like the earth is probably moving towards the sun and not around it! To combat the soaring temperatures, we need to wear clothes that let us breathe and stay cool. But we cannot compromise on the style quotient too. The good news for us is that crop tops that were once seen in the fashion circuit long back, have made a re-entry and are here to stay as a prime fashion trend.

Crop tops were designed long back, as early as the 1980s, though they looked more cheesy back then. Are you wondering whether crop tops will suit you or not? Evolution in the context of tops for women, have now resulted to cropped short tops can be worn by all, irrespective of their body type and size. If you are not that curvy, a draped top will look hot. I had read somewhere in some magazine and realized how correct it is these tops for women are just like the stilettos. STYLE THE MAXI DRESSES YOUR WAY – Fashion Night. Be a pro at online shopping! – Beauty & Fitness Ect. Make the most of summer in stylish western dresses – Nouve Fashion. The advantages of online shopping | Beauty Soul.

Why Black Dresses are a Staple in Our Wardrobes| Cherry On Top. FLAUNT THE IMPRESSIVE ABS IN CROP TOPS – Fashion & Style IDeas. THE FEMININE CHARM OF WESTERN AND BLACK DRESSES | Fashionable Way. Summery elegance at its best | Jalilaes Saidi Fashion. Shouldering it right! | Perfect Fashion. Jeggings- Hot, Trendy & Attractive | Guidyu Lingerie. ONLINE SHOPPING – A GAME CHANGER FOR THE MASSES – Backlink Bag. Shrugs- A Complete Fashion Statement – Desimon Pages. BANG BOOM THE SUMMERS WITH THE LONG DRESSES. Inside Outside Of Online fashion | Saruana Fashion. 5 REASONS TO BUY MAXI SKIRTS – Shirts On The Fly. Wedding Guide: 7 Tips to Get Thick Lustrous Hair. JUMPSUITS FOR GIRLS- EVERY WOMAN MUST TRY | NGS Fashion.

Online Shopping Fashion for Women is it Really Growing!! | Enable Your Style. Online Shopping Fashion for Women is it Really Growing!! | Enable Your Style. Latest Trends in Tops for Women-Crop Tops ! | Beauty & the Best. 4 Things women want in an Online Shopping Site | Women, Shop and Fashion. Why shopping is good for you, ladies! | Fashion & Style. 8 Style cues from the best dressed celebrities at Grammy’s 2016 | serendipitybyswatir. Where To Wear Maxi Dresses - FashionForRoyals. Online Shopping: The Latest Therapeutic | Yudas! Reign with Royalty! 4 Tips To Wear Palazzos If You Are Short and Petite | AntiQuaris. Let’s Go Shopping Online | Blogs 2 Read. How To Add Oomph Fashion Factor Without Being Broke! | PUFS TV.

90s Fashion Trends That Live On! | AAPNet. Can Maxi Dresses Work At The Office? | Moxie Today! 5 Ways To Wear Boyfriend Jeans.