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How To Write A Killer Resume - Hunarr Offical Blog. #CareerFriday Your resume (sometimes called your “CV”) is your most important tool when applying for a job.

How To Write A Killer Resume - Hunarr Offical Blog

It doesn’t matter how qualified you are, or how much experience you have – if your resume is poorly presented or badly written, you’re going to have trouble getting the job you want – or even an interview. The purpose of a resume Your resume is a marketing tool. It needs to demonstrate: That you are employable How you meet the job and the organisation’s requirements That you have the right qualifications and education That you have the right experience and skills That you have the right level of professionalism for the job Font Keywords A lot of recruitment agencies use software that scans applications for keywords and phrases. SkillsJobsActivitiesQualificationsSoftwareTools To make sure your resume has the right keywords and phrases, check out the job ad and make a list of the words and phrases it uses. Format Choose an appropriate template for you CV. Headline Objective Example: XYZ Pvt. Handholding Your Employee During Their Probation Period.

The probation period is a mechanism to ensure that the selected candidate is qualified to perform the job he/she has been selected for.

Handholding Your Employee During Their Probation Period

It is an opportunity to evaluate the new employee’s performance, commitment and other things which are required to judge their suitability for the job role. Necessary actions should be taken if the new employee fails to meet the requirements. The probation period is also an opportunity for the new employees to see if they like the work environment and if the job role is suitable for them. There are certain steps to be taken to make the new employees aware of the work they need to accomplish and help them understand organization better. Setting The StandardsAlways help the new hires while they are in their probation period. Top Graphic Designing Institutes In India - Hunarr Offical Blog.

What is Graphic Designing?

Top Graphic Designing Institutes In India - Hunarr Offical Blog

Graphic Designing is the process in which texts, images, colours and artworks are used to create a final layout. These designs are used to do visual communication, it can also be called as communication design. Graphic Designs are used to create brand identity, this normally contains a logo designed to enhance the brand image by using appropriate colours, image and text content which is relevant. Other uses of graphic designs are to create print or digital advertisements for newspapers, magazines, books, posters, website design, brand symbols and product packaging. 9 Sales Tactics Bollywood Teaches Us. The minute one utters the word ‘Salesperson‘, the image that comes to the mind is that of a guy ringing the doorbell and exclaiming, ”Madam, would you like to purcha…” right before getting the door slammed on his face after which we resume watching that afternoon movie on TV.

9 Sales Tactics Bollywood Teaches Us

A while later, when pondering over the banal existence of that poor salesperson, one starts wishing he would have learnt sales skills from our very own Bollywood actors, which might have yielded different results. Well, here is a list of actors who sure have some excellent selling skills! Career Friday - Data Entry Operator - Hunarr Offical Blog. #CareerFriday What does a Data Entry Operator do?

Career Friday - Data Entry Operator - Hunarr Offical Blog

The basic duty of a Data entry operator is to update, maintain and retrieve information which is held in a company’s computerised information storage and retrieval systems. Myths v/s Realities Of Teamwork. Teamwork means less ‘ME’ and more ‘WE’ We all have been working in/with a team, irrespective to the work we’re indulged in.

Myths v/s Realities Of Teamwork

But, have you ever wondered why teamwork is important? Let’s discuss why the ability to work in a team is so necessary for our professional lives. At your workplace, teamwork offers the company and staff an opportunity to become familiar with each other. Teamwork is critically important for the success of the company and for the development of each employee. Did you know? In your career, you might have come across many team building activities and might have discussed things for building a strong team at your respective workplace. Myth – Teams Are Harmonious People Who Compromise Their Needs For The Sake Of The Team Reality – A good team is filled with diverse people which should be recognized and used by leaders in the most appropriate way. Audio Word List - Hunarr Offical Blog. #CareerFriday I always believe that learning and improving English vocabulary is most effective through an audio medium.

Audio Word List - Hunarr Offical Blog

Think of your childhood days when we amassed so much of knowledge just by listening to others. Why Referral Hiring Could Be The Gamechanger In Recruitment [Infographic] People influence people.

Why Referral Hiring Could Be The Gamechanger In Recruitment [Infographic]

Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.– Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Referrals happen everyday. 5 Reasons Big Data and Hadoop are Important for Java Developers - Hunarr Offical Blog. Java developers have remained at the top of the recruitment charts but slowly due to advanced technologies coming up their way, it has become inevitable for them to indulge into learning the advanced technology and programming language.

5 Reasons Big Data and Hadoop are Important for Java Developers - Hunarr Offical Blog

There is no major drop in the demand of Java Developers but those with the knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop may find the faster way to the top. According to one estimate, Hadoop Developers are taking about 250% more pay hike compared to those who are proficient only with Java. Why Knowing How To Use Online Recruitment Effectively Could Save Your Career [Infographic] Howsoever much one employs traditional methods of hiring, whether it be through headhunters or hoarding and magazine advertisements, the online recruitment process as a means to catch job seekers looking for greener careers is here to stay.

Why Knowing How To Use Online Recruitment Effectively Could Save Your Career [Infographic]

Online recruiting not only eases the hiring process by making it easier to post hundreds of job openings in one go, but also facilitates effective follow-up with the numerous candidates applying for them. In this infographic, we have tried to highlight and elaborate the various aspects related to the online recruitment process. It can thus be seen that although the scale of online recruiting process can sometimes boggle the mind, the key elements such as transparency, face-to-face interaction as well as the larger pool of vacancies that job seekers can apply for are still pertinent enough to make it the best recruitment system.

. – Design : Bhivraj Sul, Design team @Aasaanjobs Contributor: Sourabh Biswas Summary Article Name Description Author. A Beginner's Guide to IELTS Exam - Hunarr Offical Blog. #CareerFriday What is IELTS? IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System.IELTS is the world’s most popular English language test.IELTS is jointly managed by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL), British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia. Relocation From Rural To Urban Areas [Infographic] “…we cited provisional figures of the NSSO (64th round, 2007-2008) to say that 67.6% of urban migration in Maharashtra was from within the state itself…2.4 lakh people had migrated to Mumbai from other areas of the state…” – Madhavi Rajadhyaksha, ‘70% migrants to Mumbai are from Maharashtra’, Times of India A recurring theme in debates involving the topics of employment and urban planning is rural to urban migration of the people.

Top Free Websites to Master MS Excel Formulae - Hunarr Offical Blog. These days, more and more companies are focusing on data driven decisions and rely on research and data analytics to gain greater customer insight. With the increase in the number of Startups, the demand for MS Excel proficient professionals in the market has skyrocketed. Knowledge of Advance Excel is extensively required in the fields of Accounting and Finance, Operations & Market Research to name a few. Be it a Director, CEO or an office boy, peon, knowledge of MS Excel is important for all. Mastering MS Excel can boost up your career as it will help you to stand out from the crowd.

6 Quick Video Guides For Conducting Performance Appraisal [Video] Performance reviews are important. Period. And while many HR professionals and senior managers may have several ideas around the same, the right way to conduct an appraisal is still a very debatable issue, with daggers drawn (OK that might be taking it too far) over a discussion on the same. Watch quick videos to get a hang of performance appraisals! #HR #HRblogs #startup #performancereview Click To Tweet In this post, I have put together some videos that illustrate what to do (and some on the things to avoid) while conducting a performance appraisal meeting.

Related article: How To Decide The Best Appraisal System For Your Company [Infographic] Top 5 Expectations When Someone Studying Industrial Accountant Degree Course - Hunarr Offical Blog. Expectations of a Candidate pursuing Industrial Account Course When a candidate enrolls for an Industrial Account Course, he/she has deluge of expectations. He /she chooses vocational course over general courses being offered in the market such as BA, B. Com or B.Sc. as he/she wishes to get trained by Industry experts with a profound knowledge and skills in the area of Finance and Accounts with modern outlook. Why Your Employees Come To Work Even When They're Sick? LIC - Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) - Hunarr Offical Blog. Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) is the largest insurance company in India with several branches and offices across the country.

Enabling Faster Recruitment Through Job Placement Agencies. Career Friday - Bank PO - Hunarr Offical Blog. 13 weird reasons why people resign. Resignations are common, almost a rite of passage in everybody’s life, dictated often by a personal choice to move on to greener pastures or by circumstances. National Eligibility Test for Assistant Professor - Hunarr Offical Blog. #CareerFriday. Creating A Gender-sensitive Workplace. Career as a Telecaller in BPO - Hunarr Offical Blog. #CareerFriday What does a Telecaller do? Telecaller has to make and attend calls for various companies.

Their basic work is to give introduction about the company, briefly describe about the product, discuss all the features of the product and resolve customer queries. Salary and perks 12,000 to 15,000 per monthImmense commissions and incentives based on performancePick up and drop facility usually for people working in night shiftsNight shift allowances Demand in the market Demand for Telecallers is huge in sectors like e-commerce, banks, airline, IT, TelecomReputed companies like Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Vodafone hire telecallers in bulk every year.

Is Finding The Right Job Like Hunting For A Soulmate? “Do you believe in soulmates?” It’s an age-old saying that everyone has a soulmate, that someone somewhere is meant for you. Career as a Back Office Executive - Hunarr Offical Blog. Sexual harassment doesn't happen in offices. Career as an Income Tax Inspector - Hunarr Offical Blog. 6 Things You Wish You Knew Before Starting Up. Career as an IT Executive - Hunarr Offical Blog. Why and How To Conduct Effective Exit Interviews For Employees? Career as a Sales Executive - Hunarr Offical Blog. Musings On Blame Games In Offices. Top MS Excel Shortcuts - Hunarr Offical Blog. 7 Amazing Jobs That Let You Travel. Career as a Santa - Hunarr Offical Blog. 9 Things You Could Do After Getting Fired. A Beginner’s Guide to TOEFL Exam - Hunarr Offical Blog. In The Boss's Arms. A Beginner’s Guide to GRE Exam - Hunarr Offical Blog. 10 crazy ways to take an office break.

Career As A SEO Specialist - Hunarr Offical Blog. So these actors were told they just got fired. What happened next will blow your mind. Career As A Graphic Designer - Hunarr Offical Blog. How Performance And Rapport Can Help You Survive A Cut-Throat Workplace. GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test - Hunarr Offical Blog. 7 Bizarre Problems You Face While Hiring Key People In Your Startup. 5 Highest Paying Government Jobs in India - Hunarr Offical Blog. 5 Ways To Strategically Take A Break.

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All you need to know about photography as a career!!! - Hunarr Offical Blog. How To Ensure Employee Retention Through A Strategic Onboarding Process. 7 Effective Solutions For Employee Retention. 9 Paintings That Aptly Depict Your Office. Right Ways To Conduct An Interview - Part 2. Weird Responses Candidates Give To Ditch Interviews.