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22 Hindi Birthday Songs To Play, Dance and Have Unlimited Fun. Birthdays are one of the special days in most people's life.

22 Hindi Birthday Songs To Play, Dance and Have Unlimited Fun

Really no one wants their birthday to pass without a celebration, let it be big or small. Calling friends and families over, cut the cake and having a splendid day is all one wants. But wait, isn’t the party incomplete without songs to dance on? 49 Steve Jobs Quotes That Will Add inspirational Fuel To Your Life. If the Apple brand is the magic we all go crazy after then Steve Jobs is the founder magician of this.

49 Steve Jobs Quotes That Will Add inspirational Fuel To Your Life

Steven Paul Jobs born on February 24, 1955, is an American businessman and industrial designer who established the worldwide renowned brand Apple in the year 1976 along with Steve Wozniak. Speaking, for now, Apple is the largest tech company with around 352 billion dollars of brand value overtaking Microsoft. Walking past such a brilliant career, in 2003 Jobs was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, pancreatic cancer. After a long fight and constant medication Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011. His burning desire to 'leave a dent on the universe' is what he has accomplished but the reason behind the creation of this article is to ignite the same spirit, the same hunger in the reader, the hunger to do something in their life.

Republic Day Articles - Live News 26th January 2021. Searching for an amazing list of brother-sister songs ?

Republic Day Articles - Live News 26th January 2021

Sweet, tangy, spicy, bitter, where can one find all these flavours in one place? Not sure which dist, but surely in a brother and sister’s bond. The best mix of emotions one can get. I don’t feel there is any other relationship where you both have laughed endlessly, fought up to a level of killing each other, and also fought with someone else to defend the other one, yet went on teasing and bullying each other every next moment. Feeding Trends - Premier Digital Content Platform. 22 Spots For Trekking In Mumbai Which Is Perfect For Adventure Loving People. Mumbai aka the city of dreams has its own glamour.

22 Spots For Trekking In Mumbai Which Is Perfect For Adventure Loving People

To keep up with the pace of the city, one has to keep working and working. But for how long can a person work without taking a break? Taking care of one's mental health is as important as taking care of one's physical health. 25 South Indian Food & Dishes That Are World Famous. South Indian food is widely known for its unique flavour, taste, essence and the touch of the handmade love added to it!

25 South Indian Food & Dishes That Are World Famous

With its diversity within the food items, some of the south Indian dishes have captured our hearts and melted our mouths! If you are a foodie, you simply must try these, and if you already have, I’m sure you will agree with me when I say, it’s the food of heaven. They are not just a delight to the eyes, but also very good for your health, nutrition and digestibility wise. With the divine taste of the mixed species, curries, and vegetables here comes to you a list of the best south Indian dishes that you’ll crave for once you have tasted them.

25 Farhan Akhtar Movies That Are Among Finest Works in Bollywood. 42 Indian Rappers with Desi Hip-Hop Style You Should Know. Rap music has undeniably emerged as a popular genre in Indian Music. It has given birth to many new rappers in the country as a result of which we have many Indian rappers today. These Indian rappers have given brilliant hip hop rap songs to us. The various rap genres like mumble rap, rap metal, lyrical rap, desi hip-hop are gaining popularity. 10 Caves in Mumbai That Show The Beauty of Nature And Serve As Tourist Places. Caves add beauty to nature.

10 Caves in Mumbai That Show The Beauty of Nature And Serve As Tourist Places

Everything from the mountains to the sea is naturally created by the universe. God contributed every ounce of hard work to make this universe. But caves are something which was created by man in ancient times as a hideout place or a place to reside. Eventually, it started to depict the life and daily struggles of our ancestors with the beautiful carvings and painting on it. Our ancestors left a beautiful message all over the place in the form of these amazing and strikingly beautiful monuments. 16 Shashi Tharoor Books That Should Be on List Of Every Book Lover. Shashi Tharoor was born on9 March 1956 in London, England.

16 Shashi Tharoor Books That Should Be on List Of Every Book Lover

He is an Indian. He completed his studies in University of Delhi (BA) and Tufts University (MA, MALD, PhD). He is a writer, a Diplomat, a Politician by profession. He has been serving as Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, since 2009. He started his writings at the age of 6. All 12 Chetan Bhagat Books & Novels To Read One After Another. It is often said that what we see and what we hear makes an impact on us even in the slightest way possible.

All 12 Chetan Bhagat Books & Novels To Read One After Another

The basic mode of entertainment or to pass time in leisure has always been a “Book” which can be easily available if the right efforts are made to get it. We are often told that books provide us with a sense of relief and comfort which is hard to find anywhere else, they talk to us, nurture our thoughts, and give us a story with which we can play forever! When it comes to novels and books, we first go and search for the best books by an inspiring writer and Chetan Bhagat stands out to be one such writer who has been an inspiration for the coming generation. Thus, we have brought you the List of 12 Chetan Bhagat Books which should be given a read! 13 Indians Who Won Nobel Prize and Made The Country Proud. Mankind is the only race the earth has and is the universal fact.

13 Indians Who Won Nobel Prize and Made The Country Proud

There cannot be any other community inferior or superior than this unless we create such circumstances. As of now, the world has come a very long way through enormous geographical changes, innumerable inventions and discoveries, bloodshed wars and harmonies, history to be cherished and future to be foreseen. Delhi Metro Guidelines As It Reopens and Resumes Services from Sept 7. Popular among the locals and tourists alike, the Delhi Metro is hailed as the backbone of Delhi NCR.

Delhi Metro Guidelines As It Reopens and Resumes Services from Sept 7

Delhi Metro operates 389 KM of Metro network with 285 stations in Delhi-NCR including Rapid Metro in Gurugram and Aqua Line of Noida-Greater Noida Metro. About 70% of Delhi Metro passengers used to travel by using Smart Cards. Overall passenger journeys performed in a day before the Covid-19 stuck our country was around 60 lakhs. After a five-month shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic (169 days to be precise), the Delhi metro is running in Delhi again. The Delhi Metro is ready to resume its services, which were suspended since 22nd March 2020 from 7th September 2020. 23 Delhi Temples That Are Famous Tourist Places To Visit. Spirituality has no bounds. One can visit temples and can still be Agnostic. Human understanding of divinity and God is still a mystery and people have been trying to figure it out for decades.

19 Parks In Delhi That You Must Visit While Exploring Delhi. In the last few months, this lockdown has started to tell upon our lives, mostly mentally. And now when the government of India has finally announced that the country will go through unlock phases, the crowd overall is jumping for joy. Maintaining all the government's guidelines, one is now allowed to go out.

Then why not take the advantage and kill the boredom? In this article, we will learn about some famous and wonderful places especially parks situated in Delhi. Parks being huge have an advantage. The capital city, Delhi has a huge history attached to it. The history and incidents attached to India that contribute to the richness in the field of art and culture can easily be felt in the parks in Delhi. 35 Quotes by Robin Sharma That Will Make Your Today Better Than Yesterday. You would notice some of these quotes by Robin Sharma are floating all across social media, newspapers, and books! Robin Sharma is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and world-renewed leadership coach. He lives by the advice that he shares and has created a massive name for himself through his original bestseller The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. If you read books on leadership and success, then you must have known about him. The author of countless books on achievement and success, such as the bestselling The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Leader Who Had No Title, Robin Sharma is recognized as one of the world’s leading authors.

25 Leonardo Dicaprio Movies To Watch and Witness His Great Performances. If you are more into Hollywood, there is no doubt that you know this man; even if you do not know much about Hollywood, you would be familiar with this man as “Jack Dawson”. Yes! It's Leonardo Dicaprio, the man who is celebrated as the almighty of Hollywood by many across the world. Leo Dicaprio’s movies have been milestones in his career and in Cinema history as well. May it be romance, may it be thug, may it be horror or even the biopic kinda movies of him has inspired a lot of people irrespective of ages and places.

He aces the screen with his flawless acting skills and the great accolades such as the Academy and the Golden Globe, acknowledges it. 25 Iconic Sholay Dialogues That Are Timeless. Secrets That Lie Deep Under The Oceans Patiently Waiting For Us. The ocean is beautiful, mysterious, wild and free. 5 Weird Foods From The World That Will Knock Down Your Senses. 30 Best Christmas Carols To Make Celebrations Special. 47 Secret Santa Gifts for This Year To Make Christmas Celebration Special. With Christmas around the corner, everyone's preparations have begun.

Cakes, carols, movies, chocolates, ornaments, songs, decorations, and everything else that is a part of the festivities are arranged. And amid all this, the hunt for the secret Santa gifts also starts. Finding a gift for someone can be quite challenging. 50 Merry Christmas Quotes That Remind You It Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. 12 Robin Sharma Books One Must Read for Success, Happiness And Entrepreneurial Journey.

You Are NOT A True Indian If You Have Never Been To These 20 Amazing Stations. 21 Out Of 100 Retro Songs That Are Still Loved By Majority Of Indian Youth. The bell bottoms pants, the polka dots print and hairstyles, everything that was shown on the silver screen used to leave an impact on the viewers. New Humorous Meanings Assigned To Old Words Demand A Whole New Dictionary. It Takes A Lot Of Ups And Downs To Achieve A Single Milestone. 5 Pandemic Weddings of 2020 Which Proved Love Is Beyond All Obstacles. 10 Fun Facts About Colours That Are Common Yet Go Unnoticed By Us. 30 Beautiful Urdu Words That Help You Become An Urdu Poet Instantly.

30 Sexual Orientation Types To Choose Yours. 10 Most Anticipated Books Of 2019 That Every Book Nerd Must Read. 10 Percent Reservation Bill - A Bold Move Or An Election Gimmick. Lucknow Is Not Only In India, There Are 8 Other Places That Share The Same Name. 15 Startup Quotes By Successful Entrepreneurs That Are Perfect Energy Boosters. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Poems And Kavita. 6 Things About Lucknow City Which Make It An Unforgettable Emotion. 10 Personality Types People Have Other Than Ache Log And Bure Log. 9 Holy Places In India Where Entry Of Women Was Or Is Prohibited. 19 Romantic Love Quotes On Broken Hearts And Unkept Promises. Dear Wanderers, You Won't Be Able To Resist The Mouthwatering Aroma Of Lucknowi Food. Dear Wanderers, You Won't Be Able To Resist The Mouthwatering Aroma Of Lucknowi Food. 16 Mumbai Bazaars That Provide The Best Shopping Experience Proving Worthy. 35 Romantic Chand and Raat Shayaris For All The Love Birds. 7 Unknown Facts About Deepika Padukone On Her Birthday.

9 Amish Tripathi Books Which Are A Must-read For Every Indian. 15 Shayaris From Gulzar Songs That Added Soul And Romance To Bollywood Movies. 51 Rabindranath Tagore Quotes That Are Inspirational and Wise. 19 DC Movies List That Overpower Marvel Movies Giving A Healthy Competition. 26 Beaches In Mumbai Which Are a Must Visit Place For Travellers. 17 Countries With Free Education For Students To Progress Better. 24 Pixar Movies That Spread Unmatched Magic On Screen.

30 Waseem Barelvi Shayari And Poetry On Love, Life And Friendship. 50 Bob Marley Quotes on Love, Life, Money, and She. 10 Women Bottom Wear To Look At Before Buying From Amazon. 51 Gentlemen Quotes for Celebrate Their Presence in Your Life. 43 Rahat Indori Shayaris That Will Make Him Immortal in Our Lives. 25 MS Dhoni Quotes For Inspiration From MSD’s Life & Untold Story. 33 Disney Movies That Are Stories Of Struggles And Success. 32 Types of Indian Sarees Which Define India, It's Culture and Tradition. 30 Firaq Gorakhpuri Shayari and Poetry That Are Drenched In Love. 8 Indian Classical Dance Forms To Know Our Country More Closely. 48 Bollywood Comedy Movies That Will Surely Make You Laugh To Tears. 40 Teacher’s Day Quotations From Great Personalities About Teachers. 11 Sushant Singh Rajput Bollywood Movies Including Dil Bechara Sum Up His Career, 4 Movies End With His Death. 21 Hindi Rap Songs With Desi Hip Hop Which Are Better Than International Rappers.

35 Marvel Movies List That Sum Up The Marvel Cinematic Universe. 35 Marvel Movies List That Sum Up The Marvel Cinematic Universe. 46 Bollywood Travel Songs For An Endless Road Trip Playlist. 30 Bollywood Movie Characters Who Changed Fashion Trends in India (Part 1) 11 Sikh Gurus Along With Their Life, History, And Teachings. 15 Bollywood Lyricists & Dialogue Writers Who Didn’t Get Their Due Credit. 23 Indian Army Ranks And Insignia For You To Know As A Citizen. 10 God Vishnu Avatars That Are Known As Dashavatara of God Vishnu. 45 Motivational Songs to Uplift Your Mood And Gear You Up. 36 Winnie The Pooh Quotes With Some Sweet Advices On Love and Life. Top 26 Indian Youtubers and Youtube Channels That You Must Subscribe. 20 Alan Walker Songs That Your All-time Playlist Definitely Needs! 20 Bhagwad Gita Quotes for Life Decisions And Choices. 35 International Men’s Day Quotes To Wish & Celebrate It Right.

18 Netflix Series In Hindi To Watch That You Just Can’t-Miss! 42 Indian Air Force Equipment That Make The 4th Largest Air Force So Brutal. 20 Diwali Songs To Play On Loop During Festive Celebrations. 25 Best Web Series To Watch That Are Popular, Good and Amazing. 18 Bhai Behen Songs For Showing Love On Special Occasions. 44 Onomatopoeia Words, Example, and Usage In Poetry. 9 Navratri Devi Names and Importance of Each Day of Nav Durga.

24 Best Harry Potter Quotes by Famous Characters of the Movie. 10 Essential Footwear That Every Woman Should Have. 24 Ratan Tata Quotes on Life, Determination & Kindness For All-age Learners. 13 Radha Krishna Love Quotes To Know About Eternal Love. 28 Bollywood Friendship Movies You Can Watch With Your Friends. 35 Daag Dehlvi Shayari & Poetry On Love And Relationships. 24 Bollywood Romantic Dialogues To Impress Your Lover At Once. 20 Children’s Day Quotes To Cherish And Value Childhood.