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AXiS 49 - Harmonic Table Keyboard, Tutorial & Solo. Starr Labs Wilson-MicroZone U648 Layout & Tuning Demo. Overview — NDVR. Eobody sensor systems. UE Boom: A Slick Bluetooth Speaker With Exquisite Sound. .: RSF DocFR :. DIFFUSION AUDIO. Cold Gold Contact Microphones - Online Store. Bose outside speakers. Marco Donnarumma. 2011, present | A biophysical, wearable interactive technology for musical performance and responsive milieux.

Marco Donnarumma

The Xth Sense (Marco Donnarumma 2011, present) is an original biophysical interactive system based on free, open source tools. The project goal is to investigate exploratory applications of biological sounds, namely muscle sounds, for musical performance and responsive milieux. The Xth Sense (XS) was awarded the first prize in the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition (Georgia Tech, US 2012) as the “world’s most innovative new musical instrument”.

The first XS public version was launched during summer 2012 at the Scotland Music Hack Day. The XS software and the hardware documentation are freely downloadable on-line. The Xth Sense DIY kit is also available for pre-order. Introduction “Everything we do is music.” Technical description The XS fosters a new and authentic interaction between man and machines. Support and awards Additional Information Related works. TouchKeys Multi-Touch Musical Keyboard by Andrew McPherson. Keep up-to-date after the campaign: Video gallery | Facebook group | The TouchKeys are touch sensors that attach to your keyboard to measure where your fingers contact the keys.Use the TouchKeys with any synth to naturally control vibrato, pitch bends, control changes and many other new sounds while playing.Put the TouchKeys on your own keyboard with a self-install DIY kit, or go for one of our limited-edition prebuilt instruments.

TouchKeys Multi-Touch Musical Keyboard by Andrew McPherson

Transforming the Keyboard Every keyboard player knows the problem: playing and releasing notes is easy, but shaping what happens in the middle is hard. The acoustic piano wasn't designed to play vibrato, pitch bends or timbre changes, and if you want these techniques on an electronic keyboard, you’re usually stuck with clumsy wheels and pedals or limited aftertouch. The TouchKeys instead put these techniques literally at your fingertips, giving you continuous expressive control with a shake of the wrist or a slide of the finger. A. Hardware and software for electronic music Soundplane A The Soundplane A is a computer music controller with the sensitivity and feel of an acoustic instrument.

It detects a wide range of touches on its walnut playing surface, from a light tickle to a very firm press. Unlike a MIDI keyboard, which typically sends out just one velocity value at the start of a note, the Soundplane communicates three dimensions of information, x, y and pressure, over the entire duration of every touch. As a synthesist, this lets you replace a triggered envelope with an intimate connection and breathe life into each note. True force sensing The Soundplane is a true force sensor.

Very high speed The Soundplane is incredibly fast. Ramasseurs de bruit France2. Neumann U 87. Tangible Musical Interfaces. Mogees - Gesture recognition with contact-microphones. Dream Theater - Octavarium Part 1 (Score) Haken Continuum fingerboard (Amon Tobin sur ISAM et autres...) Gestures Gear VBlog: Introducing the Yamaha WX7... Projects:the_t-stick [Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory (IDMIL)] The T-Sticks are a family of gestural musical controllers designed and built by Joseph Malloch.

projects:the_t-stick [Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory (IDMIL)]

The first prototype (a tenor) was completed in 2006, a second (alto) T-Stick was completed in early 2007. The hardware is presently in its third revision and approximately twenty more T-Sticks have been built, including several prototypes integrating haptic feedback and additional sensing modalities. NIME 2012 Ann Arbor, University of Michigan. Audio Spotlight - Add sound and preserve the quiet. Cloud Electronics > Product overview. They have chosen Focal Professional Studio monitors.

Distributeur de solutions audio professionnelles - Sound Directions France. ACCUEIL. Waves System, spécialiste de solutions audiovisuelles. SLRetail : a Division of Sound Leisure. ClearSound Convert your windows, walls, ceilings, dining table, bar tops etc. into intimate, non intrusive, high quality sounding boards.

SLRetail : a Division of Sound Leisure

These incredible ClearSound transducers transform any amplified audio output signal (No greater than 20 watts RMS recommended) into a manageable discrete sound source. Simply attach the device, as instructed, to almost any existing surface ie. .: RSF ProDAP :. Audio Spotlight - Add sound and preserve the quiet. All models now twice as powerfulClick here for details This compact system is best suited for providing sound to individuals in quiet areas, such as offices, high-end retail, galleries, waiting rooms, or the home.

Audio Spotlight - Add sound and preserve the quiet.

The larger surface of this version provides an extended listening area, as well as more available power. This makes it better suited for noisier environments, or areas requiring more coverage, such as museums, trade shows, supermarkets, and many retail environments. Key Features Each speaker panel is only 1/2" (1cm) thick, making installation simple.Custom sizes and shapes are available for special applications.Legacy circular versions are still available.All systems include both the Audio Spotlight speaker panel and processor/amplifier, as well as any necessary connection cables. Audio Spotlight® transducer Sound beam® processor/amplifier.

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