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Marketing Communications Manager with over 6 years of experience presenting professional written and verbal communication. I have developed marketing content for various verticals including B2C, B2B & B2G. I am a strong team player and a creative thinker with proven analytical and problem solving skills. I endeavor to deliver high quality marketing communication by applying strong project management skills that meet strategy requirements and company goals.

Digital Technology Can Make a Sales Manager Ridiculously Successful. Centralizing your customer experience: Stand out by reining it all in. 5 Reasons Why More and More Financial Institutions Choose to Go Paperless. Paid Program: Why is the Cybersecurity Industry So Broken? EVERY YEAR COMPANIES are spending more on their security posture, be it in cybersecurity products, services or training.

Paid Program: Why is the Cybersecurity Industry So Broken?

Yet the occurrence of breaches is not ceding but increasing. According to one industry-leading forecast, global spending on cybersecurity will grow to $170.4 billion in 2022, from $124 billion at the end of 2019. Surprisingly, these heavy investments have not resulted in better security, because two-thirds of U.S. companies have suffered a data breach in the past year. This percentage is slightly higher than the global figure of 60% but still shows an underestimate, considering so many breaches go undetected. When Cyber Risk Analytics released its 2019 MidYear Data Breach Quick View Report, it revealed some disquieting findings:

Paid Program: Close the Gap to Prevent Attacks. THE CYBERSECURITY INDUSTRY is currently experiencing an epidemic.

Paid Program: Close the Gap to Prevent Attacks

Deep Instinct Messaging Guide June 2020. PB Conversational Visual IVR 1806. Smart Digital Forms FINAL 25.07.18. The CallVU Solution Brief web 102018. Collaboration and Co browsing 23 01 2019. Visual IVR Product Description FINAL 1. Ebook paperless bank. Deep Instinct Cyber Security Technology applies threat intelligence tools and solutions for cyber threat hunting. Deep Instinct Cheat Sheet 2020. How Companies are Successfully Bringing Down the Cost of a Data Breach. Seamless Security:Bio-metric Authentication - CallVU : CallVU. The introduction of advanced biometric authentication technology has enabled large companies such as banks, insurance providers and credit card companies to provide a robust verification process that is easy to use while ensuring the highest protection of customer data.

Seamless Security:Bio-metric Authentication - CallVU : CallVU

The Ease of Identity Fraud Standard authentication methods are no longer sufficient at preventing call center fraud. From Fake News to Deepfake: The Solution Lies in Deep Learning - Deep Instinct. If the public outcry against Fake News, wasn’t enough to destabilize and imbue deep mistrust of the media, business, and our democratic systems, now we have Deepfake.

From Fake News to Deepfake: The Solution Lies in Deep Learning - Deep Instinct

In the past couple of weeks, we have seen high profile examples of deepfake, where deep learning, an advanced subset of AI, is used to manipulate videos that still look authentic. Most notably was the video of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declaring “whoever controls the data, controls the truth”. Why Digital Self-Service is the Future of Banking - CallVU : CallVU. Digital self-service enables financial institutions including banks, asset managers, credit card issuers and insurance companies to deliver a new engagement model that transforms simple calls into powerful, visual and digital interactions.

Why Digital Self-Service is the Future of Banking - CallVU : CallVU

Many companies are still to realize the benefits of digital self-service, primarily in that it enables them to provide customers with operational processes that previously were only available via a physical branch. However doing so, by digitally enhancing those process and making them available to customers at any time and from anywhere. The Emergence of Customer Centricity Now more than ever, consumers place greater demands on their banks and financial companies, but simultaneously consumers have greater digital prowess.

Financial institutions have addressed this change in consumer attitudes and behavior by developing a stronger focus on customer experience. . – Accenture 2018 North America Banking Operations Survey Why Digital Self-Service? Digital Customer Engagement - What it is and why you need it - CallVU : CallVU. The term “Digital Customer Engagement,” generally agreed to be the future of customer engagement, has been used to describe everything from managing apps, websites and social media accounts to customer surveys and loyalty programs.

Digital Customer Engagement - What it is and why you need it - CallVU : CallVU

However, this broadness has created confusion as to what the term actually means. According to Tim Lloyd from The Digital Engagement Guide, “Digital customer engagement” refers to anything that involves an online interaction. Specifically, it includes four key elements: The use of digital tools to find, listen to or interact witha brand’s customersaround a range of products. Based on this definition you could say that digital customer engagement includes customer service, by acting as a medium for answering questions and responding to requests for support. Virtue or Villain? BMW i8 Hybrid Review, Supercar Driving Report. Quant F - The New Electric Supercar. In Luxuria's previous edition we initiated our three part series into the best and most exciting electric cars that are expected to revolutionise the automotive luxury car industry.

Quant F - The New Electric Supercar

Next up: The NanoFlowcell Quant F. AI Beyond the Semantics: Here's What you Need to Know - Deep Instinct. The wave of excitement over artificial intelligence is spreading, and like a tsunami is anticipated to touch every possible surface.

AI Beyond the Semantics: Here's What you Need to Know - Deep Instinct

And yet as this wave crashes down, many consumers and companies struggle to identify the subsets of AI, and what these distinctions mean. Decision-makers are still unclear about the difference between ‘machine learning,’ and ‘deep learning’, and the significance that this distinction has in keeping their system’s users and data safe. Machine learning and deep learning are neither synonyms, nor competing technologies, and yet the variation between them makes all the difference for companies attempting to harness the power of data while trying to determine the best path to success. Come to the Dark Side: The Enticing Trend Towards Dark Mode - Deep Instinct. Come to the dark side.

Come to the Dark Side: The Enticing Trend Towards Dark Mode - Deep Instinct

The dark side has Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft’s Edge browser, the temptation is clearly strong. If that’s not enough, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Google maps, Outlook, Facebook’s Messenger and Gmail all have dark themes. Last year Apple introduced the Mojave OS as well as key features of iOS 13. (This design announcement received more applause at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference than anything else for their new iOS.) Cutting Cybersecurity Budgets in a Time of Growing Threats - Deep Instinct. It’s that time of year when IT professionals meet with finance to determine their budget for the year ahead.

Cutting Cybersecurity Budgets in a Time of Growing Threats - Deep Instinct

And this year’s planning process appears to be a gloomy endeavor with the industrywide view that cyberthreats will continue to evolve, both in terms of their destructive capability and their stealth in evading detection. With this constant threat evolution, what features should IT staff be looking for in their security products, and how much should they be expecting to spend? Bigger Budgets Have Not Entailed More Security Greater spending on cybersecurity products hasn’t entailed a better organizational security posture. Despite the millions of dollars spent by organizations year after year, the average cost of a cyberattack jumped by 50% between 2018 and 2019, hitting $4.6 million per incident.

The Coolest AI Breakthroughs of 2019 - Deep Instinct. A collection of some of the great AI breakthroughs this year in cybersecurity. Originally published in ITProPortal The speed of AI progress is accelerating at breakneck speed. Deep instinct threatreport 2020. WP 7 Use Cases of Digital Transformation 10 01 2019. WP VVA 2018. WP 180603 Insurnce FINAL. D J A. CallVU roadside assistance. Minimize Call Volumes with Visual IVR. How to Become a Ridiculously Successful Sales Manager. Reduce Call Volumes! 2019-2020 Threat Landscape Report v1. Deep Instinct Round C Announcement. Prevention in Action.