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Serendipity from #Rhizo14 | Impedagogy. I spend a lot of my online time evaluating tools for use in my own professional and learning life. #Rhizo14 activity has really kickstarted that little moped. I wanted to share a few of the highlights that have grown out of that root. One of the problems that any MOOC-type activity generates is a need to harness the workflow of tweets, Facebookery, WordPressitude, G+Communitarity, and more that is engendered by these little hashtags.

My primary tool for coralling all these little ‘doggies’ has been the ‘Pin Tab’ feature in Firefox and Chrome. Unfortunately, both of those browsers take a huge memory hit if you have lots of tabs open, pinned or otherwise. How does this help with #rhizo14? Another spinoff of my work with #rhizo14 has been my re-discovery of the iPad app, Explain Everything. In the process of creating this I found out some better workflows and some new features of the app that are frankly astonishing.

Profil de l'éditeur Lifewide Education. Lifewide Zine. From the Diigo #rhizo14 group (weekly) Ego and The Swarm. “Everything, a bird, a tree, even a simple stone, and certainly a human being, is ultimately unknowable. This because it has unfathomable depth. All we can perceive, experience, think about, is the surface layer of reality, less than the tip of an iceberg.” Eckhart Tolle I’m finding it impossible to escape the thread of ‘ego’ running through the last ten days.

Much has been happening to disrupt my thinking, from countless conversations with critical friends to the discussions of the uncourse #rhizo14, which were characterised in week two by dissent and (polite) disagreement. My question to myself as the mists clear on a rainy afternoon is this: what am I assuming that makes me so sure that I’m right?

The week’s topic is ‘enforced independence’ and my mind shied away from the paradox whilst at the same time embracing its truth. What am I assuming that makes me so sure that I’m right? I’ve thought a lot of late about dependency. So how is that done? Well, I’m no expert. Like this: Pdf.