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Jonglage. Student Success Infographics. Thanks, Robin! This is great!!!! Like this: Like Loading... Here is a group of infographics that relate to your first day of each teaching term. Is this a crazy idea? Students will at some point be required to give a presentation. What do you do to prepare? ~Mia I downloaded a fun new app. on my iPad called Cloudart. It is tough to get to the end of a lesson or term and find your self asking, “Did they really learn anything?” Here are some ways to ask questions early to assess understanding. Is creativity still alive in our students? It seems like creativity is still in my students, but buried deep inside waiting for an opportunity to escape. With the advent and push for more technology use in the classroom is there still a place for creativity? I believe so. How do you inspire creativity in your students? Whether you are teaching small children or a returning adult learner, they all need to know you care.

Encouraging Better Online Student Faculty Contact. Bloom’s Blooming Taxonomy.