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Adelco Screen Process

Adelco Screen Process - are leading manufacturers and exporter of DTG (Direct to Garment) printers and screen printing presses, internationally serving the garment printing industries.

Ways to Avail Finishing Services For Your Screen Printing Business. In this competitive screen printing world, as a business owner, you have to provide services to your customers that set your screen printing business apart from your competition.

Ways to Avail Finishing Services For Your Screen Printing Business

After you are done with your screen printing production run, the next step is the finishing process. Different finishing services such as hand tags, relabels, packaging could encourage your target consumers to pick your products over a competitor’s. Let’s look at some ways to boost your services to make your business stick out. Hang Tags: To attract the potential consumers, shops can use hang tags for market-ready garments.

Screen Printing Squeegees Maintenance Guidelines. When it comes to screen printing method, there are many variables that can affect the quality of your prints.

Screen Printing Squeegees Maintenance Guidelines

One tool that greatly affects your prints is “squeegees”. If the condition of your squeegee is not proper, they can have an adverse effect on your screen prints. When the squeegee is sharp and in proper condition, the components of the stencil will be covered properly – you can control the ink flow and cleanly deflect the screen away from the substrate when you print. In brief, a well-maintained squeegee will enable you to produce clear-cut prints. On the contrary, a timeworn squeegee means degraded prints. Squeegees are going to break down after a certain period of time. Thorough Cleaning After using the squeegees clean them properly and that too right away.

Squeegees Downtime As the ink moisture leads to swelling and warping of squeegee blades, it’s important that you tone down the usage of each squeegee. Squeegees Storage Like this: Like Loading... 4 Ways To Make Your Screen Printing Business Eco-Friendly. Looking at the current climatic conditions or irrespective of the reason – businesses have been migrating towards practices that have less to none environmental impact – be it customer’s demand or sense of personal responsibility or desire to cut down on the waste or costs.

4 Ways To Make Your Screen Printing Business Eco-Friendly

Just like other industries, the trend of eco-friendly has infiltrated the screen printing industry, when it comes to adopting eco-friendly practices. Indeed, screen printing involves the usage of heavy chemicals – usually poisonous, noxious chemicals – from plastisol inks to pallet adhesives to emulsions. This doesn’t mean that turning a screen printing business into an eco-friendly one is a vain attempt.

5 Tips to Balance Your Printing Business’s Customer Demand. Every printing business wishes to have a packed schedule i.e. to have the presses running and profits rolling in.

5 Tips to Balance Your Printing Business’s Customer Demand

A packed schedule is not just about trying to get new customers and generating orders. An engaging business also requires the capability to stay parallel with their customers demand and keep their production run rolling. In order to be successful in a printing business, it is important that you organize your shop in such a way that it runs smoothly, manufacturing quality prints within a time frame that would keep your customers happy and allows you to move quickly onto the next consignment. Everything You Need To Know About The Weather Effects On Your Screen Printing. Screen printing businesses have to be prepared for different weather conditions and the numerous ways it can affect their screen printing work.

Everything You Need To Know About The Weather Effects On Your Screen Printing

Considering the printing results the two important aspects temperature and humidity often gets overlooked. It’s that time of the year when the weather is generally unpredictable, as a screen printing business you must be prepared to refute the effects of either extreme conditions. During Extreme temperatures It is very important that you know how hot and cold weather can affect your screen printing and based upon your geographical conditions, springtime may cause drastic temperature abnormalities. Temperature can immensely affect your ink and emulsion where cold weather can increase the plastisol ink’s viscosity which makes manual printing challenging. On the contrary, extreme heat can actually cure your ink in its container.

Comfortable Work Space. Everything you need to know about DTG printer maintenance. Along with digital DTG printers rapidly turning into a common choice in the printing industry, it becomes important that the printer users are knowledgeable about the proper maintenance of these machines.

Everything you need to know about DTG printer maintenance

It is vital for any printing business to routinely maintain their DTG printer to make sure that it stays productive as well as durable. DTG Printers have evolved greatly in the past some years from a classification of machines that were considered un-proven, to being perceived as productive printers with minimum regular maintenance requirements. Below are 4 important steps for DTG maintenance for ensuring that your printer continues to be productive equipment. Checking the Nozzle Make carrying out a nozzle test part of your daily routine, even if there are no scheduled print jobs. Checking the Ink Flow Just like a human body needs blood flowing through their veins to keep it functioning likewise a printer also needs ink to keep it working.

Cleaning Capping Station. 5 Key Tips for your Direct To Garment Printing Business. DTG printing is the process of printing on textiles and garments with specialized or modified inkjet technology.

5 Key Tips for your Direct To Garment Printing Business

Just like the conventional inkjet printing, DTG printers spray minute ink droplets onto a substrate (in DTG printing the substrate is a fabric garment). DTG differs from conventional printers in terms of print finish. 5 Screen Printing mistakes that can damage business profits. No one is perfect and everybody make mistakes which goes same for the screen printing process.

5 Screen Printing mistakes that can damage business profits

Screen printing is an arduous process that demands practice and persistence to become an expert and sometimes even the most experienced ones also make mistakes. A flawed print, flawed art, and poor quality control can result in wasted time and resources, or even worse, disappointed customers. When it comes to screen printing mistakes, some mistakes can cost you great expenditure damages and could also spoil the brand’s identity if not resolved before time. Check out some mistakes to avoid – which can lead to increase in the product quality, decrease in the waste materials and improving the customer’s experience. Artwork Proofreading Typographical errors can happen; misspelled words can happen and colors and fonts can be precise but not quite right. What are the three important factors for flash cure units? The majority of screen printers are used to with the flash-cure unit and many stores utilize this equipment as a part of their production run.

What are the three important factors for flash cure units?

A flash-cure unit is intended to be used during production to cure the surface of the ink only. It gets important to get familiar with the connection between different factors that play a part in how well the flash cure gels the ink, and how to operate each of them to achieve the best results. Here’s what you need to consider when trying to set up the flash unit for optimal use: Temperature Different flash-cure units generate different amounts and types of heat based on whether they are using infrared panels or quartz bulbs.

How to get the most out of your Screen Printing Flash Cure? In a screen printing production, a flash cure can either be productive or destructive for your business – it can either speed up your business or can slow it down.

How to get the most out of your Screen Printing Flash Cure?

Thus, it becomes important that you understand the different types of flash cure units and their appropriate uses to get the most out of it. 5 Tips to grow your Screen Printing Business. As a screen printing business, to survive or even to be successful in the t-shirt screen printing industry market you must maintain healthy relationships with your customers as well as with your adversaries. You might be the most experienced screen printer in the printing industry but if you don’t have a strong market presence and reputation then nobody would really know your potential.

Along with being good in the industry you also have to market your merchandise for people to know you. Things to consider before buying a T-shirt printing machine. If you are a company whose primary business is to sell printed t-shirts then buying a t-shirt printing machine of your own can be a great way to save money as well as save the trouble of outsourcing your printing work. Then again, irrespective of your business type, if you own a t-shirt printing machine it may prove out to be an effective marketing tool for your business.

The Numerous Advantages Of Screen Printing Garments. Screen printing on garments is extremely popular as it provides clients exquisite, assorted and elegant patterns. The technique is a preferred choice of many cloth and fabric printing industries for t-shirt printing. Screen printing provides numerous advantages and hence is increasingly becoming popular. Nowadays, there are many t-shirt printing techniques that are in use. The Evolution Of Garment Digital Printing And Its Advantages. Technological advancements have brought about significant changes in our lives. Technology has also touched the field of garment printing. In the olden days, designs were transferred into various pieces of clothing using screen printing techniques. The technique involved application of paint in a stencilled design which was subsequently stamped on the garment.

The origin of this technique can be traced to China. Towards the end of the 1980’s, technology threw up new options in garment printing. During the initial stages of its launch, digital printing was considered to be a luxury. Iris printer is considered to be the first type of color inkjet printer which could effectively print designs on various kinds of materials. In the later years, affordable dye based inks were launched in the market. All you need to know about DTG Printer and Screen Printing.

T-Shirt Printing Machines, T-Shirt Printing Machine, Digital Printers. FESPA 2017 - 8th - 12th May - Hamburg, Germany - Adelco. World Class Digital & Screen Printing & Drying Systems Since 1972. Advantages of RF Dryers in Textile Industry. Somewhere around 1450 and 1800, textile production was second only to agriculture in economic significance. It employed a great number of individuals and delivered more revenue than several other manufactured product. Production and commerce existed at two levels. Everywhere workers and villagers turned regionally grown wool and yarn into fabric and garments for themselves and their neighbors.

The fabric they produced was of low quality and not intended for export to remote markets. In addition to this, the regional markets sat a substantial and lucrative extravagance trade in silk, linen, wool, and (ultimately) cotton fiber, the most imperative of which were overwhelming woolens. The dryer is utilized in the last stage of Garment’s laundering process of the textile mechanism.

DTG Printers and Their Benefits. DTG or Direct To Garment printing is extremely popular nowadays. This type of printing is usually used by businesses and educational institutions to print the company or institution name and logo on the clothes of their employees or students. The printing is done using a specialized printer which is known as a DTG printer.

Few advantages associated with DTG printers include: Which DTG Printer is best for your Printing Business? Presently, there are several DTG printer manufacturers in the market who claims that their manufactured printer is the best as its features and advantages are different and unique from the other printers available. Due to the substantial market, it is difficult to identify as which printer provides the complete functionalities for the printing business. It is important that we understand the configuration of the printer and whether it can perform according to our requirements rather than getting deceived by its specific features or modifications. Not all printers are manufactured with same features. Repurposed Paper Printers. Basic Facts about Flash Curing Equipments.

Flash-cure units have developed from a peculiar item to a store staple. There is no doubt about that. DTG UK - Storm Hexa - Adelco. Textile Dryers Distributor - Adelco Screen Process.