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Adelco Screen Process

Adelco Screen Process - are leading manufacturers and exporter of DTG (Direct to Garment) printers and screen printing presses, internationally serving the garment printing industries.

Screen printing & T-Shirt Fabrics. Have you been receiving orders for printing t-shirts?

Screen printing & T-Shirt Fabrics.

If yes, then how are you deciding upon the fabric to print on? Many screen printers out there only work with those materials that they are comfortable printing. But when it comes to special consignments where customers ask for specific fabric at that time you have to work with those kinds of fabrics too. Hence, this makes it necessary for a screen printer to know about the benefits and drawbacks of common t-shirt fabrics. Read on below to find out about different fabrics: Cotton Cotton is probably the most common fabric used for printing and demanded by people also.

For printers and retailers who prefer cotton more, cotton shirts are great for one-time events (family function or formal event). Well, the downside of going for the cotton material is that it wrinkles easily and might shrink after they are washed. Polyester Polyester t-shirts are durable and lightweight and are good at absorbing moisture. Half cotton-Half polyester Like this:

Screen printing & T-Shirt Fabrics. All You Need to Know About Screen Printing Color Separations. Among the many other processes of screen printing, color separation is one of the vital processes which is generally considered complex.

All You Need to Know About Screen Printing Color Separations

Color separation is a process in which original full-color digital file is separated into single color components. What Do Beginners Need To Know About DTG Printing? If you are one of those entrepreneurs who are spanking new in the printing industry then DTG might give an impression of something that is super complicated to understand.

What Do Beginners Need To Know About DTG Printing?

Well, you will find many printing methods out there when it comes to printing custom garments but the one that has gained quite some popularity in the recent years is the Direct to Garment Printing. The reason behind its popularity is its low upfront costs, cost-effectiveness for small batches and one-offs prints, accurate and detailed printing and affordability of full-color printing. Well, these were some aspects that make DTG printing the best among its counterparts and if you want to know more about Direct to Garment Printing read on below: It’s not that OLD: Yes, you read it right. What To Consider Before Buying Used Screen Printing Equipment? Whether you are just setting out with your brand new screen printing business or are already an established screen printing business owner, buying used screen printing equipment can be either a deal maker or a deal breaker i.e. it can either turn out to be a real good deal or a living nightmare.

What To Consider Before Buying Used Screen Printing Equipment?

Well, given that you are a recognized screen printer and have bought a number of equipment over the years and if you are considering to buy used screen printing equipment for your screen printing business then know that you will certainly have an advantage over the ones who are just starting out. But if you are new in the business and have practically no clue as to how the printing relevant equipment works then it is advisable to take advice from an experienced screen printer regarding the working of the equipment.

Top 5 Tips on Equipment Safety of Your Screen Printing Shop! Yes, you were super excited about starting your own screen printing business and you have successfully started one.

Top 5 Tips on Equipment Safety of Your Screen Printing Shop!

You have established a screen printing shop and have listed out strict precautionary measures for your employees working in it as well as on the use of different chemicals by them. Well, even after so many safety measures you might be forgetting the most important aspect of your printing shop i.e. your equipment. Yes, you read it right. Top 4 Essential Tips on Health and Safety of Screen Printing Shop. So you have recently started out with your screen printing business and have set up a workshop for it.

Top 4 Essential Tips on Health and Safety of Screen Printing Shop

As you are new in the business there might be many things that would have been overwhelming you especially handling the workshop in the first few months of your screen printing operations (including the Screen Printing Equipment). Screen printing workshops are indeed a place where there are many dangers involved. Screen printing shops comprise of combustible substances, poisonous chemicals, high-voltage units and heavy machinery. Guidebook to Prepping-up a Screen. All you need to know about the Screen Printing Frames! For the screen printing beginners, each and every aspect related to screen printing process might seem foreign as well as exciting.

All you need to know about the Screen Printing Frames!

They might feel delighted and eager about choosing the ink colors, emulsions, experimenting with burning designs on the fabric, etc. but in all these eagerness they often overlook many elemental and least glamorous details while stocking on the Equipment for Screen Printing. One of the elemental things which are easily and often overlooked is the “Frame”. They either come in a pre-assembled form or plain frames which you can then cover it with mesh. In fact, you can even consider them as the base of the whole textile screen-printing process and it is also said that “the quality of the finished printed fabric is directly proportional to the quality of your screen.”

Guidebook to Successful Screen Printing. Screen Printing is a quite profitable business given that one has acquired all the expertise to run it effectively.

Guidebook to Successful Screen Printing

It is not as complicated as it seems and the resources needed for it are relatively inexpensive and convenient. And that’s why it has been tagged as a popular craft among hobbyists, independent artists and even among commercial businesses. Hence, if you are a beginner who has just started out with their screen printing business should consider these below-given guidelines for a successful screen printing: Creating Artwork: As a beginner you should only be creating simple designs with clear, thick lines as intricate, fine-lined artwork can be quite tricky.

Types of Screen Printing Inks to Choose From! So you have decided to start your own t-shirt brand?

Types of Screen Printing Inks to Choose From!

But you don’t have enough upfront costs to spare and you don’t want to involve any middle man. And you have planned to do all the work by yourself – be it getting screen printing supplies, prepping up the Screen Printing Equipment, cleaning up the printing area after completion of the production run, etc. etc. You have sound knowledge about everything else but you are still confused about which screen printing inks to go for. Well, let us start with the very three commonly used inks in the textile industry: Water-based, plastisol and discharge ink. These are the most common inks used by screen printers for printing their garments and have different properties and characteristics.

9 Common Screen Printing mistakes to Avoid. Screen Printing is, without doubt, a profitable business but it includes a comprehensive process that requires proper printing background knowledge and experience to get it right.

9 Common Screen Printing mistakes to Avoid

Operating a screen printing might look like a tough job especially for the beginners because even the most experienced screen printers make these few mistakes every now and then. If these mistakes are not identified before time then it can significantly hurt your bottom line as well as your brand image. 3 Critical Tips on maintenance of Screen Printing Equipment.

So you have invested in screen printing equipment, have been using it for months and now are clueless about the maintenance of the equipment. Yes, you obviously would have got a care manual while purchasing the equipment but it might happen that you lost the manual or can’t interpret the guidelines or you believe that it doesn’t really need any cleanup. But regular cleaning is necessary for any equipment to keep working properly and increase its longevity. Screen Printing Safety Tips. A screen printing business is one of the most lucrative businesses out there given that the entrepreneur understands the screen printing equipment, technology, and processes involved in it. As a successful screen printing business owner you surely would have a great workshop, employees, creative ideas, etc. but there is one aspect that most of the business owners forget while rejoicing in the success of their hard work – “safety”.

Running a screen printing business means handling heavy machinery and chemicals and not just your employees but even you are subjected to injuries and accidents while working at your workshop. Hence, for safe operations, there are a number of safety precautions that must be implemented and followed so that you safely run your business without inviting any kind of mishap. Cleanliness & Tidiness This is probably one of the most important aspects of a screen printing business.

Chemicals Caution. Guidebook to Start your Own Screen Printing Business. People who are thinking of starting their own screen printing business would be glad to know that screen printing is a business that offers best of both worlds i.e. its profitable with a fine blend of creativity. Yes, starting your own business has its perks, but there are some rules and guidelines that you have to stick to in order to make it a successful venture.

Let’s look at some general issues that screen printers should bear in mind before they start their own screen printing business: Proper Planning When it comes to starting any kind of business, the most important aspect you should never overlook is outlining a proper business plan. A business plan will help you to have a proper outlook on your business i.e. it would separate you out from the rest. Developing the Skills After you find your niche market, gather all the information you can find out about it. Building a team Deciding on the Space. 40 years of success - Printwear & Promotion. Adelco has been manufacturing textile drying and screen printing equipment for the last 40 years and has seen over 25% growth year on year for the last five consecutive years.

The secret to Adelco’s success has been innovating and problem solving, ensuring its products move with the ever changing requirements of conventional and digital textile printing through research and development. Its own manufacturing facility in China gives Adelco the advantage of producing equipment to European standards utilising the highest quality components at extremely competitive pricing. Coupled with its UK-based sales and service support centre, Adelco employs over 60 staff supporting a worldwide distributor network. Best-selling ranges Adelco’s best-selling Ecotex Plus range of textile dryers has built a worldwide reputation for reliability and unmatched curing capabilities with many standard features that are unique to Adelco.

In 2017 Adelco introduced two new dryer products. Reasons that make DTG printers the Best! How to Use Screen Printing Equipment Conveniently! Understanding the Basics of Screen Preparation for T-shirt Printing. When it comes to the t-shirt printing process, many people overlook an important step of the process i.e. screen preparation. If the screen preparation is done properly, it can cut back on time required for fixing pinholes or remaking screen due to the bad emulsion adhesion. If you follow the proper screen preparation methods, it can help you in getting the stencil you want and better press performance, along with extending the shelf life of the mesh. 5 Common Screen Printing Business Mistakes to Avoid. Ways to Avail Finishing Services For Your Screen Printing Business. Screen Printing Squeegees Maintenance Guidelines. 4 Ways To Make Your Screen Printing Business Eco-Friendly. Looking at the current climatic conditions or irrespective of the reason – businesses have been migrating towards practices that have less to none environmental impact – be it customer’s demand or sense of personal responsibility or desire to cut down on the waste or costs.

Just like other industries, the trend of eco-friendly has infiltrated the screen printing industry, when it comes to adopting eco-friendly practices. Indeed, screen printing involves the usage of heavy chemicals – usually poisonous, noxious chemicals – from plastisol inks to pallet adhesives to emulsions. 5 Tips to Balance Your Printing Business’s Customer Demand. Every printing business wishes to have a packed schedule i.e. to have the presses running and profits rolling in. A packed schedule is not just about trying to get new customers and generating orders. An engaging business also requires the capability to stay parallel with their customers demand and keep their production run rolling. In order to be successful in a printing business, it is important that you organize your shop in such a way that it runs smoothly, manufacturing quality prints within a time frame that would keep your customers happy and allows you to move quickly onto the next consignment.

Everything You Need To Know About The Weather Effects On Your Screen Printing. Everything you need to know about DTG printer maintenance. Along with digital DTG printers rapidly turning into a common choice in the printing industry, it becomes important that the printer users are knowledgeable about the proper maintenance of these machines. It is vital for any printing business to routinely maintain their DTG printer to make sure that it stays productive as well as durable. DTG Printers have evolved greatly in the past some years from a classification of machines that were considered un-proven, to being perceived as productive printers with minimum regular maintenance requirements. 5 Key Tips for your Direct To Garment Printing Business.

5 Screen Printing mistakes that can damage business profits. What are the three important factors for flash cure units? How to get the most out of your Screen Printing Flash Cure? 5 Tips to grow your Screen Printing Business. Things to consider before buying a T-shirt printing machine. The Numerous Advantages Of Screen Printing Garments. The Evolution Of Garment Digital Printing And Its Advantages. All you need to know about DTG Printer and Screen Printing.

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