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Ade Camilleri

General Manager at Media Plan Limited, a Boutique Digital Marketing Firm providing a range of service to Fortune 500, Tourism, Government, Gaming and Telecommunication sector.

4 major barriers to being linkable - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. Link building takes up such a huge part of all the SEO strategies at the moment.

4 major barriers to being linkable - Ade Camilleri Marketing News

However, your site simply has to be linkable. And if it is linkable it has to not have any boring contet, poor quality writing and let’s not foget how badly low-end design is considered to be too. How to Differentiate Fake News from Real News in Social Media - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. Admit, how many times have you been tricked into clicking on the missleading tittle and read some sort of fake news?

How to Differentiate Fake News from Real News in Social Media - Ade Camilleri Marketing News

I bet, more than once. With all the technologies at our fingertips, it become so easy to potray something like fake news as real facts and indeed, it’s very confusing and can at times cause a lot of damage. The recent fake news that comes to my mind, was about Miss Universe smuggling drugs into competition and these types of news make an appearance more often than we would want them to. Digital ad spend brake its growth - Ade Camilleri News. According to the Social Media and SEO importance growth that took place on last years, the online ad spending was obviously growing as well, by generous rates, but from end of 2016 we can see that the trend is starting to brake.

Digital ad spend brake its growth - Ade Camilleri News

While platforms like Snapchat are still getting the reward of their own hit, as it is one of the most popular apps right now (even overcoming Pinterest), most of online Social Media and Search Engines are checking how digital investment reached a great importance within marketing budgets, but starts to brake that mad growth we were used to. It appears that digital’s up-and-to-the-right trajectory of the past several years hit a bit of a lull in 2016.

According to a report by advertising intelligence firm Standard Media Index (SMI), spending growth on digital advertising slowed to 13.3 percent year over year, compared to the sharp 26.2 percent growth seen in 2015 over 2014. From 2012 to 2015, digital has had a 19 percent compound annual growth rate. MarTech 2017, just around the corner! - Ade Camilleri. There are some events around the world, like MarTech, that every year get worldwide marketers attention, as are usually a signal of new trends, techniques, numbers… MarTech is a well known conference about Marketing, Technologies and Management, that within today’s concerns, is specially relevant, as new technologies applied to marketing purposes are making real differences on both investments and results.

MarTech 2017, just around the corner! - Ade Camilleri

Here you have just four reasons from a lot because of you should think about attending the conference or at least update yourself about everything is talked there. The event will take place on 9-11 of May 2017 1. Youtube viewers over 1B hours daily! - Ade Camilleri. It is well known by every marketer, or at least it should, that Youtube is definitely the king of web video content, becoming even the second most used search engine, just after its partner giant Google.

Youtube viewers over 1B hours daily! - Ade Camilleri

Which most of industry professionals also know is how video content is conquering bit a bit worldwide web traffic. New generations almost born with a tablet or smartphone under the arm, instead of a bread, and they look for faster answers and navigation. Old school content is suffering a regression against how visual content must be nowadays, and that is patent looking at Youtube numbers.

YouTube says people around the world are now consuming a billion hours of video content per day on the site. The Customer Journey – Unlocking Hidden Gems - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. No one will contradict that customer journey got a lot more complex in the past ten years.

The Customer Journey – Unlocking Hidden Gems - Ade Camilleri Marketing News

To some extent, this is because of the effect of advanced and the various channels now accessible to locate that ultimate item, serivce , encounter or simply socialize. Be that as it may, what impact has this “development” had on your comprehension of the client? Getting back to SEO basics - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. A lot of marketers nowadays forget about the simple and basic SEO and instead develop these super complex, powerful SEO campaings, focusing on many different elements, except for the most simple ones… Making sure Google bots can easily crawl your website or if you really submitted the XML sitemaps to Webmaster’s panel – these are crucial steps to make sure your campaing will definitely succeed.

Getting back to SEO basics - Ade Camilleri Marketing News

Do a quick search on Google for “SEO tips” and you’ll get over 14 million results. That’s a lot of tips to wade through when trying to figure out the focus of your SEO strategy. What’s more overwhelming is that’s just one search. Each year there are new posts of list of the “hottest” tips and tricks that are “guaranteed” to work. While many of these tips are great, to really see results, you need to have a good foundation. SimilarWeb now offers more granular metrics through Digital Insights - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. No matter if your business is small or big, competitor analysis must be a part of marketing strategy.

SimilarWeb now offers more granular metrics through Digital Insights - Ade Camilleri Marketing News

It helps to asses the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and allows you to use their best practises or avoid the mistakes they made in the past. Competitor analsysis simply provides an offensive and defensive strategic content whic easilly allows you to identify opportunities or threats and lets you plan your next moves more intelligently. Of course, one of the best well known tools to keep a tab on your competitor’s activity is SimilarWeb and they recently brought out a new feature. SimilarWeb is out today with a new service that offers a more granular look at the paths taken by online buyers, offering insights that the company says are not available elsewhere. It is intended to complement the Israel-based company’s regular PRO service, which provides traffic stats about websites and mobile apps. How to approach the conversion funnel properly - Ade Camilleri.

Within Marketing and Sales concerns, besides being worried about specific strategies and technical tasks, like some perspectives that belong to SEO, for example, sometimes is important to come back to basics, specially at the beginning of a project, change, or new analysis.

How to approach the conversion funnel properly - Ade Camilleri

This is, basically, approaching to the conversion funnel. Thinking as our customer would is something that is easily forgotten on a Marketing daily basis, as strategies go deep and deep, and we don’t focus properly always. The funniest thing about thinking like your potential customer, is that is something really simple that usually gives you a better way to approach your audience.

Here you have a few questions that your potential customer could think about, in order to help you with your acquisitions. Content Tips to Drive Lead Generation - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. If you haven’t heard, 2017 is a year of content.

Content Tips to Drive Lead Generation - Ade Camilleri Marketing News

We can even go far enough and tell that content is a king! Google made it clear content has to be relevant and give value to readers. Recommendation and Personalization as AI Marketing Highest Potential Fields. From recent advances regarding to A.I. Marketing, as is happening with SEO, the field is increasing importance looking at the future, and some predictions have already been published to throw a bit of light over.

According to some stats, apparently there is a potential thinking about Recommendation and Personalization, so both perspectives are being seen as a likely profit area in the future. Five or 10 years ago, only the world’s savviest, most heavily funded companies had a serious foothold in artificial intelligence marketing tech. As we enter 2017, there are hundreds of AI marketing companies all over the world (including some that have gone public, like RocketFuel). Does your website really need a SSL certificate? - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. If you are not familiar with SSL certificates, we weill make it easy for you.

Having SSL certificate will provide a comfort for online shoppers, since most of them still feel quite careful about putting their data outhere. SSL certificated howver encrypt sensitive data like credit card numbers and other personal info, also it adds up a sense of trust. Quite a few benefits of having SSL certificate been discussed and in reality the certificate is essential fir certain types of sites. All you need to know about Mobile Payments in 2017. Societies and lifestyles change constantly, that is something easy to understand and agree looking back to our history. Who could imagine how mobile phones would improve their possibilities, or how smartphones and Social Media would be so essential for human relationships twenty years ago? By the same way, payments methods have also changed, and will keep doing it. Nowadays cash is losing importance against credit cards around the world.

In fact, in some countries, credit card payments are definitely over cash ones, and increasing. Bit a bit, from the smartphones, social media and apps revolution, our world and way to interact is changing a lot, having already a new scenario in front of us, the ability of paying straight from your mobile smartphone. 7 essential steps to build a successful Facebook Business Page. Facebook, the Social Media that changed our concept of society, more than 1000 million people with a registered profile, integrated with Instagram, new interesting updates that make it to keep at the top… Yes, we are obviously talking about the giant created by Marc Zuckerberg. Facebook definitely revolutionised our world, and still does it nowadays, with new acquisitions and features like he Live Streaming. That your business needs to at least exist on Facebook, even if reaching new customers is not necessary, is not mandatory but completely common sense.

Will Machines replace Marketers? - An approximation into A.I. A lot is being developed regarding to A.I. within all kind of machines, and a lot of people is starting to be sceptical about humanity’s future. It is a truth that machines have changed human society always, from vehicles to factories, arriving to the A.I. and automated remote processes controlled by extremely well developed algorithms. Today most of factories reduced a lot of staff improving technological production chains, and some of them can maintain high levels of productivity with a lot of automatic machines and just a few employees.

Even surgeries can be done by some automated machines when the area to do it is too small and the risk is too much to trust human pulse. Fake web traffic bots, healthier than ever! - Ade Camilleri. How to measure your influencer marketing impact - Ade Camilleri. The importance of your Digital Strategy - Ade Camilleri. 3 Tips to make your content go viral - Ade Camilleri. Casino King passes £1m milestone within weeks. Bacta launch MPs Parliamentary Luncheons programme. Record breaking Irish tourism may need help post-Brexit. Blackpool Police appeal for help with Cleveleys arcade theft. Grosvenor Casinos sets the pace ahead of Cheltenham - Betting Business. Mariela Huenchumilla to drive responsible gambling debate at Juegos Miami - Casino ReviewCasino Review.

Konami score hat-trick in Casino Journal awards - Casino ReviewCasino Review. Respin LLC launches into US market with major casino deal - Casino ReviewCasino Review. Grand launch for Playtech’s Live Casino experience - Casino ReviewCasino Review. GiGse to deliver 40 hours of disruption in 2017 - Casino ReviewCasino Review. How can free Facebook Live help you to engage your audience. How to plan a quality content strategy? - Ade Camilleri. What is Brand Marketing and how important is? - Ade Camilleri. 5 ways to increase traffic through Social Media - Ade Camilleri.

5 Awesome Free Stock Photo Websites - Ade Camilleri. Adrian Camilleri Corporate Profile. Adrian Camilleri Corporate Profile. Adrian Camilleri Corporate Profile. Adrian Camilleri Corporate Profile. Adrian Camilleri Corporate Profile. 5 insights to improve your B2B content strategy to engage in 2017. Are you sure that influencers are not made for your business? How to Avoid Fake Mobile Apps - Ade Camilleri Marketing News.

How to Track Your Website Success - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. How AI will change your life in 13 unexpected ways - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. What do smaller businesses need to know about cyber security? - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. New Instagram feature: more posts can be used outside of ads - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. Why UX is pivotal to the future of SEO - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. Why Users Reviews are so important to acquire new customers? Marketers No Longer Incorporate Mobile Apps into their Campaigns. 4 Growth Hacking Strategies That Work Like Magic - Ade Camilleri Marketing News.

How can Marketers Become Better Artists? - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. How Luxury Brands can Succeed on Pinterest - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. Artificial intelligence: an opportunity not a threat - Ade Camilleri news. Solving a marketer’s top 3 segmentation dilemmas. Couple of reasons why you can safely ignore your competitors’ traffic metrics. The Risks of Growth Hacking and How to Build Authentic Sustainable Growth. The Biggest Mistakes Brands Make on Snapchat - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. Social Media Analytics Trends in 2017 - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. Is PR the Missing Link in SEO Strategy? Digital marketing news. On-Site Product Search Data to Compliment your SEO Strategy. Malvertising Rises 132% in 2016 - Digital Marketing News. Just 9% of Small Businesses Focus on Website Conversion.

The PPC industry would not exist under Trump’s immigration policy - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. Making Noise About Google AMP - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. Super Bowl LI: The Advertising Numbers - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. A Guide to Dating your Customers - Ade Camilleri Marketing News. Ade Camilleri Corporate Profile. Ade Camilleri Corporate Profile. Camilleriade. Ade Camilleri Corporate Profile. Ade Camilleri Corporate Profile. Ade Camilleri Corporate Profile. Ade Camilleri Corporate Profile. Ade Camilleri Corporate Profile. Ade Camilleri Corporate Profile. Ade Camilleri Corporate Profile. Ade Camilleri (2) Ade Camilleri - Media Plan LTD. Ade Camilleri - Media Plan LTD. Ade Camilleri - Media Plan LTD. Ade Camilleri - Media Plan LTD. Ade Camilleri - Media Plan LTD. Security Check Required. Ade Camilleri (@ade_camilleri) Recent Entries. Ade Camilleri - Digital Services - Media Plan LTD - adeca... Adecamilleri's blog - Ade Camilleri -

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