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Hoarding behavior - how to identify and help

Senior Citizen Clutter Cleaning. When our older citizens begin to move out of their homes where they raised their children, and spent many of their years, there are some issues.

Senior Citizen Clutter Cleaning

When these individuals begin moving out of their homes, they have a large amount of items that they do not know what to do with. The items may include obsolete pieces of technology, children’s toys, furniture, etc. Hoarding Parents? What To Do? Children generally look up to their parents and may even hold them on a pedestal.

Hoarding Parents? What To Do?

Young kids often state they want to grow up to be “just like Mommy or Daddy,” but what happens when mom and dad have unhealthy, “embarrassing” habits? What do you do if your parents are hoarding? The Impact on Children Hoarding habits can impact anyone from the individual who is hoarding to family members. If the individual with hoarding behavior has children, their children will feel the impact of the parent’s habits and household conditions.

Hoarders Cleanup Company. Help Hoarding and Hoarding Clean Up Service. Help For Hoarders. Hoarders Cleaning Services. Address Our Mess specializes in creating a unique experience for each customer and delivering excellent customer service throughout the project to make sure your cleaning goes well.

Hoarders Cleaning Services

Please see some of the services we offer below such as hoarding cleaning, animal hoarding cleaning, junk removal, clutter cleanup as well as other specialty cleaning services that you may need. Help Hoarding and Hoarding Clean Up Service. Top 10 Organizing and Staging Tips for Selling a Home. Compulsive Hoarding Disorder.

Compulsive hoarding disorder is a disorder that affects roughly sixteen million Americans.

Compulsive Hoarding Disorder

Compulsive hoarding disorder is defined as the acquisition of a mass amount of items with little to no genuine value, while not being able to discard these items due to emotional attachment. Compulsive hoarding disorder has been highlighted in mainstream media with the introduction of reality television series like A&E’s Hoarders as well as TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive. Professional intervention from a hoarding cleaning service provider is needed when the disorder disrupts the everyday livability of a person or family’s home. The hoarding disorder can affect hoarders on multiple levels. Those suffering with mild hoarding symptoms may not necessarily have to worry about the more harsh effects of the disorder, but the potential for it to grow into a more severe case is possible.

Hoarders Cleaning Help. If you are a hoarder and feel ashamed and embarrassed of the condition you live in you’re not alone.

Hoarders Cleaning Help

It is estimated that 2-5 % of people in the world has some degree of hoarding issues. According to the US Census there are 311 million people living in the United States. Instead of using the 2-5 % estimate let’s assume there is only 1% of the USA population that has hoarding issues. That means there are 3 million people who live in some hoarding situation that may need help.

The reason you don’t know this is because hoarders hide their condition and are embarrassed if the public knew. Hoarding Dos and Donts Official Guide by Address Our Mess. Hoarding Specialist - Jon. Address Our Mess Service Area. Frequently Asked Questions about Specialty Cleaning. Questions About Cleanup Services A few frequently asked questions for hoarding cleaning, clutter clean up, junk removal, organizing and sorting clean out are below to help you determine and understand how some of our services work.

Frequently Asked Questions about Specialty Cleaning

If you have additional questions on our cleaning / cleanup services, please contact us at the number above. Frequently Asked Questions to our services are broken down into the following categories: Comprehensive Look At The Hoarding Condition. What Is Hoarding?

Comprehensive Look At The Hoarding Condition

Compulsive hoarding is a mental health condition whose sufferers display a tendency to stockpile large quantities of objects in which their perceived value far exceeds their true worth. Hoarders develop an emotional attachment with every item in their living space, becoming physically and emotionally unable to remove or discard them. Typical hoarded objects in are boxes, newspapers, magazines, documents, clothing, collectibles, food, garbage, and even animals and reptiles. The Dangers of Hoarding The hoarding condition can cause a variety of debilitating issues that range from physical, mental, emotional, and social damage. Clutter & Hoarding Clean Up Do’s and Don’t. Clutter Cleaning & Hoarding Clean Up DO’S Connect with the Hoarder– Place yourself in the Hoarder’s mind and connect with their emotions.

Clutter & Hoarding Clean Up Do’s and Don’t

They need to know that you will be there for them after the cleanup.Seek Professional Help– Whether you are a hoarder or a loved one of a hoarder, there are many therapists that specialize in hoarding. Don’t just go to a general therapist.Continue to talk with the hoarder about the hoarding situation.– This is not going away as much as the hoarder will promise to clean up.Talk about safety– Safety is a key concept that the hoarder is also concerned about. Talk about how reorganizing the home at first will assist in a safe situation.

After that discussion you can begin the talk about removing itemsAgree that the items are important– Everything in the home down to the old toilet paper rolls and cigarette boxes have emotional connections to the hoarder. Fire Hazards Of Hoarding. Fire Damage Hazards From Clutter Clutter can kill.

Fire Hazards Of Hoarding

Clutter doesn’t actually personify and attempt its own version of The Shining, but many dangers can coincide with the household disorder. One major concern is the danger of fire hazards. A home will not spontaneously combust, but flammable objects, obstructed electrical sources, chemicals, and other hazards could put a home at risk for a flaming end. Not only can a chaotic mess in the home be the cause of a fire, the objects can actually impair any efforts to put the fire out or for evasion. Not only will visibility be compromised, but maneuverability will be too. Firefighters are here to help, but these brave men and women cannot properly come to the aid of the distressed if there are complications holding them back. If firefighters are able to eventually make it into the home, their lives are now at risk. Cost Of Clutter Cleanup. Many people have a little clutter here and there but in some households clutter can be a real problem.

Cost Of Clutter Cleanup

Obstructing pathways and masking surfaces, threatening to trip and injure anyone present, and adding stress and chaos to life are just a few examples of negative impacts clutter produces. One additional factor of clutter that may not often be considered is the cost. Clutter can actually be costly, adding to financial concerns of the homeowner. Some costs of clutter include: Cost of living spaceExtra storageShopping expensesLost/damaged itemsLate feesHealth expenses Clutter can cost you by taking up valuable space. The Dark Side of Hoarding: Depression and Its R...