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Intelligent character recognition software. Omr design with integer block. Omr software in chennai tamil nadu. How to scan omr sheets. How to scan omr sheets with with barcode. Library Management Software. A library is a huge storage of informational materials for students and staff members.

Library Management Software

These informational materials usually consist of books, journals, guides, practical manuals, magazines, CDs, etc. Classifying, organizing the books and managing them as per the author, subject, etc. is a very complex task and so the need of a library management software arises. Similarly, registration of books, cataloguing, books circulation, books purchase and keeping records of these books becomes difficult especially when all books are kept in a single storage space. The library management module is very similar to the inventory management module in ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation Software).

Library Management Panels in ECAS The library registration panel in the software is where you register books by entering its title name & id, group, subject, author name & code, volume, etc. Test generating software. The question paper generator software by Addmen can be obtained as a separate module of the OMR software.

test generating software

You can use the question bank and question paper generator software for creating question papers, not only for objective or OMR based examinations, but also for subjective examinations. This makes the question paper generator software quite a popular product. There are several features that make this software a much sought-after product. Let us take a look at the question bank and paper generator software features. Question Entry and Classification Features The question paper generator software possesses a question bank where you can store the questions. Question Content Features The Addmen question bank software provides lot of freedom when it comes to the question content. Input and Output Formats Features As mentioned earlier, you do not need to enter the questions directly into the software. Question Selection and Shuffling Features. Transport Management Software. There is always a separate department for managing a transport system because it involves constant scheduling and time management.

Transport Management Software

A transport system is usually an independent body because of the complexities involved in managing the regular commute between home and school, colleges, universities, work place, etc. ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System) has integrated a transport module into the software to handle the mode of travel information of students or employees. Managing Transportation using ECAS. Optical Mark Recognition. The process of OMR - Optical mark recognition has totally changed in last 10 years.

Optical Mark Recognition

Earlier expensive OMR sheet reader machines were used as OMR sheet readers. Now OMR sheet reading has become much simpler and economic. Course Monitor Module Software. It is very important to complete the syllabus before the examinations.

Course Monitor Module Software

Sometimes, in coaching institutes there are several batches of the same course running parallely. Some batches might fall behind schedule and the faculty and the administration has to be aware of it to take necessary steps. There is also a possibility where the teacher can over extend a topic and at the same time forget to teach a particular topic and move forward with the other chapters. Such discrepancies can be easily monitored through the course monitoring system offered by our educational institute management software.

Education Management Software. Addmen's education management software is also known as ECAS or Enhanced Campus Automation System.

Education Management Software

Right from admission of the students to the attendance records to report generation, this software handles all the administration duties of an institute quite efficiently. This software can be used by schools, colleges, coaching classes, universities, etc. Let us take a look at a few features of this software. The software has an admission and enquiry management software. This helps to maintain a record of the students who have enquired about the course as well as those who have taken admission at the institute.It has a fee management software where the records of the fee payment made by students are saved.

The education management system has several features that make the running of the institute hassle-free. Online Matrix Question Paper. IBPS Online Examination System >Matrix Type Question Online Test - Matrix Type Questions Many online examinations conducted by coaching classes, institutions, government exam bodies contain column matching questions.

Online Matrix Question Paper

Answer choices for such questions are laid out in a grid-like format, as shown below in the sample page from a demo online test. Addmen exam management software accommodates many types of questions, including these matrix style questions. OMR Answer Sheet Checker. Addmen OMR Software Operation STEP 1 > Define OMR Test This is done by selecting OMR Test Name, Test Date, Subjects, MCQ Counts per section, etc.

OMR Answer Sheet Checker

Watch Demo Video STEP 2 > Set OMR Test Answer Key You can either import answers from the appropriate OMR sheet or manually type/paste OMR Test key from Excel. You also have to mark Topic Tags and select marking schemes. Watch Demo Video. Online Question Bank Software. It is the Combination of Online Question Bank With Online Test Generator Software We often receive a requirement from our software users, to maintain a large online question bank of multiple choice questions.

Online Question Bank Software

The online question paper generator should create an online question paper when a candidate appears for online exam from the online question bank. Searching fresh online questions for every candidate, everytime from a large online question bank of multiple choice questions has the following major disadvantages or limitation : It would impact heavy processing load on the server. Because the questions are not merely text type. So for the mere purpose of changing the online test papers for each candidate taking part in online test, it is a very futile and costly exercise to maintain an online question bank. Addmen Group Provides OMR Scanning Services in India. Will OMR Scanning Businesses Prove Beneficial for Indian Markets?

Addmen Group Provides OMR Scanning Services in India

The need of OMR sheet scanning is growing at a very fast speed; and in the coming next 5 years, this need will expand to a great extent. It is surely a good idea to set up a business of OMR scanning in India. These sheets have wide applications in various competitive exams. Most large agencies or organizations afford to buy this OMR scanner but small and medium scale industries often look for companies who offer scanning services. Education Management Software. What is the cost of OMR software? Check out the Telephonic Leads Management. Telephonic Lead Management. Most of the enquiries made in schools, colleges, universities, coaching institutes, etc are done through telephone because of its instant mode of communication. Unlike online enquiries, you get the information instantly on a telephone from any location without going to the institute.

There is a heavy call load in such enquiry departments and it needs to be attended efficiently. The customers calling cannot wait for too long in the queue and this can affect the business of an education institute. ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System) helps you handle such telephonic lead management tasks very efficiently and without any errors. ECAS is a browser-based campus automation software that runs on the server and hence, it maintains large records of database that can be accessed through the same network or all over the internet.

A lot of information is exchanged during enquiries regarding the institute, its course, fees, subjects, future development, etc.