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Marketing services that covers content management and business lead generation. It covers services such as Content Editing, Content Developing, and Content Creating. Content Crafting, Lead Generation and Demand Generation.

Digital Marketing IT Services India. Digital Marketing IT Services India. Digital Marketing IT Products India. Marketing outsourcing and writing intelligent code. Marketing outsourcing with a focus on intelligent content marketing for technology product organizations Technology companies often tend to follow a technically driven product strategy that under emphasize the role of an effective marketing process, in adapting to the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Marketing outsourcing and writing intelligent code

So, most of these technology products end up having low sales due to insufficient market focus and connecting with the mind sets of audience related challenges. An analysis of the technology life cycle and the challenges with the marketing function is necessary to arrive at a nuanced marketing strategy that pushes the sales of these products. Technology product life cycle The technology life cycle (TLC) explains the commercial gain of a product right from its research and development phase to the financial returns from the product during its “vital life”. The phases of TLC include….

R&D – Ascent – Maturity – Decline So, why do technology products end up having low sales? Channel confusion. Supply Chain of Marketing Resources – for an Uninterrupted Campaig.. Slide 1: Supply chain of marketing resources – for an uninturupted campaign According to Adobe white paper regarding creative work in marketing "Companies that foster creativity are 3.5 times more likely than their peers to achieve revenue growth of 10 or more.”

Supply Chain of Marketing Resources – for an Uninterrupted Campaig..

Bridging the supply- chain talent gap has been one of the most crucial problems faced by new age businesses that directly affect the efficiency and productivity of the firms. It is important that we take a closer look at these problems before formulating a smarter supply chain strategy. Following are the challenges if there is no supply chain of marketing talents 1. No cross functional development When there is no supply chain of talents it would be difficult for the companies to develop a cross cultural communication because the experts cannot meet up often and work for a common goal. 2. Slide 2: 1. Demand Generation for Small and Medium IT companies.

The realm of marketing has always been an issue of concern for small and medium companies, as they are often perplexed by the wide range of problems related to marketing practices that has challenged their overall productivity in today’s immensely competitive marketplace.

Demand Generation for Small and Medium IT companies

This articles covers challenges of small and medium IT or software companies. (SMEs). Inefficient marketing strategies have led to the downfall of numerous enterprises in the start up world, and this issue continues to plague the productivity of most of these companies. A holistic study of the problems, their causes and effects, in the context of Marketing is essential, to formulate useful solutions and alternatives for an efficient marketing strategy that is suitable to SMEs. AddKraft Technology Marketing. Marketing of software products. Well!

marketing of software products

As banner says, this article is intended for mature organizations who want to sell technology & software products through digital knowledge & content. Nasscom and other organizations have repeatedly stressed the extensive scope for Indian software products in the global arena, which is currently dominated by the western world and a few Asian players. However, our march to conquer the globe is nowhere near the desired pace. Envisioning The Destination And Route Map Of Your Entrepreneurial Journey.

A recent, interesting experience had me thinking about a lesson we learnt at the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey – the importance of setting a vision and defining a mission.

Envisioning The Destination And Route Map Of Your Entrepreneurial Journey

I believed that, by now, with the many thousand articles and infinite success stories of great vision and mission statements, these concepts were the unwritten rules for any entrepreneurial or established initiative. However, I was in for a shock when one of my clients in asked me to prepare even their vision and mission statements while we worked on their website content!

Though we specialize in content writing for ecommerce and IT products companies and its sales ennoblement, this unsettling experience took me back to the basics as I revisited the purpose of defining the goals of an organization, and I share with you a few of my observations. I hope you find them useful. So let’s take a quick walk across the basics. Content Writing for eCommerce. Online commercial activities are definitely the first option for any type of transaction today because of its easy access – during anytime, from anywhere, and for anything – you are assured of an efficient service and an enjoyable experience.

Content Writing for eCommerce

With the advent of the e-commerce era, every transaction is just a click away. You can even order your hot chai online! Global e-Commerce Industry – Flying High The global e-commerce statistics looks more than impressive. To cite a few examples, China’s e-commerce growth has been phenomenal. India’s e-commerce report card is not even comparable to that of China. E-Commerce in India – on Its Way up the Digital Ladder. Contact - eCommerce Content Marketing. Our Approach - eCommerce Content Writing Services. Understand: Work with you to understand the nature of your content requirement What you intend to convey to your customer through content What you intend to convey to your customer through content Your buyer’s persona from your point of view The layers of content required The length and breadth of content engagement Site navigation details to assess placement of content The type of content required - phrases, sentences, lists, punch lines, paragraphs, call to action, description, articles, videos, FAQs, etc.

Our Approach - eCommerce Content Writing Services

eCommerce Content Development. eCommerce Content Writing. eCommerce Content Writing Services. Content writing for technology marketing. Content marketing. Yes, Nike’s most popular tagline accurately describes the purpose of call-to-action in today’s content-centric marketing.

content marketing

A magic term that draws your audience’s attention, tells them what action they need to take next, and summarizes the purpose of your overall content – today’s content showstopper is clearly the call-to-action terms and the phrases that introduce them. As simple as the task may sound, choosing the most appropriate call-to-action is quite challenging. It determines whether your content, in whatever format, has succeeded in connecting with your target audience.

Addkraft consulting Technology Marketing: Technology Marketing and Content Writing - USA, India. Content writing, content marketing. Strategic content and its marketing are the next complementary prerequisites for a successful business.

content writing, content marketing

Strategic content is an integral part of competitive intelligence. Today’s marketers are surrounded by the hodgepodgecaused by heavy competition from all directions – expected and unexpected. Lower entry barriers to the technology space, an abundance of products (new and competitive) in the market,commoditization and excessive incremental instead of transformative innovations are reasons for this clutter of confusing information. Hence, to successfully sell a service, product or idea, we require strategic content – content that is a result of a competitive intelligence process. Such content will help your product, service or idea stand out as a unique offering among the competitors.AddKraft fulfills this requirement for content that delivers significant and distinct value.

Addkraft consulting Technology Marketing. Addkraft - Technology Marketing. Content For Lead Generation. Finally, at the core, strategic content and marketing, competitive intelligence and customer acquisition are the integral, complementaryelements that work integrally to ensure business success.

Content For Lead Generation

Crafting the right content is the foundation for any lead generation and lead conversion campaign. With strategic content in place, acquiring, engaging and retaining prospects and customers in today’s customer-centric world will be a smooth sailing process. Addkraft’s content crafters provide simple, concise, but strategic, content for lead generation campaigns. Quality business leads will fall in place if you have a laser-focused, engaging and inspiring content. Such content will also help educate the potential customers about the value you hope to bring through your ideas, services and products. Addkraft provides support in lead generation, demand generation, marketing campaigns and go-to-market campaigns. B2B Content Creation India, B2B Lead Generation USA.

Technology Marketing India.