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Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar is a renowned celebrity astrologer, internationally published author, spiritual coach, and motivator in India known for his deep knowledge and experience.

EFFECTIVE WAYS TO GET COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND by Addittya Tamhankar. How is Saturn in the 12th House? - Astro Spiritual Insights (podcast) What is the secret to finding lasting happiness? - Understanding the Benevolent Buddha. What does a retrograde planet signify and how to use it to my benefit? Saturn in the 3rd House. Third house Saturn connects me with two specific words - Strategy.

Saturn in the 3rd House

Organized. Saturn loves everything that is ORGANIZED. Mercury loves everything that is STRATEGIC in nature. From the KAAL PURUSH Kundali perspective and LAL KITAB methodology - third house Saturn is typically situated in the sign of Gemini (Mercury)! Lal Kitab follows a simple method of having ARIES as Ascendant - because it follows the natural zodiac (Kaal Purush Zodiac which begins from Aries and ends with Pisces. Saturn in the 2nd House. Saturn in second house is the most beautiful placement.

Saturn in the 2nd House

Saturn is a friend of Venus - and you all must have known this fact from many sources that you may have come across. Saturn in the 1st House. First House is directly related to your HEAD.

Saturn in the 1st House

And Saturn is related to your LEGS! Saturn in the 11th house. Cautious Money-Maker but slow on spending.

Saturn in the 11th house

When you earn well and spend less - it is but obvious that you will have a good earning! And so a native with Saturn 11 is generally a - पैसे वाला - meaning - a man or woman who always has ‘good amount of cash’. Saturn loves the finance! Saturn is very blunt when it comes to the facts of life. What does a retrograde planet signify and how to use it to my benefit? by Astro Spiritual Insights. What are the astrological predictions of zodiac signs for the transit of RAHU in Taurus and KETU in Scorpio from September 2020? Major life events are impacted by Jupiter,Saturn transits and RAHU KETU transits.

What are the astrological predictions of zodiac signs for the transit of RAHU in Taurus and KETU in Scorpio from September 2020?

These are long duration transit planets - and not like Mars, Mercury and Venus, Moon that transit after every month or two. Saturn takes around 30 months to transit a new zodiac sign. Jupiter takes around 11 months to transit a new zodiac sign. Rahu Ketu takes around 18 months to transit a new zodiac sign. So it is these 4 that make or break your life - in the following revelations, I would walk you all through the positive developments that can take place in your life as well as negative developments that can affect your mental peace.

What are auspicious and inauspicious colors as per Astrology? There is NO such thing as auspicious and inauspicious color in this human life - if I may say so.

What are auspicious and inauspicious colors as per Astrology?

We think that we SEE by our eyes - but in reality we all SEE by our MIND! So we see and the MIND goes on creating many illusions - for a minute keep aside the mind and then the question of what color is good or bad - will simply cease to exist! Let me tell you and to all my readers, followers and fellow travelers- that if a BLACK garment is offered by Sai Baba to you then tell me - and I say it again - tell me - won't you keep that utterly BLACK garment close to your heart? It is the MIND - (the MOON). Colors that you like - are the likes of the MOON - your MIND and the Mind is just a traffic of thoughts that hold no connection to the REALITY of THINGS. But people want entertainment so then they try to see which color suits which ascendant or moon sign. It all depends on the PERCEPTION. When I was in my mid twenties - I was very attracted towards the bright vibrant colors. How to astrologically select suitable unique NAME for my new born baby?

Although there are millions of names for boys - new born baby boys - still every mother and every father - especially the ‘new mother’ - always in search of a unique name for her baby-boy.

How to astrologically select suitable unique NAME for my new born baby?

Which Ayanamsa is the best to cast the Birth Chart? Depends on which type of Astrology you follow.

Which Ayanamsa is the best to cast the Birth Chart?

If you are following Exoteric Astrology - then Ramana Ayanamsha or Yukteshwar Ayanamsha is much closer to the reality. If you are following Esoteric Astrology which is highly spiritual by nature and generally meditative spiritual beings prefer this type of Astrology - then Djwal Khul Ayanamsa or De Luce Ayanamsa is much closer to reality. By and by it simply is based on the level of your CONSCIOUSNESS through which you perceive a certain Ayanamsha and the person who has come to you for consultation. My weak Venus is placed in Virgo sign. How to strengthen the planets in my birth chart? Existence provides you with exactly that which is in your interest- in your favor.

My weak Venus is placed in Virgo sign. How to strengthen the planets in my birth chart?

To existence there is nothing such as WEAK or STRONG. It is something that the MIND goes on judging whereas the existence cannot judge because if the existence goes on judging then when will it have the time to Love - to nurture - to provide? People fall in the trap of strengthening the planets and then they also are fooled by those who make them believe that planets can be strengthened! If that was the case - if that was the reality then there are millionaires across this human world who have children who are utterly useless and a great nuisance to their life.

How difficult would it be for these millionaires and billionaires to buy the best the most expensive gemstones and strengthen their useless kids who do nothing but just enjoy a comfortable life at the cost of their billionaire father or mother? To strengthen means - trying to interfere with the flow of Life. SATURN IN TWELEVE HOUSES. There is much to be revealed, there is much to be shared.


Once Ananda asked the Master - Gautama Buddha - “Master - I have been with you for last forty years. For 40 years I have been following you like your shadow. In fact the whole monastery address me as “Your Shadow” - but still I have a question to ask….” Buddha smiled. He had been knowing Ananda from childhood days. I was told to buy a natural pearl, but I don't know the right price since pearl. I am poor and don't know what to do. Please guide. The real PEARL is the NATURAL PEARL found deep inside the ocean - which is rare to find and its cost begins from minimum 10K per carat.

A real good natural pearl of 3 carats costs minimum 50K. Then there are HYBRID pearls which are produced with human intervention. Thailand, Malaysia, and many such island nations have large breeding centers where these pearls are produced - they are NOT natural and since they are produced by human beings - they are available in abundance and are damn cheap. You can get a 5 carat good quality hybrid natural in 10K. Whereas the same NATURAL PEARL (MOTI) will cost minimum 50K for 5 carats - the best will cost 5 Lakhs!

What is 'spiritual poverty'? Jesus moved mostly amongst the POOR! Jesus LOVED the POOR. Jesus himself was a Poor Man. Jesus is a poor carpenter's son; he knows what poverty is. And because of that poverty he speaks a totally different language than Buddha. Astro Spiritual Insights - How is Saturn in the 12th House? What is the significance of CHALIT Chart in Astrology? How to strengthen the weak Venus in my chart? Which house signify LOVE in ASTROLOGY? RAHU IS GOOD OR BAD? RAHU IS GOOD OR BAD? Spiritual Blogs by Addittya Tamhankar. Spiritual Podcasts by Addittya Tamhankar. No Mind Book by Addittya Tamhankar. Astrology Remedies by Addittya Tamhankar. The deeper the insights, the richer is your life.

But how can you be insightful? Only when you start turning inwards. Astrology is not just a mathematics, else everybody would have known this ancient spiritual science. Astrology is beyond mathematics, Astrology is beyond the realms of mind – the true essence of Astrology is only realized when one begins his journey beyond the mind! With over 1 million views to my answers on various astrology questions on Quora — I realized that many of you are yet not truly aware of what astrology is all about! “Discover yourself, otherwise, you have to depend on other people’s opinions who don’t know themselves.”– Osho Come to me - only when you have read my answers on Quora and blogs on my website. "A certain level of understanding has to be there - only the TRUTHS can be given. " - Osho. Be Kind to others. There was a very rich man and very poor homeless man called Jonathan. Both lived in the same town.

It happened once that the very rich man died and on the same day this homeless beggar, Jonathan also died. The rich man went directly to hell and Jonathan directly to heaven. The rich man looked up and saw Jonathan sitting near God, and he cried to heaven, "It seems that something has gone wrong. I should be there and this beggar Jonathan should be here!

" God laughed and he said, "Those who are last shall become the first, and those who are first shall become the last. And the rich man was feeling very hot — of course in hell you don’t have any air-conditioning yet — burning hot. Why do you judge? Counting other people's sins does not make one a Saint. And yet people simply love to judge each and everybody they come across! And the greatest irony is that they conveniently never try to judge themselves! The most passionate 'Judges' in this world are the 'hypocrites'. Maturity never Judge. "Things aren't always what they seem" and still people go on judging from the outer appearances! Never Chase Perfection. A perfect life is a dead life. Values Shape Your Life. It is said that 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! '. The perception of beauty is subjective.

Devotion & Patience is the key to your progress. Choice Matters. You think this is the 'right way'. I think this is the 'right way'. Repentance Brings Change. Punishment is a temporary solution. What blocks you from being happy? 'Alexander, the Great' is a perfect symbolic figure of over-ambitious nature. 'Ambition' that simply never allows you to rest. Not even for a single moment! Heart is beautiful. Heal and don't Kill. Some people in your life want to harm you. They want to make your life miserable. They want to do all those things that can make you feel 'low'. Purpose of Life. During the 6th century BC, in the Far East, lived a mighty Emperor. When will you find the BUDDHA?

Mind is impotent in seeking the TRUTH. Becoming a NOBODY. How to practice meditation?