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Custom Rugged Tablets By Inhand Electronics. Custom Designed Tablets for IoT Use. Custom designed tablets provide special features that are required for specific uses.

Custom Designed Tablets for IoT Use

Industrial, military, or medical tablets may require a unique external interface, network connectivity, display, operating system, enclosure, and more. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the inter-networking of electronic devices that enable communications and the exchange of data. This promises convergence of electronic infrastructure, improved efficiency and accuracy, and a lot of time and money being saved through proper exploitation of collected data. The IoT is placing new requirements on portable devices, including tablets, which deviate from commonly available features on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tablets. The following describe some custom features that may be required of tablets for IoT use. Wired external interfaces COTS tablets are usually have a single physical interface, typically micro USB (Android) or the Apple Lightning connector. Sensor connections Cellular Standards.

Rugged Android Tablets vs Commercial Tablets. Tablets are now essential to many industries and work environments.

Rugged Android Tablets vs Commercial Tablets

While the sleek designs, availability, and apparent cost-effectiveness of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tablets may seem attractive, these devices are not always the best choice. When deciding on the right tablet, it is essential to know what you need from the device and how you intend to use it. Most commercial tablets available today run one of three operating systems – iOS, Android, or Windows. iOS tablets are available from a single manufacturer who keeps the operating system proprietary, making these tablets difficult to modify and deploy in many customized applications. Windows is a more open operating system, but requires licensing fees and is hard to customize at low levels of the operating system.

Android is an open source operating system without licensing fees. Rugged Android tablets are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Tips to Follow While Choosing an Industrial Custom Tablet or Device Manufacturer. Tablets are versatile devices with seemingly no end to their uses in both personal and workplace environments.

Tips to Follow While Choosing an Industrial Custom Tablet or Device Manufacturer

Tablets offered on consumer markets provide a standard set of features that cover many use cases – human interaction, wireless internet connectivity, location services, and more. However, these standard features may not include interfaces and features required for specific industry uses, enable long term supply chain stability, or be sufficiently controllable in their configuration for security.

Advantages of Industrial Tablets and Custom Devices Connectivity: Consumer tablets are often only fitted with the bare minimum in terms of external connectors, such as a micro USB connector. Custom devices can add any connectors that enable specific applications. Ruggedness: Often, tablet devices must endure specific environmental conditions. Design Guide for Portable Electronic Devices.

The demand for portable electronic devices continues to increase with the popularity of smartphones, tablets and similar devices.

Design Guide for Portable Electronic Devices

These devices must be lightweight, fast and have long-lasting power. The key to designing portable devices is implementing a large amount of functionality packed into a small space while minimizing power consumption and enabling sufficient performance. Circuit Optimization Portable device design starts with the selection of components, including the processor, meant for embedded circuitry. Inhand Electronics Incorporated. Company Introduction.

Inhand Electronics Incorporated

Inhand Electronics Incorporated. Added by InhandElectronics Listed in Electronic Part Manufacturers & Wholesalers 30 West Gude Drive Rockville, Maryland, 20850, US 240-558-2014 ext 215

Inhand Electronics Incorporated

Custom Rugged Tablets, Built to Your Specifications. Custom Rugged Tablets, Built to Your Specifications. Security: Forethought and Planning Avoids Problems - InHand. My wife and I were watching the news the other night and a story came up about the latest telemarketing scam that is making its way around the country.

Security: Forethought and Planning Avoids Problems - InHand

With this new scam, you answer your phone and a person who sounds like a telemarketer asks, “Can you hear me OK?” Most people instinctively say “yes” because they can in fact hear them OK. This is a pretty reasonable reaction, but it is also a predictable one. The scammer records your “yes,” then hangs up the phone and uses the recording to make over-the-phone purchases with a credit card or account associated with your name. When you go to contest the charges the credit card company will pull up the purchase, play the recording and ask “Is this your voice?” As I watched this story I was reminded of a beach vacation my family took when I was in high school. Modified COTS and the Super Bowl. I came on board to InHand Electronics just over a week ago and have spent a lot of my time familiarizing myself with the products and services we offer.

Modified COTS and the Super Bowl

Maybe it’s because the Super Bowl is this weekend or football is just always on my mind, but as I learned about InHand’s custom products I immediately thought of a story I read about the NFL. For years the NFL printed out pictures on the sidelines so players and coaches could review them and make game time adjustments. Over the past two seasons, someone realized we are in the 21st century and decided to introduce tablets to this process. Microsoft paid the NFL $400 million to be the provider of these sideline tablets with the hope of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties. Microsoft gets exposure to the millions of fans who watch football every Sunday and the NFL has a more advanced way of making in game adjustments, plus an additional $400 million their pocket.

Security Challenges Posed by Internet of Things. At one time, computers were the only devices connected to the internet.

Security Challenges Posed by Internet of Things

Not long after, smartphones connected through cellphone carriers. Wi-Fi enabled tablets and smartphones followed suit. Video game systems came with the capability to allow their users to play other players online, video streaming devices arose, and now people can control the lights or thermostats in their homes through mobile applications. The internet quickly became an Internet of Things (IoT). With it came IoT security challenges due to these devices being connected to the internet. Nowadays, it isn’t just the consumer facing security challenges. Why Security Is Critical to the Success of the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects machines, allowing remote control and data collection used to improve automation, real-time knowledge, efficiency, and convenience.

Why Security Is Critical to the Success of the Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) is a class of the IoT where manufacturing and other critical infrastructure are interconnected for operational efficiency and to enable rapid response in case of problems. What used to be simple machines are now smart machines. However, remote access increases the number of security risks experienced by industrial facilities.

IoT security and privacy is a hot-button issue due to the fact hackers can find vulnerabilities in connected devices and industrial equipment that can give them access to sensitive data and control. Custom Design of Human-Machine Interface Electronic Devices. Interactive electronic devices require a human-machine interface (HMI) that enables communication of a user with the underlying electronic device. Many industrial, medical, and military applications include underlying electronics specialized to the application. The HMI aspect can be satisfied using an HMI front end – an embedded computer with touchscreen/display attached to a larger device that enables user interaction. This article describes how such an HMI front end can be implemented. Components of a Human-Machine Interface. Custom Android Tablets. Over the past several years, the use of tablet technology has proliferated not only for personal use, but also across industry and government.

Custom & Portable Electronic Design. InHand specializes in the design and production of custom electronic circuit and device design. The typical custom design has unique product features or operational requirements for use in industrial, medical, IoT, or military applications. Helpful Considerations for Remote Embedded System Updates. As complexity and functionality of embedded devices increases, the need for firmware updates has risen, whether to fix bugs, close security holes, add capability, or update the look and feel of a GUI. Increasingly these embedded devices are connected to networks, which enables remote embedded system updates from a central location as needed.

To accomplish these remote updates reliably, while accounting for security and preventing problems from disabling these remote systems, certain considerations are important, including feature and security updates. Important Considerations It is important to account for the following when designing a mechanism for remote embedded system updates: Firmware Image Download and Authentication – The entire image must be downloaded and authenticated prior to installation. Techniques to Protect Embedded Systems from Hacking. Cyber attacks on embedded systems are on the rise.