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Master of Social Work

Certifications & Licensing. Master's Degree in Counseling. Substance Abuse Counselor Master's Degree. Bachelor's Degree. Associates Degree. Online Master's Degrees in Social Work Programs & Accreditation. Are you interested in a career as an addiction social worker?

Online Master's Degrees in Social Work Programs & Accreditation

This field is ideal for individuals who want to offer mental health services to patients who are struggling with substance abuse and/or addiction. The job of addiction social workers is very multifaceted, but they are often trained and certified to assess the condition of their patients, identify possible reasons for the addiction, recognize potential triggers for further abuse, and develop individualized treatment plans designed to meet goals and promote a substance-free lifestyle. Overview The prevalence of addiction in the United States may surprise you. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 22.7 million people in America required specialized treatment for a drug or alcohol abuse problem in 2013. The impact of addiction is also substantial. What Do Addiction Social Workers Do? Online Master's Degrees in Counseling Programs & Accreditation - MS in Counseling.

If you already have an undergraduate degree in a counseling related field, consider going back to school and earning a Master’s in Counseling degree.

Online Master's Degrees in Counseling Programs & Accreditation - MS in Counseling

You’ll expand your opportunities and help people at a different level. Getting Started If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, obtaining a Master’s in Counseling will give you that ability. While people enter this field for various reasons, at the core is a desire to help others overcome the problems that are holding them back. Those seeking a Master’s in Counseling degree must possess certain qualities if they are to succeed, and these include compassion, empathy, good communication skills and acceptance. A nation in the midst of an opiate epidemic is in desperate need of counselors to help clients stop using drugs or alcohol and stay clean and sober.

Online Substance Abuse Counseling Master's Degree. Types of Clients Some substance abuse counselors work with attorneys whose clients need pre-trial assistance.

Online Substance Abuse Counseling Master's Degree

In this work, you might counsel individuals regarding their personal addiction issues, but help keep them on track with 12-step meetings, community service, and any tasks they need to complete for the judge. Doing work like this may give you more insight into the practical realities of an addict′s life. You will also gain deep insights into the pervasive, all-encompassing nature of addiction. It impacts people of every age, gender, class, and ethnicity. Since the life of an addict is rarely rosy, you will find that your clients have incurred deep traumas while using. Online Substance Abuse Counseling Bachelor's Degree - BS in Counseling. As the national substance abuse epidemic continues to explode, our society relies on substance abuse counselors to offer therapy and guidance to those suffering in the throes of addiction.

Online Substance Abuse Counseling Bachelor's Degree - BS in Counseling

Substance use disorder (as it’s called in the DSM 5) affects millions of Americans every year. Most suffer from alcohol dependence and others deal with drug addiction; many people are battling both. Substance abuse counselors play an increasingly important role in maintaining the health of our general population. For those seeking a rewarding career that requires empathy, thoughtfulness, and critical thinking, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in substance abuse counseling might be the right place to start. Here’s what you can expect from your bachelor’s degree in substance use counseling, starting from the very first steps down the career path. Overview A substance abuse counselor is a mental health professional who is trained to help people struggling with addiction. Substance Abuse Counselor Degrees - Education, License and Certification.

One of the most common problems in America today is substance abuse.

Substance Abuse Counselor Degrees - Education, License and Certification

In fact, research has shown that each year millions of Americans suffer from substance abuse. Substance abuse occurs, when a person uses a habit-forming or mind-altering substance like drugs or alcohol to feel better, cope with stress, or for other reasons that will eventually cause them more harm than good. By the time someone realizes this, they are already addicted to the substance both physically and mentally and, therefore, often require assistance to quit. That’s where a substance abuse counselor comes in. Substance abuse counselors are not limited to helping those addicted to drugs and alcohol, they can also work with individuals struggling with other addictions such as behavioral problems, eating disorders, gambling, or sex addictions.

Typically, counselors spend a lot of their time listening to patients who struggle with addiction while assessing their needs. Online Substance Abuse Counseling Associates Degree - AS in Counseling. Substance abuse counseling is a growing field throughout the country so it's an excellent job choice if you wish to help others and make an impact on addiction.

Online Substance Abuse Counseling Associates Degree - AS in Counseling

Because all states require licensed counselors working in the private practice sector to hold at least a master's degree many who choose this field don't realize the value of an associate's degree in substance abuse counseling. Overview With an associate's degree you can begin working in the field much faster, and because licensing also requires between 2,000 and 4,000 hours of supervised clinical experience you will be able to log credit hours while you work. In addition, depending on the regulations of your state the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC) may count your associate's degree as the equivalent of 1,000 hours of work experience credit towards your licensure.