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AddictaLash is a young company located on the Gold Coast of Australia. We offer an innovative concept around the enhancement of the look and beauty of the face, thanks to a revolutionary technology that facilitates the daily lives of women.

BENEFITS OF MAGNETIC EYELINER AND LASHES FOR THE USER. Eyes are referred to as the windows or the pathway to the soul.


Anyone by the look from the eyes can explain the mood of the person and the nature of the person. Eyes are one of the most captivating parts of the face which can be visible to everyone. Thus, with all these qualities why not try some makeup to enhance the eyes and to provide beautiful eyes with a definition of power. The necessity of eye makeup is the eyeliner and the lashes which can be done every day. Eyeliner provides a bold statement and can change the whole look of the face whereas eyelashes just try to zoom in the perfection which lies in the eyes and make it more visible. Which type of Eyeliner should be used? There are various numbers of eyeliners but a few of them get smudged easily, by the end of the day or with a little splash of water which may spoil the whole look.

Benefits of Magnetic ones! They are perfectly safe as well. Conclusion Save Related. Applying Liquid Eye Liner - Tips For First Timers. Liquid eyeliner is one of the most in-demand cosmetics items today.

Applying Liquid Eye Liner - Tips For First Timers

This is as they can do wonders for your eyes. Liquid eyeliner can render on you that exact, sultry cat-eye you are pursuing after. Obviously, if you need to have your eyes look more prominent when applied in a proper way; this makeup item will help you significantly in meeting the objective. This eye makeup, in any case, isn’t a cakewalk to utilize or apply. You have to have great manual dexterity, as putting this on can be very messy.

Don’t discard your pencil liners yet. Best Magnetic Lashes A Lightweight Less Irritating Alternative To Glue Lashes. If you ever watched an online beauty tutorial, you maybe were amazed at how the expert easily popped on a pair of falsies.

Best Magnetic Lashes A Lightweight Less Irritating Alternative To Glue Lashes

You are not the only one to wonder. False eyelashes are tricky to apply, harder to remove, and mostly leave the eye sticky with a touch of glue buildup. Nevertheless, lash extensions are an investment and need significant maintenance. What's a woman to do, if she fancies the look of long and luscious lashes without all the pain? Enter magnetic lashes the less troublesome cousin of the falsie, that is not only easy to put on and remove but can also do so without leaving a sticky mess. Use Innovative Magnetic Lashes With Care Remember, the innovative falsies are safe if you use it with precaution. However, the best magnetic lashes Australia doesn't present similar issues that glue lashes do. Always Remember To Clean After Every Use Also, it is strongly recommended that the wearer cleans the lashes following a one-time use.

Use During Special Occasions Only Conclusion. Magnetic Lash Kits Extensions To Bring Out The Beauty In Your Eyes: addictalash — LiveJournal. Eyelash kits help you to increase the natural beauty in your eyes, and it provides you with beautiful and long lashes without the requirement for mascara.

Magnetic Lash Kits Extensions To Bring Out The Beauty In Your Eyes: addictalash — LiveJournal

These beautiful magnetic lash kits offer a very dramatic look that can ensure that your eyes become the focus of your face. Eventually, the style of enhancement can ensure that your eyes will remain to look stunning for many weeks. If you have just started researching about various kinds of eyelash extensions, then definitely consider the reviews before buying. There are several different products from which you can choose that will help you to achieve the results that you want.

Searching the different styles of eyelash extensions is extremely valuable. Kits or Professional. THE BEST WATERPROOF LIQUID EYELINER IN AUSTRALIA IS HERE. Magnet Lash Kits In Australia & New Zealand - Addictalash. Everything You Need To Know About Magnetic Eyelashes Australia. Fake eyelashes have been a hit with women all over the world ever since they were first patented.

Everything You Need To Know About Magnetic Eyelashes Australia

Eyes have always been considered one of the most eye-catching details of a face, and the methods to beautify it were always sought after. Eyelashes were initially made using animal fur or eyelashes, the most popular of which was the mink. But as we as a society progress ad become more aware and against animal cruelty, eyelashes made up of synthetic fibers and material are gaining popularity. The newest entries on this market of false eyelashes are – magnetic eyelashes Australia. Glue-On Lashes V/S Magnetic Lashes In theory, magnetic eyelashes obviously seem to be a lot more user-friendly, easy and quick to apply, and anyone who has tried both these types of eyelashes will tell you that it is very much true in practicality too.

Safety Any cosmetic product should traditionally go through many stages of testing before reaching the market and finally the consumer. . · Store in a clean box.